You Will See Me

The new album Repent. Replenish. Repeat. from Dan Le Sac and Scroobius Pip is good, but the last track You Will See Me is outstanding. Now they’re releasing it and thankfully there’s an outstanding video to go with it:

Warning! Contains some naughty language!

It’s dark, angry, passionate, mocking, inspired and inspiring – but by all the wrong emotions – it’s gritty and it’s thought-provoking. It’s also been playing on repeat on my iPod for the last month. This is really good stuff, with more to hear and understand each time you listen to it, and it also demonstrates amazing Pip’s lyrical fluency. While the likes of Tinie Tempah are reliably informing us that:

I got so many clothes, I keeps some in my aunt’s house.

Pip is sharing lines like:

I will use you to cruise through any writer’s block,
Any lazy days when a glazed gaze invades my mind’s cave of creativity.

and warning us:

I will wipe out entire races,
I will erase faces and displace with great haste and no graces.

All in all, it’s a spectacular work of art and passion. Although you may note that it does lack the festive feel of certain other Christmas singles.

Letter from God to Man

Sit back and enjoy the Radiohead-sampling duo of Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip and the original (and apparently now unofficial, but still better) video for their ditty: Letter from God to Man.
This is from their excellent CD Angles, which is in my iTunes Top 10, nestling between the unlikely bedfellows of Depeche Mode and Morten Harket. (Thankfully, no photos available).

There are so many messages in here – take from it what you will. However, if you should find yourself disappointed, then may I advise that you watch it again while using silicone-stripping solvents in a confined space, as I have just been doing. It seems so much better then.

In fact, everything seems so much better then.

Incidentally, here’s the new, flashy, expensive version should you wish to compare.