French music

Last time I was down in this part of France, Joe le Taxi and Glen Medeiros were at the tippity top of the Hit Parade.

And yes, I’m aware that only one of those is French. But it was the other one that was getting all the airplay on the French Exchange Trip to Dornes. A meeting of English city kids and French country folk. And Glen Medeiros.

Interesting dynamics. Halcyon days.

I loved it over there. My exchange was less happy in Sheffield.
I looked him up recently – the guy whose farm I stayed on back in 1987. He now does something in insurance in Strasbourg. I guess the urban lifestyle got him in the end.

But I digress. Often.

You came here for French music, and I’m glad to say that it’s moved on a bit since schoolgirl Vanessa and her Uber guy. Charlotte Gainsbourg (yes, that Gainsbourg) is where all the cool cats are at now.

Here’s her second offering from the album Rest. (This was the first.)

Limited French on this particular track, but plenty on the rest of the album.

C’est bien. C’est bon.

Deadly Valentine

This is a tune. And along with it, an endearing video which gives us no particular message except that love can be enduring…

Charlotte Gainsbourg – Deadly Valentine – nouvel extrait de l’album REST produit par SebastiAn.

Sounds promising, when’s it out?

Sortie le 17 Novembre.

So now we know. Pré-commande it here.