We had a large visitor to our backyard this lunchtime:

This one was ever so edgy, so was quite difficult to photograph. His skittishness is probably how he’s managed to get so big.

Despite using a really decent camera, to be honest, I don’t think that this compares with some of my other photos of mantises (mantii?) such as this one on a football, this one on a wall and – infamously – this one devouring a gecko:

Ah, happy days (though obviously not for the gecko).

Chop Chop

A quick quota photo of a praying mantis eating a gecko.

You might have thought that the result of this would have been the other way around. But with all that offensive weaponry, mantises (mantisi?) can basically do whatever they want with geckokind.

And this one wanted to tear it into small pieces and eat it.