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Black Friday at 6000 miles…

South Africa has been completely taken over by Black Friday. More so this year than all the other years, as Americreep continues to insidiously envelope the entire world, bit by bit.
Next year, we’re going to do Thanksgiving as well. Turkeys.


I’ve ignored the phenomenon completely, save for marvelling at all the camera lenses I (still) can’t afford at Orms. They’ve knocked a bit off a lot of nice stuff, but as with a lot of SA retailers, there are none of the HUGE discounts which are the norm in the USA today.

I’m here to remedy that, with an incredible 6000 MILES… BLACK FRIDAY DEAL for my regular readers. And also for everyone else.

In a moment of madness, I have decided to give you all up to 90% (Ninety Per Cent) off your 6000 miles… read today. Forget the 10% that [a jewellery store] is willing to discount your necklace. Roll your eyes at the 50% that [a well-known supermarket] is giving you off your instant coffee (limit of 6 per customer). And laugh loudly and falsely right in the face of [the online retailer] whose site isn’t even working.

lol wut? Remind me how your business works again? (aside from repeatedly breaking promises on delivery times)

Anyway, enough of taking the piss out of the opposition. I am offering ALL POSTS on 6000 miles… for an incredible NINE TENTHS OFF for TODAY ONLY!!

To take advantage of this amazing offer, simply read ANY POSTS on the site between the hours of 12 midnight this morning and… er… 12 midnight this evening, and pay JUST 10% of the usual fee of R0 (£0, $0). You will not find a better discocunt anywhere today.


bye bye