Dr Doolittle

You know what? I’ve always wondered what would happen:

If I conferred with our furry friends, man to animal
Think of the amazing repartee.
If I could walk with the animals, talk with the animals
Grunt and squeak and squawk with the animals
And they could talk to meeeeeeeeee…… [Jazz Hands to fade]

But look no further, young Padawan, because now there’s a animal communication course that you can do. It’s in Port Elizabeth, so enough said really, but then there’s a redeeming feature in that the Facebook ad has a Boston Terrier and a telephone receiver on it, so it must be good, right?

Hopefully the animals are going to put some effort into studying too though, because that’s not how you use a phone, is it?

Enough of my questions though, because the course organisers have a couple of their own:

Have you ever considered the possibility that you and your animal have spiritual agreements to assist each other?

I’m sorry, what?

No. No, I haven’t considered that possibility. Primarily, I feel, because an agreement, you see, is something that both parties have to… er… agree to, and I’m pretty sure that I’d remember entering into some sort of mystical, mutually beneficial pact with the beagle. So no, it’s not a possibility that I have ever considered. Next question please.

Could it be that your animal has valuable information for you and because you have never thought about it, you haven’t spent much effort learning how to communicate more effectively with him or her?

To be honest, there are only a few pieces of valuable information that I’d really require. The winner of the 2:30 on Saturday at Turffontein would be good, a medium to long-term outlook on the currency markets would be even better, and the GPS coordinates for the well that little Tommy has fallen down would certainly assist the people currently out searching for little Tommy.

I digress… I find it highly unlikely that the beagle, an animal so thick that it can’t even recognise its own reflection, would be able to furnish me with any of these important details. Look, it’s very good at knowing where the kitchen is when I’m cooking or making the kids’ packed lunches, so if I ever need to know where the kitchen is, I’m sorted. But to be honest, I’m yet to find any other use for it, and it’s been three years now.
And anyway, it can already communicate: it scratches on the back door when it wants to go outside, and it scratches on the other side of the back door when it wants to come back in. It’s not exactly high level communication, but since we have no spiritual agreement to assist each other in place, it’s about as good as things are ever going to get.

Can this course teach me more? Of course it can.

Learn how you can learn to directly communicate with animals. All living creatures have the ability to think, feel, and communicate although most people have forgotten this. This course teaches how to open up to the messages that animals around us are sending all the time.

This makes your household pet sound like a spy. If the beagle is sending messages all the time, to whom is it sending them? And what do they say? And how is it sending them? And why do the recipients want to know? All of these questions will obviously be answered on the course, but if I were to learn how to tune in or intercept these messages that the beagle is allegedly sending all the time, then at best, I would feel that I was eavesdropping or intruding upon its privacy, and at worse, I would probably want to strangle the treacherous little sod.

It all depends on what it’s been saying. But either way, I see no benefit for anyone here.

In this one day course you will learn inter species communicate with each other and how you can effectively send messages to animals and hear their answers.

I can’t help that if someone is running a course on any sort of communication, they should be able to write in sentences which make sense. This one doesn’t, but what it lacks in basic English, it makes up for by promising some incredible things. Not the “effectively sending messages to animals” bit – that’s not tough to do if you’ve got a shoe on your foot some tasty tidbits to reward their good behaviour with. They soon learn what you’re telling them.

No, but hearing their answers would be amazing. Well, I say that, but the beagle is notoriously good at ignoring any command you give it, so do I really want to hear what it has to say?

Me: Hey, beagle, come here!
Beagle: [looks up, ignores instruction]

After ‘Beginner animal communication course’:
Me: Hey, beagle, come here!
Beagle: [looks up, ignores instruction] Fuck off.

Again, I see no advantage for myself or the beagle here.

The individual who can like to be presenting this course goes by the stage name ‘Animal Benefits’, and a quick look at their Facebook page yields (along with lonely dogs and depressed horses), this gem from last month:

This smacks of the nonsense spouted during the search for Vienna. And you’re going to pay money to sit in a room with this [           ]* for a whole day? Ugh. You’re the one who’s atrocious.

Look, even this light-hearted, so-called example of alleged animal communication is nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt to justify eating more chocolate:

[delicate female voice] “Oh, but I cannot feed it to my dog, because chocolate is bad for dogs, so I will just have to have it for myself, no matter if he thinks I am being ‘atrocious’ (yes, he used that word, ‘atrocious’)! OMNOMNOMNOM! Ha ha ha!”

To be fair, I have tried the same thing with the beagle and brandy, but at least I don’t charge idiots a fat fee to come and listen how to I do it.

If you willingly choose to pay real money to go on this course, you’re on your own. There are a million better things that you could do with your hard-earned cash and precious time.

If she locks the door once you’ve sat down, it’s been nice knowing you.

Don’t go near any wells.



* redacted for legal reasons

Oh, Vienna!

Author’s note: I have a lot of stuff in my “this needs blogging” queue. Thanks to everyone for links and things of interest: I’m always chuffed when you think of sharing links you might find interesting. I fully intend to acknowledge people individually when I get around to actually posting things.


In the meantime, we’re still looking for Vienna. That’s not good (another night on the mountain for scared dog, difficult times for emotionally-drained owner), but it is good (HELP FIND VIENNA FB group continues to exist), but it’s also not good (too many weirdos posting crap, so they’ve shut down comments).

Yesterday, Animal Communicator number 1 (AC1) had a vision, which we shared on here:

“Vienna is on tarmac or under a car”

Which the group leapt upon, and Animal Communicator 2 (AC2) augmented with the colour of the car:


Well, the latest news (just before the comments were turned off) was that there is now further detail on that white car that she is on or in or under. Here’s AC2 again:


Oh. A CA registration? That’s convenient and unhelpful, given that over 95% of the cars in Cape Town have a CA registration.

And a Golf? Great choice for a German dog. But what sort of Golf? A Citi Golf (that’s kinda a Mark 1 VW Golf to you guys overseas)? Or perhaps one of the later versions? And then, if we’re looking at something more recent, like a Mark 7, then it might help to know which model.

After all, if your vision shows a Golf, then surely you can see what sort it is. I mean, are we looking at the entry level 1.2 TSI BlueMotion or the 1.2 TSI BlueMotion with the 6-speed manual or 7-speed DSG gearbox? Perhaps it’s the 1.6 with the Triptronic power train? No? Maybe the 85 kW, 133 hp 1.0 TSI BlueMotion then? Or one of the 4 versions of the 1.4 TSI BlueMotion (probably the popular 6-speed manual, yeah?)? The distinctive 1.6 MSI (non turbo charged) is an unusual model and would surely assist with finding Vienna were she to be beneath it. But then what of the top end of the Golf market? The 1.8 TSI with a top speed of 209 kph is distinctive, but I very much doubt that a dachshund could match that sort of pace. Short legs, see?

Of course, were it a white Golf GTE, GTI or GTI (with Performance Package) or the R, then AC2 would have spotted the twin exhaust setup and would surely have mentioned it. So I think we can rule those out.

But wait. What about the more economical diesel engined models? These are easily distinguishable by the presence of a letter D in the model number. AC2 must have seen that, right? The 1.6 TDI BlueMotion, the 2.0 TDI or 2.0 TDI BlueMotion? Amazing economy and hugely questionable emission figures (as is the case with most VWs). But still one of the best places for small Teutonic canines to hide beneath (or in) (or on).
It can’t be a GTD though. No-one buys the GTD model. The manufacture of a vehicle with such a juxtaposition of economy and performance was a bewildering decision. You’re not going to find a white Golf GTD here or anywhere else. And when you don’t find it, you won’t find a lost dachshund underneath it either.

But I digress. Often.

Look, the lack of a description of the specific model of white golf by AC2 has left this wide open. To be honest, AC2 has actually been no help whatsoever.

Now, there’s a surprise.

The search for Vienna continues.