Making a big splash

With the temperature soaring to an almost impossibly hot 34°C today, I thought I would share a quick photo from the weekend, most of which was spent cooling off in or around the pool.

I was trying to catch a picture of Alex holding the step in the pool and practicing his kicking, but even with a 1/1300s exposure, because of the sunlight on the highly reflective splash, everything was coming out overexposed.
Knocking down the brightness digitally not only made the splash appear a little more defined, it also gave me a cool effect on the vegetation beyond the pool.

I quite like it. More detail here.


…I’ve seen too much.

The Parlotones have “filmed” their “new” video in Cape Town.
It’s different. It’s cool. It features an animated giraffe.
That’s all the boxes ticked then…

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