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Before things get messy, just a quick overly-sentimental message from me down here at the Southern Tip. Many thanks to you guys for reading 6000 miles… this year – and especially those who have commented here or on Facebook.

Amazingly, it’s been another record breaking year for the blog and that’s solely down to people like you coming to read my drivel.

So thank you, have a great New Year and a successful and safe 2014. We’ll still be here to keep you company – you know the address.

Bollards. Bollards of London.

Kaboom. Every now and again, there comes a time when we discover something so utterly amazing that we have to immediately share it with you, the esteemed readership of 6000 miles

This is one of those times.

Because I have discovered a site devoted entirely to bollards in London, handily entitled “Bollards of London“. Yes, that’s bollards, the singular of  which is defined as “one of a series of short posts for excluding or diverting motor vehicles from a road, lawn, or the like”.

Yep – this site is full of photos and painstaking descriptions of bollards. Who would be interested in bollards, you might ask?
These people would:

And yes, before you ask, that is an inverted cannon bollard.

What a beautiful piece of street furniture, the fact it just sits in the middle of a paved area with its beautiful rusting tapering body (outwards) with a narrowing curved top that leads to an almost door knob type handle.

And here’s a description of how and who found it:

My fellow ‘bollardarians’  from left to right @sophontrack @itsyourlondon @AboutLondon @Rigsbyhatstand and @philipkelly29 with the upturned ‘cannon’ bollard in the foreground. I will take this opportunity to thank them all again and to let you know it really was a hunt for this wonderful piece of street furniture. At the beginning of the ‘hunt’ we had a coffee on St Mary’s Axe not 100 yards from this site, it really was a bollard hunt/search with plenty of other little treasures found along the way. Badges are being prepared and made for this great bunch of people.

A wonderful hunt with lots of treasures (a coffee shop) found along the way. Pfft. Why would anyone be interested in… wait. What? There are badges?


If you want a badge from Bollards of London, you’ll have to go bollard hunting. In London. And if you’re going to do that, then why not visit Leadenhall Market after trying some LSD?

If you do want a different place to visit in central London the Leadenhall Market is most unusual because of the colours/artwork/bollards/dragons which you’ll find everywhere. In part two of this post I’ll reveal the bollard I was looking which we found in the most unusual place.

Dragons everywhere? Riiiight.
Incidentally, “unusual place” in which they found the bollard turned out to be on a road, which didn’t seem that unusual to me. If they’d found it up a tree or in a lift, I would have considered it more “unusual”, as it is, I consider it disappointingly “usual”, aside from the fact that they then wrote 500 words about it. That strikes me as being a little unusual.

It’s only a matter of time until I begin the Bollards of Cape Town blog but I have some way to go to catch up with the prolific Bollards of London, who are well over 200 posts, each one of them about bollards. In London.


Quota Photo Test

I thought that once I* had repaired the file that I had damaged (which just so happens to be the file that underpins the entire blog on, that things would be ok. Not so.

It seems that the file in question went out of its way to take other files down with it. Or… something. I’m really not sure how, but it seems that is what has happened. Stuff that once existed, no longer exists and cannot be found. Stuff that was working fine is no longer working fine. Plugins are gone.

I’m not even sure if I can post this. That’s actually why I’m writing it.

Let’s try a quota photo from my dad’s flickr stream, shall we?

Here’s the Sidecar 2 race from this year’s Isle of Man TT races. And that’ll be a sidecar going around Ballacraine.
Probably rather quickly.
As you can see, the traffic lights are out. If he was in South Africa, he’d have to treat the junction as a four-way stop, which would almost certainly damage his lap time.

I digress. Watch twitter or our facebook page for further updates as to the recovery from the #6kCrash.

And once we are back up and running, I’ve still got to do the thing I was trying to do when I caused all this trouble in the first place.
Please have extra Milk Stout on standby. This could get messy again.

* I say “I”, but I was assisted in no small part by The (presumably jetlagged) Guru.
It seems likely that I will require much further assistance from him in the coming days.
This will inevitably cost me some (or more) bottle of red wine, but it’s more than worth it.