New Record

Much rejoicing this morning (in my head anyway) so knocked a whole 31 seconds off my PB for 10km on my last run while we’re away. PB for running 10 km, that is, obviously. I would imagine that while we’re flying home in a couple of days time, I’ll be knocking 10 km off in just a few seconds. But I’m not allowed to switch my GPS on there.
Today was another wet one and it seems that we’ll be lucky to see the sun again while we’re here. The weather has generally been miserable, but I do think we’ve made the best of it. It hasn’t been a traditional “summer holiday”, but it has been a lot of fun.

Winter Wonders at Kirstenbosch

School holidays are approaching and for once, we don’t have to balance the tricky arts of child-minding and something to do, because we’re going to be on the Heading North 2012 tour. For the rest of you parents though, it’s time to get juggling.

However, help is at hand – step forward Kirstenbosch Gardens with their winter programme for kids:

The annual Winter Wonders programme at Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden gets underway from Monday 25 June until 14 July with a host of unusual and creative activities – everything that you could possibly need to keep the kids occupied. Parents and grandparents can enjoy this winter break making the most of this leisure time.

All the events have an environmental theme and what better than to show the younger generation our precious heritage and how to be highly creative at the same time.

The programme includes puppet shows that will have the children agog. Be captivated by the wonderful stories spun from our clever local authors. Creative children can be signed up for the half day, one or two day arts or crafts workshops, bringing home a precious piece of handiwork at the end of the workshops. A series of delightful Garden walks, ideal for all ages, opens up the many paths and plants to a curious audience while learning why we in the Cape are so proud of our natural heritage. Bask in the beauty of Kirstenbosch’s winter mantle and the holidays will pass by in a flash.

With FREE entry to the Garden for children six years to 17 years old enjoy a hassle free holiday in the most beautiful garden in the world.

It was just over seven years ago that I got married in that most beautiful garden in the world, thereby turning it into the celebrity venue it is now, and I can think of no better place to amuse and educate your kids this winter.

Full details are here and you should note that some events have limited space available.



I know. I’ve been scarce.

And I have absolutely no excuse, save for the glorious sunshine and the glorious beach (literally) a stone’s throw from the front door. There’s copious alcohol available as well, which has led to some late nights under the stars, far from the madding crowds and maddening light pollution of Cape Town.

I’ve got a robust, yet annoyingly slow GPRS connection tethered from my cellphone (3G doesn’t reach this far into the wilds), which doesn’t really fit with the traditional fisherman’s cottage we’re staying in, but I love the juxtaposition of old and modern – especially when I have access to the internet.

The days have been spent catching millions of fishes and crabs in the rockpools and enjoying braai meat, beer and conversation in the evenings and I could happily live this way forever, until I missed the amenities and hustle and bustle of city life. Which will be about another 2 days, I reckon.

I’ll see you then…

Driving South on the D130

Weather good, traffic not too heavy.
Just heading through some charming little towns down the country lane that is laughingly named the D130.

Amazing to see the pride the locals take in their villages and roads down here.
This one looks a bit tight with a difficult turn just after you go in, but it’s so beautifully presented and clean.

11 for 3

No – this isn’t some dodgy cricket score – it’s a reminder that you can get 11 days off for the price of just 3 (if you booked some time ago, this is).
Oi! Don’t look at me like that – I did warn you about this back in January.

Anyway, I’m taking full advantage of this outstanding offer, starting today.

Don’t panic: despite the fact that I will be out of range of any modern communication devices for some time, normal life, such as it is, will continue on the blog with daily posts and fun for all the family (terms and conditions apply). The only difference that you may notice is that comments may take a little longer than usual to clear. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t comment, it just means that when you do, your comment may take a little longer than usual to clear.

If you are travelling during this holiday period, please stay safe: I need as many readers as possible in May. If you plan to drive dangerously or die in any other way, do make sure that you tell your friends and family to visit 6000 miles… regularly to make up for your lost visits.