Gentle Storm

Not Dineo  – the one that’s blowing through the Mozambique Channel right now. It’s not gentle and technically it’s a tropical cyclone, anyway.

Accurate low pressure weather system nomenclature. S’important.

No. I’m talking about the upcoming Elbow single, Gentle Storm:

Wait a second – wasn’t that Benedict Cucumberbeagle? Yes. Yes, I think it was.
This is a kind of updated, faster, more unsettling version of MJ’s Black and White video. It’s a really, really good song as well.

I have yet to post the review of the Little Fictions album, I know. It’s one of those that I just can’t stop listening to. And it’s fitting that on this day of love, I should mention it, since the whole thing is basically all about Guy Garvey falling in love.

But… more of that on a day with fewer hearts and flowers.

Here. Here and good.

I touched upon the new Elbow album when I shared the beautiful opening track Magnificent (She Says) a week or two ago.

Well, yesterday, as promised, it came out and I bought myself a copy.
And my goodness, it’s good. It’s really, really good.

Early days yet, but I have a weekend of walking along the beach to share with Guy and chums, so expect something a bit more considered and a bit less gushy next week.

Magnificent (she says)

Actually, Magnificent (I say). The first track from Elbow’s forthcoming new album has Guy Garvey’s soothing, uncomplicated voice running over a backdrop of dramatic strings and comes packaged with a suitably triumphant video:

It’s my new favourite tune, with thought provoking lyrics reminding us the powerful innocence and promise of childhood:

And there she stands
Throwing both her arms around the world
The world that doesn’t even know
How much it needs this little girl

It’s all gonna be magnificent, she says
It’s all gonna be magnificent…

and brings with it huge anticipation for the new album Little Frictions, due for release in early February.