Sidebar links update

It came to my attention that the title of my blogroll “What I Read” (just down there on the right) was actually rather inaccurate, given that I wasn’t reading many of the links therein, and hadn’t for some time.

And not just that.

The fact is that I’m reading less and watching more. Call me lazy if you want, but actually for me, there’s just more good content being produced on Youtube than there was before. I’m particularly enjoying learning photography and editing techniques from several experts at the moment, and so I felt that my sidebar needed updating to reflect this change in my reading and viewing habits.

I mean, I could go through the new additions, but given that they’re all right there…


Ag, you do the maths.

Friday ephemera

The June 1st edition:

Because I have been busy fighting with the outrageous sling and arrows of the WfHII (which is now over and wasn’t actually that bad), I have been left with no clue of what has happened in the outside world over the past few days. Given the state of things when I descended into said week, that’s probably no bad thing. But since I am playing catch up, please enjoy some ephemera with me.

Text from Dog continues to amuse | Someone did a map of where Ludacris has “hoes” | I took a photo of Table Mountain from miles away | Here are the 11 greatest ManBabies ever | Brian Micklethwait described some blog issues hilariously and said some nice things | That slinky on a treadmill video | An amazing collection of contrails pictures | People on twitter use an unfunny phrase | More videos of Apocalypse sounds | 180,000 post-it notes | Firefighter practical exam | Eduard Khil is in a coma 🙁 | The despicable HIVEX has closed down.

There. I hope you clicked through to every single one of those. They are ALL totes worth it.