The best Hello

Oh. Hello.

I touched upon Adele’s Hello earlier in the week, and while playing the original version for my daughter on Simfy, something went horribly wrong and I now have Adele as my cellphone screen backdrop, with a constant popup, constantly popped up on there, imploring me to play it again.


Aside from Adele, many other artists have done songs called Hello: Lionel “Richtea” Ritchie in 1984, Shakespear’s Sister in 1992, Evanescence in 2003Martin Solveig in 2011 – ably covered by Laura Vane and the Vipertones here – and, of course, Elegance Osamu Fukuyama with her… his… their… whatever… its hit – which was Big In Japan, reaching number 1 there for a whole week in February 1995.

My favourite though? The best Hello?
The INXS, Jesus Jones, EMF-esque tone of The Beloved, from back in 1990:

Where else could you hear names as diverse as Desmond Tutu and Vince Hilaire, The London Symphony Orchestra and Charlie Brown mentioned in a single 4 minute song?

Probably best known for Sweet Harmony (and that video), a number 8 in the UK in 1993, and 1989/90’s The Sun Rising – The Beloved was the male version of St Etienne, had an equally unjustified lack of success, but left us with some wonderful archetypal early 90’s UK Indie memories.


Everyone’s been going barmy over the new Adele song Hello. Not least my daughter who wants to sing all the things that Adele sings. As songs go (musically, at least), it’s quite nice. Not really my taste, but I can respect the writing, the production and the talent she has. The great news is that Dubai-based producer ConsoulTrainin has given us a soulful, deep-housey remix and it’s properly good:

There’s some other interesting stuff on his soundcloud page too, including a Julyan Dubson Remix of Kygo’s Firestone and – if you’re less into pan-pipes – his own cover of Baby D’s 1996 hit Let Me Be Your Fantasy.


I love this live jazz funk fusion cover version of Martin Solveig’s Hello by Laura Vane (previously featured on 6000 miles… here) and the Vipertones for Dutch radio:

Fun song. Great energy, great voice.

There’s a free download of this version available on soundcloud here, and you can find shedloads more good music and links on the official site here.