Happy tenth birthday to our energetic, well-mannered, adventurous, minecrafting (obviously), early-rising, football-playing, respectful, loving, not-so-little-anymore bundle of joy.


He needs to stop growing up so fast now. Please. Thanks.

And, you know what? Well done to us parents as well, and thanks to all the family and friends (not least the amazing Poliswa) who have helped us – and him – get this far.


Level up. Next step – surviving the teenage years.



One today

It’s Colin’s first birthday today, and in recognition of that, I did a thing with a video I took of her on Suiderstrand beach this morning:

Before you watch, please know that it was a spur of the moment thing, using a cellphone and Windows Movie Maker, so don’t get too excited.
But I quite like it anyway. The official hashtag is #FlappyEars.

Happy Birthday, Colin.


Boy’s birthday. Borrowed a friend. Chaotic fun. Pizza. And then up to see his SunStar all lit up.

It was great, but we’re all thoroughly knackered now. And so, as ever, more tomorrow.

Many Reasons

It’s Mrs 6000’s birthday today, but we’re only heading out to celebrate now, as we’ve been to two other birthday parties already today. What a common time of the year to be born.

Drinking will be involved this evening, so I thought I’d drop this in early, despite the lack of internet at home.

And there are three good reasons why this is all you’re getting today.