Firefighter Food

Parents donated fillings and bread and the high school students at the kids’ school made sandwiches for the firefighters today. The packaged sandwiches were then labeled with ‘Thank You’ stickers made by the younger children.

san01      san1

Brilliant stuff – especially the kids’ stickers.

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Some More Fire Stuff

RAIN: It’s raining in Cape Town. And while all the helicopter buckets in the world (which obviously aren’t in Cape Town anyway) are great, the clouds can do a much better job on the ongoing fire. Still, it’s just rain. And while it’s very welcome news: it’s actually quite a lot later than we would have liked.
Maybe He has been busy since Sunday. Mysterious ways and all that.

Hang on, he’s got that wrong, hasn’t he?

Yep. Thought so.

But it’s obviously thanks to some people’s hard praying that we’re all saved. Or something.


Anyway, while the wet stuff falls over the greater Cape Town area, it still only came down as “a passing shower” over some of the affected areas. So we’re definitely not out of what’s left of the woods yet.

BOTANY: In other news, here’s a great post on why what has happened, happens:

The burning of fynbos vegetation is an inevitability. It is sad that people are negatively affected but it is far from sad that the veld itself is burning. This vegetation type has been subjected to fire for millennia and the optimum fire interval is every 10-14 years. Fire is a keystone process without which many plants in the fynbos would not be able to regenerate, produce offspring or reproduce. Fynbos plants are either resprouters or reseeders: Either they can resprout after a fire has passed through or they produce seeds that are adapted to survive fire and require heat from the fire and chemical compounds from the smoke to germinate.

I’d urge you to go and read that whole post. Really interesting stuff, well-written and well-aimed at us lay-botanists.

MAPHere’s a thing where you can see how big the fire area would be, were it to be dropped on your locality. It’s set at 3000 hectares as I write, although that was the area affected on Monday morning – I’ve watched it move much further since then. But it does give some idea.


PHOTO: Finally, still my favourite photo of this whole thing (and there have been a lot of photos of this whole thing):


I don’t know who took it or where it’s taken, but it just indicates the scale of the task that the local firefighters have been up against.

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Igloo Ice: Unsung heroes

There are a lot of people helping out the VWS right now, and a lot of it is being publicised on social media. Fair play, I say. You deserve credit for your efforts and in the commercial world, publicity is your credit.

I noted that the firefighters were requesting ice from people. It is overwhelmingly hot in Cape Town today, and I’m sure that people are emptying their freezers as we speak. But that might not be enough, so I emailed Igloo Ice in Montague Gardens to ask if they could help.

I got this back:

Hi 6k,

We have donated ice to Tokai and someone has come to collect more from Kommetjie. There are more scheduled collections for this afternoon.

We have also offered to donate a bakkie load of ice to the Hout Bay fire department but they have told us they are fine for now.


Kind Regards

Harry Georgopoulos
Igloo Ice Cape Town

I don’t think Igloo Ice do social media, so you probably won’t see their name and brand plastered all over your Facebook and your Twitter. It’s people like them that are the unsung heroes in all of this.

I realise that this isn’t a huge blog with the pulling power of certain others we might name, but just from me: next time you’re considering getting in some ice cubes, crushed ice, solid water blocks, dry ice, ice baths or polystyrene containers for your party, company or event, remember that Igloo Ice were the ones quietly helping out the Cape Town firefighters behind the scenes.

You might like to consider sharing this post to let others know as well.

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We Put This Thermometer In The Sun In Cape Town. You Won’t Believe What Happened Next.

It’s a hot day in Cape Town. This happens fairly regularly around this time of year, this being Cape Town and it being summer. Today was meant to get to 38 or 39ºC, depending on whom you chose to believe. But when we hung a calibrated and certified thermometer out of our lab window, we got a temperature of 41.1ºC.

This was in the shade, but it was obviously not in a Stevenson Screen – the official vented white box, 1.5m from the ground, which provides the standard conditions (in the shade, out of the wind, away from surfaces radiating heat etc) for measuring weather. But we don’t have a Stevenson Screen. We were just messing around hanging a thermometer out of a second floor window while we should have been working eating our lunch.

And then we hung it in the sun. Now, to be in the sun, it did have to be a bit closer (within 30cm, perhaps) to a wall which had also been in the sun, but still – if you were where the thermometer was at 12:46pm this afternoon, this is what you would have been experiencing:



So no, despite my scientific leanings, this wasn’t scientific.
But our quick and dirty experiment does seem to indicate that Cape Town is bloody hot today.

Drink much, stay safe.

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Invoked today…

In this tweet about the Muizenberg Fire:

This 1988 song about drug addiction:

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Amazingly, TIL that Fergie and Jennifer Love-Hewitt (amongst others) sang backing vocals on the chorus to this song. And because you’re now trying to remember the other songs that Martika did (solely for pub quiz purposes, of course), let me help you out with I Feel The Earth Move, Love (Thy Will Be Done), and the utterly dreadful Martika’s Kitchen.

I think I still have the album on cassette somewhere.

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