Back soon

Or… “The Importance Of Downtime“…

It’s been a while (actually, far too long) since we were down in Cape Agulhas and it does seem that events are regularly conspiring to ensure that it’s going to be even longer before we can actually get down there again.

This school term has set all sorts of new records for the workload that has been placed on both our kids and ourselves. The optimist in me would like to suggest that next term won’t be quite as bad, but the logical realist in me just laughs when he hears that sort of thing.
“This is the new normal,” he says. “It only gets harder from here.”


The kids’ achievements over the last few weeks have been impressive though. Cub and Scout badges, great marks at school, that Eisteddfod performance, a first “official” 5km run – it all makes it worthwhile. But sickness and business trips, maternity leave (not ours), together with the usual slings and arrows have made for a tough few weeks.

I sometimes feel a bit guilty for taking time out to go to the gym or to play football, but without it, I (and with me, our family life) would be a nightmare. These “time outs” are important, even though sometimes while you’re on them, you feel you should be doing other things. We need to make sure everyone in the family gets the opportunity to grab an hour every now and again, and not feel guilty about it. The time thing is just that: forcing yourself to make time to just stop for a moment, and the attitude is just a mindset thing, but it’s sometimes difficult to overcome.

And now, as of this morning, suddenly even next weekend’s escape seems to be in some sort of jeopardy.

We have to make a plan.
We will make a plan.

Now on Flickr…

…(finally) some photos from the last week or so.

They’re here.

And when they were lined up, I couldn’t help but noticed the sharp juxtaposition between the photos taken in Cape Agulhas last week, and those taken on Table Mountain just a couple of days later (not least the ‘grass-in-the-bottom-left-hand-corner’ pics, top left and fourth middle):

Check out the washed-out, near-monochrome top four, compared with the bright, heavily contrasted, colourful selection below them. But that wasn’t merely my photographer’s eye: it’s a genuine representation of what was there.

Cape Agulhas was sunny, full of vivid blues, greens and whites, busy skies and reflective seas. Table Mountain was the complete opposite: greyscale, dull, grim and sullen. ‘Togging the Victorian infrastructure of the dams on the mountain top was easy in those conditions: the dour, powerful, solidity fitted perfectly with the elemental, moody, unforgiving weather.

I enjoyed the fresh air and the walking on each of the days we were out and about, but it’s interesting to note that I probably wouldn’t have taken any photographs at all had the weather conditions been reversed for the two locations. It just wouldn’t have made sense.

Good job I was there on the right days, then.

Heritage weekend photos

Belatedly, but still: weekend photos.

Some proteas (not from the weekend, but who’s checking anyway), a specific startrail (despite the brightest moon EVER!), some shipwreck (I didn’t know which one I liked best, so I shared four) and some birdage (taken by my daughter).

Here’s an example:

And here’s the link.

Knock yourselves out. (Not literally.)

Late for 8

Regular readers (lol at the plural) may have noticed that this blog has been very regular of late. Maybe it’s the added Fibre?

Each morning at 8am CAT, a new blog offering arrives and is hastily devoured by the clamouring hoards. All of it.

Except today.

That’s because I generally write the posts the day before, and then – through the magic of WordPress – get them to appear the following day. It’s not like I have time or the energy to be that creatively brilliant that early in the morning. Or sometimes, ever.

Yesterday however, rather than writing a blog post, I walked on beaches and enjoyed the (gale force) wind and sea spray in my hair.

It was an amazing day in Cape Agulhas, and we were shocked to return home later in the evening to filthy weather in the Mother City.

I’m not sorry that I made the decision to walk rather than write.

But I hope you weren’t waiting at 8 this morning for a post that never came.

Come back tomorrow, when all will be back to normal.

Mrs sorted

Off to Agulhas next weekend?

Us too. But I don’t think we’ll get Mrs 6000 much further than this.

I knew that there was something going on when I found that we were timing our trip to arrive at precisely 10:59am on Saturday morning.

Of course, gin is all the rage these days, so I’m sure that this World Gin Day will be the biggest that SA has ever seen.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of of the stuff to be honest, but they also sell brandy, and I’m a very big fan of that, so I’m sure we’ll be fine.