End of…

Look, 2014 had its moments of greatness, but generally, it was pretty rubbish. Really rubbish, actually.
The good news is that, because of that, 2015 will obviously be better.
And even if 2014 was wonderful for you, I hope that next year tops it.

6000.co.za will continue to be here for your entertainment and to throw stuff at when you get frustrated.

Happy New Year.

But… How…?

As I write, the results from yesterday’s national and provincial elections are beginning to come through. “It’s early days”, as every TV and radio commentator has been repeatedly telling us, but at the present time, it’s all “as you were”, with the ANC comfortably holding the country and Gauteng, and the DA strengthening its position in the Western Cape.
No surprises with those first two, but frankly, I’m left utterly bewildered by the ANC’s disappointing showing locally. Not because their record on service delivery elsewhere is particularly good (it’s not) or because the stats show that the DA isn’t doing a relatively good job of running the Western Cape (they are), but because the DA never released anything quite like this ANC election ad:

Yes. Quite.

I know what you’re thinking: that Marius Fransman, right? Crappy politician, but brilliantly awkward dancer.

Suddenly, it’s no wonder he ignored all logic and reason when casting his vote yesterday:

“I can safely say now, we will, in this election, be trashing the Democratic Alliance in the rural communities… we will push up our vote in the black communities, and you’re going to have a big split vote in the coloured community… with that, we will definitely take the Western Cape this time around.”


Marius, much like you are now, (assuming you made it through the entire thing unscathed) (which is unlikely), is completely flabbergasted that the ANC hasn’t swept to power in the Cape solely on the back of this astonishing musical performance. Indeed, the issue seems to be only that the ANC didn’t get enough people to see this video ahead of voting day. Because surely if they had done, we’d all be voting ANC. Even if we weren’t actually allowed to vote. Even if there wasn’t an election.
Yep, I’ve seen that video and now I want to go and vote ANC in the Western Cape, all day, every day. For year after confusing year, I’ve been wondering why I was here; why any of us are here. What is the purpose of life?

Well, having seen that video, now I know: it’s to vote ANC in the Western Cape.
Resistance is futile. Especially once you hear that cheeky little Orkees nod to Afrikaner culture at 3:11.

Mmm. Inclusive…

Helen Zille’s plans for DA rule in 2019 will now simply have become a pipe dream. Once this goes viral (which it surely will after being featured here), it’s Game Over for the DA. And for everyone else, too. EFF off. ACDP hee hee.
In fact, if this four and quarter minute euphonious extravaganza gets viewed beyond the borders of South Africa, I’d not be surprised to see the ANC achieving world domination within the next few weeks. It really is that good.

Vote ANC in the Western Cape!
Because if you don’t, they’re going to give us more kak like this next time…

Cape Town Load-Shedding Schedules 2014


Load-shedding is back and it is already happening in Cape Town:

This is the first time the City has experienced Level 3 shedding, and according to Eskom, it’s likely that load-shedding – due to ongoing supply problems and exacerbated by the bad weather up north – will continue through into the weekend.

If you’re in Cape Town, here is the City page with the load-shedding schedules.

*NOTE that this is the schedule for Stage 2 load shedding. i.e. it will be this, PLUS SOME MORE. The City does not appear to have a Stage 3 schedule available at the moment.

Yes, I know it reads 2013, but it’s apparently still in force.

Meanwhile: if you are elsewhere and supplied (or not supplied, I suppose) directly by Eskom, you will need to visit THIS PAGE.


The City has given us this update, although at the time of posting, their website is down – no electricity or too much… er… load?

The City of Cape Town was informed this morning by the National Eskom Control Centre that they are initiating and have already started implementing Stage 3 load shedding. Stage 3 is the highest level of load shedding possible.

Click here for a list of the main stations, and for a list of suburbs and times that are scheduled for load shedding, click here. The City will keep residents and business informed of any updates.

If those links above aren’t working, I have saved those Main Stations and Suburbs and Times sheets on here too.