Lighter balls

Careful now.

I’m referring to these puppies.

Clean. Odourless. R3.50 per fire. And they will light and stay lit for (a rather exact) 17 minutes. They never fail.

Not a sponsored post. Just a really easy way to light your braai.

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Nearly forgot (twice)

One of those days where time just slips by so easily. Visitors, an afternoon chilling in the sun before an evening braai. It’s all good, until you remember that you need to write a blog post.

I hadn’t quite forgotten, honestly. In fact, I was just settling down in front of the fire, under impractical, romantic lantern light, with my first brandy this week (I haven’t been 100%) to pop some words onto the site when the huge beetle hit the back of my neck. And in the shock of that, I did almost forget that you readers deserve some verbiage.

So this is it. I’m sitting in front of a cosy, if now slightly past it, braai fire, the sounds of the South Atlantic and a-ha’s 2010 concert in Oslo vying for my aural attention, and yes, that glass of brandy in my hand, and yes, that beetle on the back of my neck.

I’ll be honest: it’s not a bad situation.

Apart from the beetle, obviously.

Braai or Blog?

What with all the catching up after this week’s Immodium-fest, it came down to a choice between these two behemoths of time-passing enjoyment late this afternoon.
And, sorry for you, reader, I went with the braai. There were guests too, guests who brought potatoes and a cabbage salad: made… with cabbage.
There were anecdotes, there was laughter, there was a disturbing amount of balsamic vinegar in the cabbage salad dressing.

Tomorrow, there will be ample time for blogging, and there are no plans for any alliterative alternative to challenge it for supremacy.

As long as no-one mentions beer, of course.


2016 is the year of simple cooking.
Buy fewer, better quality, ingredients. Did I get the punctuation right there?

I’m not saying that I’m going to be buying less good stuff. I’m saying that I’m not going to be buying as much stuff, but that the quality of the stuff that I will be buying will be better.

I think I did get the punctuation right.

Anyway, to that end, I took the smaller child to the local butcher yesterday morning and we bought some homemade boerewors and a phat chunk of fillet, which I braai’d in the  afternoon. It was eaten with some fresh crusty bread and some green salad. Nowt fancy.


The fillet marinade was smoked paprika, coriander seeds and Hendo’s. Nowt fancy.

I recognise that Heston Blumenthal is spinning in his grave at the lack of polystyrene candy floss, and he’s not even dead yet, but I’m of the mind that when the food is of a decent quality, it should be allowed to speak for itself.

This, though I say it myself, chatted rather beautifully.

From St Mary’s

Six hours of Boxing Day braai’ing at a friend’s house this afternoon has led to evening laziness and back-to-back football matches from opposite ends of the UK (Newcastle 0-1 Everton and Southampton *-* Arsenal (we’re still watching) for my future self reading this).
I shall therefore write more tomorrow.