Potential problem

Last night, we discovered a potential problem with our 10-month old daughter, K-pu.

She doesn’t like the rain or the wind at night. And so she was awake every time it rained or winded. Which, given the cold front that swept in off the South Atlantic through the early hours, was pretty frequently.
Not good. Especially since this was only the first big Cape storm of the winter. There will be more – many more.
And that will presumably mean many more sleepless nights unless we can do something to remedy the problem.

K-pu – prefers the warm & dry

So what to do?
I had plenty of ideas: warmer sleeping bag, Klippies in her bedtime bottle, earmuffs (for her or for us).

But I think my wife came up with the best one so far: maybe we should let her come inside tonight.