Several (or more) reasons why my photos of the hike aren’t great

Here we go. It’s excuse time. Or, if you prefer, “valid reason time”.

The photos I took on the hike aren’t as good as I would like them to be. There are several reasons for this.

Me: I’m not a great ‘togger.
The new camera: Yes, it’s fancier than the old one, but I’m still getting used to it.
The light: Blindingly bright, start to finish.
The timing: This wasn’t a photography session, it was a hike. People weren’t there for me to take photos, they were there to walk up the mountain. There was (understandably) no time to stop and compose.
The brief: That said, I did have to try and get some usable photos of the pack walking up the mountain.
The brief (pt 2): I also needed to get some point-and-shoot shots to show Mrs 6000 where we were and where we went.

Those will do for the moment, right?

All said and done, there are a few shots I like (and a few more that I might add later), and that’s without including the ones documenting the climb for the Cub pack.

I really enjoyed the hike, but there will be better days to go out and take photos. And one those days, the photos will naturally also be better.

Eighty D

No, not a bra size (Can you imagine? You can? Well don’t.) but a New Toy.

Behold the Canon 80D.

Shouldn’t the last photo from your old camera really be of your new camera? But then, isn’t that like getting someone to write a job spec right before you sack them?
I couldn’t bring myself to do it, so I snaffled this from an online shopping site instead.

Why dis New Toy?
Because I was just beginning to get limited by what I could do with my old 700D and that’s a clear sign that I need to think about moving on. Four years of decent service, education and fun. Nice work, old fella.
Because I wanted a Canon so I could use all my existing accessories.
Because the gold-standard 5D Mark IV was clearly beyond my abilities and my price range (although it still remains an object of great desire).
Because the 6D looked great, but my needs included a built in flash.
And because the reviews were all very positive from the people of about my experience and ability and some way beyond.

So – let’s play a little game while I get used to this new hardware, shall we? Let’s see if we can see any difference between shots taken with the ‘Beginner Entry Level’ DSLR and the ‘Intermediate Enthusiast’ DSLR. (Because yes, according to our local photography outlet, I now count as an ‘Intermediate Enthusiast’.)

Or did I just waste an awful lot of money?