Better never late

We’ve been through this whole saga, so I’m not going to bore you with it again, but in case you do need to catch up, there was this and then there was this. Eventually (and more positively) there was this.

So this cartoon doesn’t really apply to me, but having spent another hour at the gym yesterday, I can completely sympathise.

It’s all about how you choose to look at things, I suppose. Starting to do something good is a positive thing to do, no matter when you begin.

Although it didn’t feel great at 8 o’clock on a grey, wet Monday morning, I’ll be honest.



Fitness Update

I’d just like you to know the latest on my new “Eat sensibly, Exercise a bit more” Fitness Plan:

So far, I have lost 5.2kg in 2 weeks, I’m constantly hungry and I ache all over. My ankle is particularly vociferous; its plaintive cries ringing out each and every time any sustained effort is required from my right foot.

Still, I am noticably thinner and noticeably fitter already. Hello, ladies!

So, since it worked for me and since you really don’t need scientific evidence to release a “revolutionary” “new” diet plan these days, I’m busy writing a book which I will sell by the million and annoy medical professionals the world over.