Too close

My blog died a bit today, and so, while I do have plans to get something up later (stop sniggering at the back!) (honestly…), I think it’s worth preserving records while things are working again.

That’s now.

And this is that record preservation.


More later.

Cop out

I could have blogged earlier, but I was walking the beagle, prevented from getting to my computer by a newly painted wall on the floor (don’t ask) and eating some pizza.

Now it’s too late to get anything worthwhile on here.

Sorry, folks.

Blog postponed

I’ve messed up. Again.

I didn’t blog earlier and suddenly there’s a whole UEFA Europa Cup Final to watch and so I obviously can’t blog now.

Massively unprofessional, I know, but these things happen when there’s French revision (avec une cravate en soie japonaise, nogal) and piano practice to do.
Time simply slipped away and I really can’t miss my football fix.

I am already aware of another impending final (of even greater proportion) approaching (tautology?) on Saturday and will endeavour to take all reasonable precautions to ensure that a blog post is completed suitably early in the day to avoid another embarrassing faux pas like this.

Please accept my humble apologies and enjoy the game.

Let me explain…

They say that there are always two sides to every story. Here are my two sides to this one.

Yes, there’s a post which I said I would do, and I will. I haven’t yet, agreed, but I will.
The fact is that some posts deserve more attention and effort than others. They need to be done right. That’s not to say that I will always get them right, but I will do my best. The post in question – I feel – is one of those ones. And I refuse to put it on the blog until I’m happy with it. Or in this case, until I’ve at least started it.

I don’t want to build it up so much that it’s a massive anti-climax when it arrives, but really, it’s coming. Really.

Today wasn’t the day for that, though. Today was the day for weird weather; for getting up at 5:30, taking one child somewhere, coming home, taking the other child somewhere else, taking some really crap photos of Table Mountain, coming home, buying antibiotics, coming home and then watching the Monaco Grand Prix with several (or more) bottles of Castle Milk Stout and then braai’ing some steaks to perfection.

And I’m completely unashamed to have taken that route. Although, to be honest, I’d have liked to have taken it a little bit later.

A well-deserved early night is just around the corner, and I can hardly wait.

More tomorrow.

Blog posts I almost forgot to write..

This one.

I was tired. I stayed up for the girls to get back from Shed Eeran last night, and consequently got to bed ever so late.

But then we had a great family day, visiting the Spice Route (nice, but I don’t get the hype) and Fairview (goats, wine, cheese), before a quick trip to the Taal Monument (big, imposing) next door. But the copious amounts of ice cream, chocolate, grappa, and concrete – together with some horrible traffic on the way home – left me sleepy and my knee decidedly grumpy.

A quick walk around the block would sort that before blogging, but even then I was distracted by two old men fighting over a golf club on the school field. It was all a bit weird.

And so I almost forgot to write this.

Fortunately, as we all now know, that didn’t happen, and this blog post did happen.

Exciting day ahead tomorrow. But more about that… tomorrow.