Nearly ready

Sure, I’m a non-believer, but any excuse for a party, and the fact that it’s going to be 30ÂșC here tomorrow and there’s a swimming pool and some cold beer seems like a good enough excuse for me. Whatever the religious reasons behind Christmas, we see it as a time to get together with family and friends, eat some good food and reward the kids (and ourselves where possible) for surviving another year. The car got rewarded with R5100’s worth of new shoes this morning. My wallet is feeling decidedly unrewarded.

The beagle is roasting on an open fire and Jack Frost has just been in touch to say that he’s never seen Cape Town, but he might just turn up (he won’t – unreliable bugger). The Carols from Kings CD is prepped in the living room and the last gift was bought at an alarming 11:31am today. Beers are on hold until the last family member has been picked up from the Deep(ish) South, but that’s no big deal. Plenty of time for catch up.

I have lots of writing deadlines to meet, none of which I am going to manage to fulfill, and a million YouTube videos to look at. My drone didn’t make it in time for Christmas, which is sad, but much like the beers, plenty of time for catch up.

Yesterday’s rain would normally have been most welcome, but the drive home was testing and stressful. Mrs 6000’s Whatsapp images from the start and (almost) the end of the journey tell the story.

And then we had shedloads of holiday washing to do and no means of getting it dry. Disaster.
Still – it’s done and now we have green grass for a few days, so I’m happy enough.

I’m now off to hoover the beagle as part of the sprucing up of the house ahead of the potential arrival of this evening’s red-coated intruder.

Bye for now.

What a ride

Home, after a journey that contained (but was not limited to): gale force winds, dust storms, a massive veld fire, an iffy tyre, a lot of traffic, some torrential rain and a touch (or more) of zero visibility.

What fun.


Traffic cop

South Africa’s roads are notoriously dangerous – a fact which is more widely publicised over the holiday period. I like to think that I am a responsible, careful driver, but I can’t legislate for all the other idiots on the road. And hey, maybe they are thinking the same thing anyway.

We did see a couple of roadblocks on the way down here, and it’s likely that we’ll see some on the way back to the Mother City as well. If you get caught in one, maybe you can use this approach.

I’m not saying that I know it will work, but then, do any of us REALLY know anything?

Drive safely, folks. Especially around me. Thanks.

Lazy Daze continue

Another beautiful day (albeit a tad breezy) (a fresh westerly gusting to 70kph). ?

Another morning on the beach:

…and another evening around the braai in prospect.

I realise that I’ve taken very few photos while we’ve been away. I might go and play on the beach tonight if the wind drops a bit.

I might not.

Nearly forgot (twice)

One of those days where time just slips by so easily. Visitors, an afternoon chilling in the sun before an evening braai. It’s all good, until you remember that you need to write a blog post.

I hadn’t quite forgotten, honestly. In fact, I was just settling down in front of the fire, under impractical, romantic lantern light, with my first brandy this week (I haven’t been 100%) to pop some words onto the site when the huge beetle hit the back of my neck. And in the shock of that, I did almost forget that you readers deserve some verbiage.

So this is it. I’m sitting in front of a cosy, if now slightly past it, braai fire, the sounds of the South Atlantic and a-ha’s 2010 concert in Oslo vying for my aural attention, and yes, that glass of brandy in my hand, and yes, that beetle on the back of my neck.

I’ll be honest: it’s not a bad situation.

Apart from the beetle, obviously.