Some Few Things

A few things that caught my interest today:

Avon sales are up in South Africa, which is good news for those selling Avon products – and their kids:

“My daughter also took the brochure into school – they both knew that if there were orders then they were sure they were going to have food at the end of the day.”

Volunteer rat trappers required on the Calf of Man. I would do this if I was anywhere near to the Calf of Man. As it is, I will have to continue practising on the moles in my back garden. No bad thing.

I have a bloody earworm from some film my wife watched this weekend. I may need this.

My first homebrew project is underway, with my kit from BeerLab. I’m suddenly concerned over the exact air temperature in my house. Oh, and where I’m going to get 23 litres of beer bottles from in the next week and a half.

The Man United refereeing post which is interesting, but which requires shedloads of extra data before it means very much.

Currently, my favourite song from the new Muse album is Follow Me:


…which will definitely be making an appearance on my RunMix02. Big up to Radio One for the amazing light show in the Live Lounge. Yes, I know it’s radio, but really – why bother at all?

The Rand is currently at R8.92/$ and R14.29/£.
I, like the rest of South Africa, am quietly weeping somewhere deep inside.


With a different Hillsborough whitewash out today and Julius chatting to the disenfranchised members of the SANDF, I’d rather have been far, far away from news and social media sites today. But since I wasn’t, I hid under a thick layer of music. Here is some of it.

Only a couple of weeks til The 2nd Law comes out and I’m really looking forward to it, but first there’s Battle Born to enjoy.
September might not have been a great month for news, but it promises to be a memorable one music-wise.

Test drive

What with one thing and another, but mainly just one thing, I never got around to uploading those photos from yesterday and so, no, you can’t see them.

I did test my new RunMix 02 today. It was a weird run.
Usually, when I’m getting tired, I tell my legs that I want them to keep going and then they keep going. This morning, they were being totally ungovernable. I was unimpressed.

I also discovered that running while listening to music can be quite dangerous. Not the whole “you might not hear a car coming” thing – I mean, how’s that going to help you anyway? I’d rather not know I’m going to die. Horribly. Under the wheels of an ageing Toyota Corolla.

No, the danger comes when you’re heading downhill (steep downhill) and Muse’s Map of the Problematique comes on. I couldn’t slow down. Does the 60kph speed limit only apply to vehicles? I could have stuck that song on repeat and run forever.

So here’s my question for you – what other songs will give me that feeling?

I sense a sub-10 minute Two Oceans coming up in 2013…

Sweet Peeps and Muse News

After the summery sunshine of the weekend, the public holiday turned out to be a wet and windy disappointment, reminiscent of public holidays UK-wide. Out came the Monsters Inc. DVD, which is kept on standby for such emergencies, and a HUGE bowl of popcorn, which is kept on standby for such emergencies. And thus we were sorted.

Yesterday, as I have already mentioned, was a completely different story as we made the best of the stunning weather and headed down to Maynardville – the local park – which the city council have recently furnished with a rather large jungle gym.
We got a call from Dan Plato, the executive mayor, who asked us if we could take the boy down to give it a thorough test. Apparently, if it can survive him, it can survive anything. Much like Cape Town with Dan Plato, I guess.
All of which gives me renewed confidence in my own invincibility. Anyway, he (the boy, not Dan Plato) thoroughly tested it and it passed with flying colours.
And while he was thoroughly testing it, his sister used the opportunity to be thoroughly cute through a hole in the climbing wall.

Come now, even the anti-child brigade (led by Goblin* together with all her little Goblin minions) can’t deny that she is a complete sweetie.
Even if she is apparently a little lopsided. More pics of the sunnier bits of the weekend on flickr.

In other news, Muse announced that you can pre-order their forthcoming album The Resistance and get it posted over to SA so that the workers at SAPO can have early Christmas presents for their Muse-loving family and friends.
Apart from the safe yet boring downloadable version at £7.99, you can order the standard CD for £9.99, the CD/DVD version for £13.99 or go the whole hog and provide the OR Tambo Post Office staff with enough goodies to last them until Easter with the super-duper, dogs-bits deluxe version for a mere £59.99:


Multi format box set containing the following:
– CD + DVD in foldout softpak including The Making Of The Resistance DVD (43 minutes 53 seconds)
– 180g Double heavyweight vinyl
– Muse USB pre-loaded with WAV, Apple Lossless and MP3 320 files plus bespoke audio player
– 12″ Art Print
– **Exclusive to** 5.1 surround sound Audio DVD (full bitrate DTS & Dolby)


Sadly, as I suggested, the free worldwide delivery so subtly advertised in upper-case will probably only get it to the first sorting office in Mzansi. And I’m not sure I can chuck R800 out (plus the inevitable 14% VAT bill from SARS) when there’s such a limited possibility of anything actually getting to my front door. Especially when the stuff we’ve heard so far sounds worrying like Queen. Dear lord…

* who, in a moment of weakness, has previously admitted that she thinks K-pu is cute.

Muse in Cape Town

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while now.

Are you going to see Muse in Cape Town on 24th March?
You’re not?
Oh, it must be me then.

So goes a variation on a very old Dale Collins joke. And no, it wasn’t really very funny when he did it either.

I can’t recall being more excited about a concert since Glastonbury 2003. And I might not even have been this excited then. I am literally quivering with mounting anticipation. TTypingg iss a problemm.
I think that Muse* are probably the last big band in my “want to see them, but haven’t yet” category. Well, them and the Arctic Monkeys, but Arctic Monkeyism only really took off long after I left the UK. I’ve been wanting to see Muse for ~10 years now, but we (Muse and I) never got together. In leaving the UK, I thought I’d probably blown any chance of ever seeing them (or anyone even half decent).

In truth, Muse aren’t even topping the bill at the My Coke Fest concert.
In truth, there’s a whole lot of detritus to sit through before they come on, but I guess that I can tick a few more bands off the list (and I am looking forward to seeing Kaiser Chiefs).
In truth, although you are probably envisioning a backdrop of Table Mountain with Matt Bellamy giving it some welly up front on Hysteria, it’s more likely to be power cuts and the slightly less romantic backdrop of Rondebosch East, (which will also have a power cut).  
And in truth, although “Muse in Cape Town” sounds like the title of one of those ads for outlandishly expensive concert trips in the back of Melody Maker or Q magazine, it’s actually more a case of “Muse just at the end of our road”.
But that doesn’t sound nearly as cool.

So if you’ll forgive me – I’m going to milk this one for all its worth.
Right back at you, Ms Perry. *wink*

* Some great live downloads available here.