Late final

A late one this evening. An unexpected lie-in, a Year 4 Science project and a horrendous visit to the local shopping mall – which was somehow full beyond even pre-Christmas levels – almost did for me before we headed out to see friends in the Deep South.

I selflessly fell upon my sword regarding the shopping mall, saving others from a similar hellish experience via the power of social media.

At least three individuals got in touch to say thank you, and it’s that sort of gratitude that makes my sacrifice worth it.

Also, I got lots of new coffee pods at a hugely discounted rate, which was a bit of a bonus.

Diesel win

We had to pop into Cavendish today, just a couple of days after the arson attack on the Diesel store there.
Sadly, the perpetrator failed to use diesel as the accelerant, something we can surely all agree was a missed opportunity.


No such thing from the Diesel PR machine though, who managed to get the branding on the boarding up of the store just right.

Well played.