Keswick View

South Africa is, as I have regularly remarked, blessed with some amazing scenery. But for a small, often rather grey island, Britain has its moments too. Here’s (another) one of them.

I don’t know where this came from or who took it, but I do know where it is. This is Derwentwater in England’s Lake District, and we’re looking across from the Keswick side across to the wonderfully named Catbells, Maiden Moor and High Spy.

Memories of October half-terms spent at Pitcairn House B&B on Blencathra Street came flooding back.

Pretty Paris

This photo by Matthias Haker appeared on my Pulse yesterday and was immediately dropped into my Pocket.


I’m no expert on the Parisian skyline, but I’m pretty sure that this is taken from the mighty Montparnasse Tower, given the height of the cameraman, the surrounding geography, and the similarity in composition to the photo in this post, which was taken from the mighty Montparnasse Tower.


Photo credit


Physically exhausted, but here’s one of those photos I mentioned yesterday.

With it, came the realisation that I owe Flickr a lot of photos from the past couple of weeks. But right now, I can only think of bed.

12 minute exposure

Not me in the sun today, although 90 minutes of football in the merciless African heat did sap my energy somewhat. A relaxing braai this afternoon has left me with very little time, so here’s a photo I’ve wanted to share for quite a while:


This is from Sheffield photographer Dan Arkle and features Stanage Edge, which we’ve featured before. For this shot, Dan popped his camera on a 12 minute exposure and climbed up and down the edge while wearing a headlamp.

Dan has plenty of other great shots of Sheffield and surrounds on his site, which is well worth a visit.

Feeling cheated…?

I’m told by a usually reliable source that some readers feel cheated when they surf the internet and arrive upon the sandy shores of 6000 miles… only to find that a quota photo.

Well… sorry for you.

Hectic day in the lab, babysitting this evening, football match tonight.

So here’s a sunrise that looks uncannily like a nuclear explosion, although we wouldn’t have one of those in SA, because, as JZ pointed out yesterday, everyone should be giving up nukes like South Africa did.

Bigger on black here. (The photo, not Jacob.)