Power cut

Just a quick quota photo effort from me this evening.

We had a power cut at work this afternoon which left all of us playing catch up – due to a fault at the Koeberg Switching Station, apparently. Someone evidently switched it off.
Add to that the oppressive heat (43°C when I left work), the need to swim lots and a wonderful Porterhouse Steak braai, couple them up to a teething daughter and what do you get?

A quota photo of my collegue trying to look cool in the doorway of the darkened lab, that’s what.
The photo, like this post, was quick and dirty.

The power cut continued at least as long is it took the residual effect of the air-con to give up, at which point and we went home to sweat there instead.

Tomorrow we are promised a far more reasonable (chilly, even) 22°C.