Strep & Storm

It would appear that Streptococcus has swept through our house like a sweepy thing, leaving behind it a trail of doctor’s bills and expensive antibiotics. How can something so small cost so much?
I mean, I know I have obviously asked that same question about my son (and then my daughter), but this is a damn bacterium!

Based on the fact that this – however unpleasant – is merely an infection with a prokaryotic organism, I brought my laboratory experience into play. In the lab, we have three choices when we want to kill bacteria: extreme heat (132°C, no less), sodium hypochlorite (basically bleach) or alcohol. With that in mind, and not fancying the high pressure steam or the Domestos, I am attacking my vile respiratory tract invaders with a rather decent single malt. It’s like pouring vinegar on a paper cut as it goes past my red raw throat, but I’m pretending not to notice and only thinking of the obvious benefits.
I’m hopeful that it will also aid with a good night’s sleep as well, although other factors come into play on that one. Not least the latest work on my new study. Mindful of the storm front approaching Cape Town this evening, the builders, in their infinite wisdom, decided to try and cover their ongoing work with some large, ill-fitting sheets of plastic nailed across the hastily-installed roof trusses. And that’s why we now have 25m² of flapping heavy-duty plastic right outside our bedroom window.
I’m almost hopeful that it gets taken away by the Northwester early on, although I’m not sure what repercussions that would have on the building work completed so far. Right now, I couldn’t care less. I just want some sleep.

Tomorrow is another day, as they say. Let’s hope it’s a whole lot better than this one was.

P.S. If you see a huge black kite flying across the Southern Suburbs, please drop me an email so that we can come and collect it and any bits of my house which happen to still be attached. Thanks.

Nothing tonight

Nothing from me here tonight save for this admin post to tell you that there’s nothing from me here tonight.

I have a sick little boy and therefore have other blog-unrelated responsibilities.

More tomorrow.

Three Prague Bridges

I was last in Prague [many] years ago, but I loved the place and would be very happy to go back there. Especially given the fact that the kids are playing up today and it’s grey and damp in Cape Town. 

Capetonian Joy-Anne Goodenough – whose photographs I featured back in March – has been spending a few weeks over there and has been (semi-)regularly updating her flickr photostream. Here’s one of my favourites, which seems particularly apt on a rather colourless day in the Mother City.

Three Prague Bridges. (I advise you to go large)

A wonderful view looking up the Vltava River and (leaving aside the fact that Joy-Anne evidently can’t count beyond three) a very atmospheric photograph.
You can see more amazing pictures from Joy-Anne’s visit in her Czech 2009 flickr set.

Are The Killers coming?

I had a whole heap of people in a very brief frenzy with this post:


But – whatever the comments said and however dysfunctional the Computicket link was, that post was based on at least some small degree of truth, as iAfrica states here:

It all started with an entry on the Computicket website listing The Killers performing at a Cape Town wine farm during December.
The event, discovered on the ticket booking website on Tuesday 11 August, revealed that the ‘Human’ hitmakers were playing at the Val De Vie Wine and Polo Estate on 6 December, with bookings set to open on 14 August.
A source at the venue confirmed she had also heard news of the forthcoming show and we are currently awaiting confirmation of the event details.
However the event was removed from the Computicket website later on Tuesday.

We live in hope. It would be a stunning venue for a stunning band.

Patience is all that is required. And of course, the RSS feed for this blog – because we’ll keep you posted.

Eccy Rd Hoff Stolen

Via @arepeejee and @sheffieldblog on twitter:

Hoff is gone
Hoff is gone

One can only hope that Sky News run with this like they did with Madeleine McCann (not literally) but with a more successful outcome. That’s probably the only way that the Hoff will be found.

However – and here’s a note to people up and down Ecclesall Road whose Hoff has been stolen – it would be more helpful if the posters in the window actually detailed exactly how we could help. What exactly do you need us to do?

Further information surrounding his disappearance would also be of assistance: When did it happen? Had he been drinking? Did you note any suspicious characters around? Did he leave his orange shorts? And have you informed the police (other than by way of handwritten posters in the front window)?

I’m sure we all hope that the Hoff is recovered soon and will watch the front windows of Eccy Rd for further updates.

Afterthought: Just noted that it actually states “the Hoff was stolen”. Perhaps this is some admission that the Hoff, who presumably used to be in their possession was actually not their Hoff to begin with. Or something.