Arts Tower Views

Another Other People’s Photos post.

It was a few (ten) days ago when I spotted some twitpics by Sheffielder @arepeejee taken while he was at the top of Sheffield University’s Arts Tower. (You may remember him from such blog posts as Better by tomorrow and What were the skies like when you were young?.)

Anyway, at the time, he promised that there would more to come from his “big camera”; and he wasn’t lying.

I love the architectural congestion in the foreground of this panorama, especially when it’s juxtaposed with the freedom of the blue sky beyond. And there are loads of other great photos to enjoy including two great panoramas here & here, some tiny trams here and what’s left of the hospital I was born in here.

All in all a bit of a tear-jerking reminder of my hometown.

Do take the time to go an persue the rest of his flickr stream.

Credit: Thanks to arepeegee for permission to use this photos.

Thinned Sheffield Sky

Earlier today, I was wandering around arepeejee’s flickr (you may remember him from such blog posts as What were the skies like when you were young? and Eccy Rd Hoff Stolen), having seen a link to this masterpiece.

It was there that I saw the full version of this superb photo: “Sheffield Sky”

…which I have thinned (as I am wont to do to sunsets) and which, thanks to The Guru, can now be stretched to 678px without disrupting the sidebar.