Quota Hout Bay

Hout Bay. Not my favourite place. An over-rated, smelly tinder box. I could go on, but I’ll get myself into trouble. I may have already done that.

Still. Nice harbour. From on high, at least.

I wanted to do some flying today – mainly to try out the new modes on the Mavic – but there’s cricket on the school fields and it looks like the new modes probably require the sort of space that my back garden doesn’t have.

Oh, and quota photo today because I’m busy trying to work out how best to get Premiere Pro CC 2018 without spending an absolute fortune, and it’s braai tyd this afternoon and there may be beer involved. Safety first, then.

Harbour revelation

This tweet from @shuayb24 is lovely, and, despite the permanent nature of the cranes, may interest at least one London blogger.

Fullscreen capture 2016-03-16 123007 PM.bmp

That’s the 228.13m Nordic Beijing (down from Lomé in Togo) and the 299.9m Maersk Luz (in from PE) at the quay.
And here’s the image extracted from the tweet.