It’s amazing news and just plain old regular news here Chez 6000.

Herewith depicted in screenshot form.

Amazing news in that I woke to the latest Superbru standings and they were these:

Best in the Country. Best in the World, nogal!
[cracks open the Moët]

Of course, it’ll never last. But I have this screenshot to show that it did at least happen.


But then there was this plain old regular news as well:

I’d been looking forward to enjoying Sheffield United’s game against Swansea City this evening. I’ve been gifted the (rather expensive) HD streaming package for the whole season as an early birthday present.

But HD ain’t going to stream much at 0.07Mbps, now is it?

I’m actually done with Afrihost now. Their support line closed at 5pm on Friday and only opens again at 8am on Monday, as if the rest of the modern world also stops for 63 hours over the weekend.

What they’re offering has been slowly decreasing, while the prices stay right where they are. And I’m still waiting for the FTTH they promised me back in April.

Twenty Seventeen.

They used to be a beacon of customer service. Now they’re utterly terrible.

Understandably, I’m looking elsewhere.
Your suggestions are most welcome.