Road Closures for the Opening of Parliament 2011

Yes folks, it’s that time of year again when Parliament finally comes back to work after the summer break (noting that the rest of us have been back at least 5 weeks already) and JZ stands up and tells us how many jobs he intends to create this year.
Then we can all laugh heartily as millions are retrenched across the nation.


Anyway, the upshot of all these festivities is mild traffic chaos in Cape Town for a few days as they practice driving from JZ’s place to town and back on Tuesday and Wednesday and then actually do drive from JZ’s place to town and back on Thursday.
If you plan to be anywhere near the City Bowl or the M3 on these days, it’s very likely that this will affect you.

Fortunately, we at 6000 miles… are ready, willing and able to pass this information on to you so that you don’t find yourself stuck in horrendous snarl-ups over the next few days – just click the link below.

Road closures for the Opening of Parliament 2011

I’m playing football in town on Thursday night, so I’ll need to work out an alternative route that evening.

It’s either that or catch a lift down with Mr Zuma.
We at 6000 miles… have some high-powered connections – that’s where the difference comes.

Hat-tip to the Hipless Chilean