Finally. The series of three nights of crippling insomnia has been broken. Last night, exhausted, I went to bed, closed my eyes and it actually worked. My body did what it was supposed to and this morning, I feel almost human once again.

Today’s plans have gone badly wrong, however. We were supposed to be going to a braai in Fishhoek, but then Mrs 6000 ended up being thoroughly nebulized twice at the local ER. Three years supply of steroids, plus several (or more) antibiotics and she’s back home with us.  A good night’s sleep (I’ll teach her how with my new found skills) and hopefully tomorrow will be a new dawn, in all the different ways. In the meantime, the younger child seems to have developed a bit of a sore throat and a sniffle and has thus been quarantined.

I plan to ward off any potential infection mainly using brandy. I’ve checked out my old microbiology books and apparently alcohol is good at killing all sorts of bugs, so I’m planning to go full on and drink as much as possible. I’m not sure if football has any antimicrobial effects, but I’m going to try a good dose of that this afternoon as well.

The Risk of Drinking

Uh-oh. The Lancet has done some research and has said that there is “No Safe Level” for drinking alcohol.

Cue billions and billions (and billions and billions) of articles panicking about how we are all going to die because I downed a Castle Milk Stout yesterday and you had a G&T last Tuesday.

Like this. Or this. Or this. Or… this.

Meh. RIP.

Here’s the most sensible take I’ve seen on it, by Professor David Spiegelhalter* (crazy name, crazy guy).

Yeah. Well said, Prof. Life is for the living, not for abstaining.

(Here’s a more in-depth analysis from him…)

If you want to live risk-free: well, you can’t. Hard cheese (apparently not dangerous, btw).
So you might as well enjoy it while you’re here.



* if my rudimentary German is correct, this man is called David Mirror Holder. 


Party time 

We’re out partying this evening. It’s going to be great. I know this because we’ve spent a lot of time, effort (and cold, hard cash) on making sure that it will be great. 

And in the same way that tonight will be great, tomorrow will be messy. 

I’m only looking forward to one of them.