Weekend photos (sort of)

I found somewhere else with a monitor that actually works, and noted that I need to repair my monitor this evening. Or maybe it’s the video card. I need to repair something, anyway.

The photos are uploaded, but because of the seemingly haphazard and random methods I used to get them onto Flickr, they are in a seemingly haphazard and random order on there. Still, they do represent collections of pixels what I have made, so I guess that they still count.

This one, Saturday’s sunset while we were actually trying to spot the Space Station pass (we did, but it was less impressive than the sunset) is a favourite, but it’s this rather dark one which excites me most.

I wrote here about my desire to improve my photography a bit, and it was through a link to this webpage and a fair bit of tinkering in the icy cold darkness of Suiderstrand over the weekend that I managed to get that shot. It represents a 25 minute exposure, having played around with a million settings to get that far.
Given that it was so very, very cold and I was only bolstered by a sweatshirt and a couple of glasses of brandy, I’d love to have taken things further, but didn’t. With hindsight, I probably should have stuck it out and gone again for something longer. It was an incredibly clear, crisp night, with close of zero light pollution. There will be others though.

But this horribly imperfect image (it’s actually a lot more perfect than the several test shots that went before it) lays down a baseline for future efforts. As that helpful webpage says:

Like anything in photography, but the best way to learn anything is through trial and error and learning through your mistakes… Play around and experiment, it’s the only way to learn, at the end of the day there’s no harm in taking duds, that’s what the delete button is for.

I did this. I followed all the instructions. I tweaked to make the light shots darker, the dark shots lighter, and in the end I got something to build on. Watch this space, but equally, don’t hold your breath.

They’re stars, by the way. Stars.

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On strike 

The plan was to upload the photos from the weekend and write a blog post about them. One in particular.

But then the SD card reader went AWOL. To be honest, it couldn’t really have gone AWL, because it doesn’t get any leave. It’s an SD card reader. It has no rights.

Perhaps that’s why it disappeared.

Never mind, I thought. I’ve got a wifi SD card in the camera. Bit of a schlep, but still, it’s an viable alternative.

Unless the monitor on your computer has gone on strike after seeing the way you treated the SD card reader, that is.

Yeah. I know. Technology, hey?

So. Some photos tomorrow then.


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Heading down to my favourite place for a quick winter weekend visit, we made a wholly unplanned and wholly unpleasant stop just north of Napier.

Parents will understand.

The silver lining to this vomitty visit was this photo, the perfectly still water of a farm dam a tranquil juxtaposition to the harrowing events continuing behind me as I pressed the shutter.

She’s fine now. She was fine almost immediately anyway. Better out then in, hey?

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50 years ago today…

As a powerful cold front with gale force northwesterly winds hits Cape Town again, here’s a flashback to 50 years ago when the same thing happened and the 156m long, 8100 tonne SS Seafarer, en route from Glasgow to Beira, ran aground at Mouille Point in Cape Town.


Yes, just like that.

Seafarer was carrying a cargo of highly dangerous tetra-ethyl-lead and 12 passengers. She was advised to stay outside but decided to enter Cape Town Harbour in rough weather and ran aground off Green Point.


Fortunately, all the crew and passengers were rescued by helicopter after attempts to get a rocket line from the shore failed.

She broke her back and became a constructive total loss. She was broken up in situ.

As I have previously mentioned, my mother-in-law, living in Mouille Point at the time, was one of the crowd which gathered to watch the developments and is likely one of the people you can see in the photo above.

History, hey? It’s closer than you think.

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Cape Town Firewood Advice

I like it when local businesses do well. I especially like when they do well because they offer really good service.

Getwine springs immediately to mind. I ordered from them again today, as it happens, and I have enthused about them before on here several times.

And now, step forward The Fireman:

Superior quality DRY firewood and braaiwood delivery in Cape Town.

They were very good when I ordered from them pre-winter, and now I find myself requiring a refill, they’ve been very good again. Here’s the email I got this morning:

Dear 6000
Thank you for your order.

We have been so incredibly busy that demand is currently exceeding supply and despite working around the clock, our farmers are struggling to keep up at the moment.  We have the dry wood stock at the farms so supply will not be a problem, and have just mobilised two more camps of staff to increase our logging production levels. We hope we will have caught up to have a surplus stock level at the depot by early next week. At the moment, every single bag of the stock that arrives has already been allocated by previously booked appointments so goes straight out to someone’s house! We thought we had projected a sufficient chopped supply for this season but we think because of our commitment to only providing dry wood, on time and with a smile, we have been a lot busier than expected.

We can offer you a delivery on [date] at [time] if this is convenient for you?

It turns out that [date] and [time] is very convenient for me, and – despite their apparent struggles – is really not ever so far away. What’s more, I’m confident that they will turn up when they say they will, with a truckload of dry wood and a smile. Delivery is included and they’ll stack the wood for free.

So, if you are after firewood in Cape Town, please go to their site and support them some more.

Note: This is not a sponsored post. Remember, I tell you about sponsored posts:

Occasionally, people get in touch wanting paid links or sponsored posts. I can choose to be very selective with these, because I know that the blog isn’t my source of income, and I’ll always tell you if I am endorsing a product in exchange for cold, hard cash of course.

So when I say something is good, you’ll know that you can believe what I am saying.
And, looking around at other Cape Town blogs, doesn’t that make a refreshing change?

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