Today is going to be a very busy day. I have already been for an oral assault (careful now) at the dentist, there are a million workers due to descend on the house within the next hour, there are kids to pick up and drop off and generally taxi all over the place, and then there is some Premiership football to watch this evening.

All of this means that I will be otherwise engaged for much of the time, and so writing a blog post might not be possible (or even if it is possible, it might get overlooked).

That’s why I’m leaving this here as a placeholder of sorts. I will add to it should the opportunity arise, but if not, at least I put pen to paper pixel to screen today, preserving that ongoing record of several (or more) years of daily nonsense.

More later (or, as described above, not).

Tired now

An early start for a members only event at the Aquarium, then a quick visit to the Volvo Ocean Race Village, then up to the Noon Gun, then to the pet shop to get a new bed for the beagle, then move a couch 2km down the road, then braai into the evening.

It’s been a great day, but I’m tired now.


Approximately 14 hours* after clicking the Update and Restart button on my PC, I am the lucky recipient of this message:

Working on updates 8%
Don’t turn off your PC. This will take a while. 

Oh joy. So much for my plans to edit photos and write a blog post then. Sadly for me, the photos are very much on the PC in question, so there’s no getting at them for at least another week**.
Sadly for you, I have dug out an old laptop (running Windows XP, nogal) so I can write something on Happy days.

The headache left me after 11 hours of lovely, cosy, delicious sleep last night and so today was full of activity: science project with the boy, a couple of DIY things around the house, coffee and biscuits (and a quick drone flight) in the local park, and a last-day-of-the-school-holiday visit to the local indoor jungle gym, climbing wall and big slide in a warehouse place. You can’t do that with a blinding headache. Well, not when you first enter, anyway. You don’t really have the choice once you’re in there.

Tomorrow brings an early morning, the school run and (probably) all of the traffic that Cape Town can muster. I’m in no way prepared (mentally or otherwise) for this rude assault upon my freedom (especially the hour and a half after 6am). I can only suggest a quick glass of Marlon and an early night to begin the process.

Working on being ready for the new school term 8%
Don’t think it’s going to happen. This will take a while.

Right. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I’m off to work on the first part of my preparations now.

Wish me luck with the next 92% (on both counts).


* this is a huge exaggeration.
** this one is even bigger.


Football in the hot sun, followed by some gardening in the hot sun, followed by playing with the kids in the hot sun, followed by rescuing my daughter’s cross-stitch kit from the jaws of a reluctant-to-give-up-a-cross-stitch-kit beagle (in the relative cool of the evening), has left me knackered.

More tomorrow. When I have time, inclination and energy.