Climbing London

Let me start by reminding you that trespass is bad. Trespass can get you arrested, unless of course you’re a protesting student at a South Africa university with a continually capitulating VC, in which case you’ll pretty much be allowed to get away with anything.

But I digress, often.

Don’t trespass. Let other people do it for you. Live vicariously through their foolishness. Allow them to take the silly risks. I’m talking, of course, of Harry Gallagher and his friend… er… HD.XR (possibly a pseudonym) who go leaping around rooftops and landmarks in London, making your palms sweat.


One thing we’ve seen before from these sorts of naughty escapades is that you can get some fantastic photographs. Harry and… er… HD document their best efforts on their respective instagrams here and here.

It’s good stuff.

There’s also a Youtube channel, with rather too much introduction and not quite enough action for me, but the videos usually come with a handy “skip to [time] for the good bit” comment if you don’t want the preamble.

When is a photo-expedition not a photo-expedition?

From the blogroll, this gem from Brian Micklethwait:

…I went on a short photo-expedition.  It was short because I forgot to take my camera.

It was just thrown into this post, which was more concerned with the antics of his new hard drive than anything else, but I love the idea of a photo-expedition with no camera. Can such a thing actually even really exist?

When do you find out that you have no camera? If you’re lucky, maybe it’s as you’re walking towards your destination. Logic suggests that it can only be as late as when you try to take your first photo. And presumably then you go through the five stages: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance, the last being marked by the need to make something of your trip out: maybe grab some bread and milk at the corner shop and make it a shopping expedition?

But as requirements for photo expeditions go, I’m sure that Brian would agree that a camera is right up there under “essentials”.

Tenuous link time, because I also went on a short photo-expedition on the long weekend. I did have a camera. Mine was short because I wasn’t really sure what I was doing, and it was dark. It being dark was pretty much the point of the timing of the expedition though, since this was my night photography project take two. You can see the images here (c.f. take 1 here). Be nice.

Yes, different ways of playing, but the moon was too bright on Monday for a proper long exposure. Also the moisture in the air and the dew was a real issue: the camera needed a wipedown after every 20 second exposure: it would have practically drowned with a half hour effort. I’m hoping that maybe some of the “noise” was due to that phenomenon and I can find a drier evening as we head towards summer.
So yes, lots (and lots) more work to do to make nicer photographs, but I feel I’m getting somewhere, at least. And each clear evening that I spend in Agulhas, I will tweak a little further until I can produce something lovelier and better every time.

But hey, at least I took my camera along. 🙂

More photos from the weekend here.