Lonely on the IoM?

Not me. I have family deluxe, since we were joined by my brother, his wife and their 40kg farting rottweiler this morning. However, obviously, some people don’t have the luxury of companionship (whether or not it’s a flatulent canine) and may require some assistance in avoiding loneliness.

Step forward Google Ads. They identified that there were posts about the Isle of Man on 6000 miles… and that the site was therefore likely to attract people from the Isle of Man. And that some (or more) of those people from the Isle of Man may be lonely, single or ugly. Or all three.

And they suggested: Isle of Man Fish Dating.

I haven’t delved too deeply (if you’ll excuse the pun), as the “woman” with the fishbowl in her hand on the front page scared me off by being too manly. I’m not sure why anyone would want to date a fish, but I have heard that there are certain genres of Japanese “adult entertainment” which revolve around octopuses. Maybe this is similar?
Cod only knows.

The UK Dating Group which runs this odd contact site is also responsible for lovegundating.co.uk which urges you to “Just point and click” and is designed for those individuals who lose it it bit when relationships end.  Especially those with access to firearms. Shockingly, all the faces on the lovegundating site are the same as those on the IOMfishdating site. Maybe they only have 7 members. Still, that’s three happy couples.

And Penny (49), who is destined to remain single. Forever.

Port Erin Lifeboat Day 2009

When I was a kid, Lifeboat Day in Port Erin and Port St Mary were big days in the the social calendar. And thus, today, we headed down to Port Erin to watch the raft race, let the boy release some energy on the beach and climb all over the £1.5 million Arun class lifeboat moored just outside the breakwater in the bay. He didn’t break anything – those boats are made to survive storm force conditions – not even Alex can match that. I hope.

It was also a chance to play with the new camera and take numerous photos of the events, the family and of Port Erin. This one of fishboxes stacked along the breakwater is my particular favourite, although it makes the weather look a whole lot worse than it actually was.

I also got some of kids jumping off  the back of the breakwater and of the lifeboat heading out back round to Port St Mary at the end of the proceedings.

The rest of the photos are available (as always) on flickr.


Child labour on the Isle of Man.

‘Concentrate’ – original upload

It’s all about getting your stripes in a straight line when you’re mowing the lawn with Granddad.

Torchwood: Children of Earth

Three minutes until the final episode.

Here’s my best guess. They are about to hand over the 10% of the planet’s children to The 456 and then this giant salmon appears from nowhere and drops onto Thames House. Terrifying.
And there’s a tent and some jam. Lots of jam. And some rabbits.

After the jam and the rabbits… who can say?

But possibly some After Eight mints.
Always a nice way to round an evening off.