What is Takealot’s Customer Care number?

Takealot dot com is our local equivalent of the multinational behemoth Amazon. Except it’s nowhere near as good, organised, cheap, flexible or well-stocked. And if/when Amazon does finally enter the South African market, Takealot will be expunged.


Here’s their customer service telephone number:

087 362 8000

So why am I posting it here?

Well, when things go wrong with your Takealot order (as they inevitably will), you’ll want to get in touch with them. They’d prefer that you use electronic means to do this, which is entirely reasonable: if they then respond in a decent time to your email or contact form request.

Of course, that doesn’t always happen, so you’ll probably want to phone them. But they make it very difficult for you to do that. I constantly see requests on Twitter for their phone number. It is on their site, but you have to really search for it.

A lot of my posts which provide basic, local information (like this or this, for example) are regularly used, proving that there’s definite need for them.

I can like to be helping out.