More sprinkler madness

The kids were going mad in the sprinkler this evening (while it’s -2°C and snowing heavily in Sheffield) and I was anxious to remove a certain post from the top spot on 6000 miles…

What does this mean for you, Dear Reader?

Looks like a sprinkler-related sort-of-quota photo.

Kinda cool when the droplets caught the evening sunlight. Like stars. Or bullet-holes. 
Or maybe that’s just the Milk Stout talking.
(Another nice one here.)

Making a big splash

With the temperature soaring to an almost impossibly hot 34°C today, I thought I would share a quick photo from the weekend, most of which was spent cooling off in or around the pool.

I was trying to catch a picture of Alex holding the step in the pool and practicing his kicking, but even with a 1/1300s exposure, because of the sunlight on the highly reflective splash, everything was coming out overexposed.
Knocking down the brightness digitally not only made the splash appear a little more defined, it also gave me a cool effect on the vegetation beyond the pool.

I quite like it. More detail here.

Not a rainbow quota photo

It is important for readers of this site to understand that not every photo posted on here is necessarily a quota photo.

To clarify, a quota photo is a device used to fill space in order to maintain my “post a day” promise. Quota photos are used on days when news is slow, time is short or inspiration has run dry. These conditions do not apply today, thus what is published below is a photo that I took this morning and that I want you to see, not one that was posted because there was nothing else to say and no time to say it.

Glancing out of my passenger window for my favourite view of Table Mountain from the car as I was passing Rondebosch Common this morning, I saw that someone had daubed a rainbow across the big rock. Everybody loves rainbows.
The disappointment that immediately followed at not having my camera to hand rapidly vanished as I realised that it was in the boot. I swung violently across two lanes of no traffic, jumped out of the car and began painting with light.

You can see it bigger or visit my Cape Town set for a few more that I took this morning, plus loads of other varied and eclectic photos, each with some vague link the the Mother City.

This was not a quota photo post.