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That Nokia SMS tone is hard to find

You know the one that you used to have on your 3310: the DeDeDe-DerDer-DeDeDe one. The one which is actually Morse code for SMS. In a moment of nostalgia, my Dad asked me to find it for his new Samsung. But it was a whole lot more difficult than I imagined. Too many crappy remixes […]

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Somewhere Ovi the Rainbow

Nokia have been in touch and they sent me a cactus and some post-it notes. Did I, they also asked, realise how easy it would be to make an Ovi app for my blog? And was I, they continued, aware that if I made an Ovi app for my blog, I could win a trip […]

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Constant whining sound from crashed plane

Some people just shouldn’t open their mouths. One doesn’t have to look any further than the excellent (and blogrolled) spEak You’re bRanes to learn that. That site alone shows the dangers inherent in allowing people a soapbox and an audience. And now there’s example number two: Mark Tamburro. Mark is from Oxford. Immediately, that puts him […]

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