Big Sur

I didn’t even hear this track this morning. I merely heard someone mention it and that was enough.

2003 was 15 years ago. Fifteen.

(let that sink in)

Oxymoronically, this song now sounds both incredibly dated and wonderfully youthful and energetic. Memories of watching them perform this on “The Other Stage” at Glastonbury still seem so fresh.

Nothing really happened for The Thrills, which is sad, but you can vicariously enjoy an updated version of their sound through Irish band, Villagers.

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Apart from the news of some vote thing or other, some (or more) of my UK Facebook friends have been raving over the performance of one Áine Cahill from Glastonbury on BBC TV last night.

I did a bit of research (I googled) and found this rather nice tune from the Irish songstress.

[youtube ]

Yes, it’s a bit schoolgirl GCSE composition, but there’s power and promise in that voice. I’m getting hints of Florence Welch, and it’s only 10am. Because I’m outside the EU, I haven’t heard yesterday’s BBC stuff yet, but I’ll be making sure to follow it up.

And no. I have no idea how to pronounce her name. Knowing Gaelic language rules, I’m going for “Colin” or something.

There goes the bandwidth

Oh dear. That’s the local internet broken as REM drop one hundred and something rare, unplugged, live and “other” tracks onto iTunes.

The massive cache includes stuff from as far back as 1982, as well as live performances – such as their 2003 Glastonbury set. We were right at the front for that, having enjoyed The Darkness, Inspiral Carpets, De La Soul and Suede, amongst others. What an amazing day.

[youtube ]


If you’re an REM fan, this is like all your Christmasses and Birthdays rolled up into one. Collections will be completed. Memories will be reignited. Wallets will be emptied.

And the local telephone exchange is going to take a hell of a beating.