Irn-Bru ad

This is great. An Christmas Irn-Bru ad featuring Scotland, a soprano, a snowman and a selfish kid.

The deadpan third verse is hilarious.
More like this please.

P.S. Struggling to understand? Or want to try some karaoke?

We’re walking in the air. I’m sipping on an Irn Bru. My chilly snowman mate says he would like some too.
I tell him get your own. He looks like he is going to cry. I tell him once again the Irn-Bru is mine.
Now I’m falling through the air. I wonder where I’m going to land. He nicked my Irn-Bru and let go of my hand.



I’m watching the Strictly Come Dancing final live in the UK. This is what 21st Century family Christmas is all about.

Or so I’m told.

The Courvoisier is helping.

Home and Away

Thanks for this comparison of current location and back home, Google Now:


The kids have just found out that we’re (they’re) putting up the (real) Christmas tree this afternoon. Despite the chilly weather, their excitement is virtually tangible.
And let’s be honest: your average Norwegian Spruce would wilt under the African sun anyway…


This, from The Onion and via The Guru probably sums up the modern Christmas for most.

“Nothing puts me in the Christmas spirit more than sitting down on the couch with my parents and siblings, turning on the TV, and then proceeding to either look at the screen or gaze down into my glowing tablet display for hours on end,” 28-year-old Andrew McPherson told reporters”

Ours wasn’t like that at all. Interaction with Lego, friends, food and red wine worked out nicely.

All of which beats staring into a screen next to your family.
Mind you, that in turn beats spending 6 hours in A&E at the Northern General Hospital in Sheffield after smashing your head on the ice covered road outside the house.

All is quiet

All is bright…

Our excited kids are finally in bed. Asleep? Not so much… yet.

Did I get chance to upload those photos? No. No, I didn’t. Today was chaos.
I need a holiday from this Christmas holiday.