Another great night out

It’s the first rest day of the 2010 FIFA World Cup today and fans all over South Africa – if not the world – will be wondering what to do this evening. I’ll be heading down to Kalk Bay for some inspirational seafood, but I’ll still be anxiously looking around the restaurant for a big screen, just in case FIFA has got it wrong (it’s been known, really) and there is actually a game tonight.

Last night my dad and I hit the fan walk (sorry, The Cape  Town FIFA Fan Walk™) out of town for the last time (at least for him, as he’ll be watching the rest of the tournament some 6000 miles… away in Sheffield) for the Spain v Portugal Round of 16 game.
I think this would have to sneak in as a close second to the Holland v Cameroon game in terms of good quality, enjoyable, watchable footy that I’ve seen in Cape Town during this World Cup.
Spain were fantastic – spreading the ball about with consummate ease – and have definitely cemented themselves as joint favourites with Argentina and Brazil to win on July 11th. Portugal were woeful – like England woeful – and Cristiano Ronaldo was a huge disappointment. Which was nice.

Here’s one of the fire jugglers on the Fan Walk on the way home after another great evening.
The rest of the evening’s photos, including one of a German goalie on the phone and Katrin Müller-Hohenstein’s splendid bottom are here.

Doubling up

After the huge success of the opening football match at the Cape Town Stadium, the next test comes tomorrow when the crowd limit is doubled from the 20,000 that watched the football to 40,000 for the Stormers v Boland rugby clash.

And while they are testing the stadium for World Cup readiness, I am going to use the opportunity to test the Alex for World Cup readiness.
I’d imagine that sitting watching egg-chasing with 39,999 other people might be quite an ordeal if you’re only 3¾ years old. And while I’ll take plenty of sweets along for bribes, I do have a feeling that he won’t enjoy it much. However, better to give him a chance to see the stadium and at least know what it’s like ahead of the Midwinter’s Day clash between the diving Porras and the enigmatic North Koreans.

Because even if he hates it tomorrow, he will be going along to that World Cup game – it’s always better to regret something you have done, than something you haven’t. And then, when he grows up, he will be able to tell his kids that he was there.

Note: I will also be test-driving Mrs 6000 on the new stadium tomorrow. But she went to Newlands once, so I think she’ll be fine.