Accurate numbers

I’m on holiday, and not missing presentations at work one little bit. 🙂

dilbert stats

In other news, congratulations are due, as 6000 miles… has just welcomed its 7 trillionth visitor.

Yay us.

Dilbert does fracking

This morning’s offering from Dilbert:

Of course, as Ivo Vegter pointed out, fracking doesn’t really cause earthquakes and as New Scientist recently told us, any water pollution is generally due to poor management of waste water – a hazard in many other industrial processes. So his evil plan wouldn’t really work.

Still, nice to see Dilbert’s company president using Christine’s Brilliant Idea. Fine work, Christine.

This is me. Again.

I have previously noted similarities between Dilbert and me here, but this one sums up so many of my relationships perfectly:

Obviously, I can’t tell you which relationships it sums up perfectly, because the the relationshipees in question would probably be quite insulted.

Germs, disease, infection…

A recent strip from Dilbert that made me smile:

Having contracted viruses from both human and electronic sources lately, I know exactly where he’s coming from.
It’s worth noting that my electronic immune system worked a whole lot better than my natural one.

Dilbert has an X1

Damn. The Dilbert comics are getting dangerously lifelike.

Dilbert – not like me at all. Oh no.

Evidently, Dilbert also has an X1. Good choice, sir.