Was This The Cause Of The SpaceX Explosion?

Remember just yesterday when I shared the video of the SpaceX Falcon vehicle exploding on the launch pad at Cape Canaveral?

I got a screenshot from that video, and I think I may have worked out exactly why the explosion took place:

Fullscreen capture 03-Sep-16 31030 PM.bmp

Look – there, just below the explosion site:

Fullscreen capture 03-Sep-16 31030 PM.bmp

Yes. A stray apostrophe.

I’ve been doing some rudimentary research and while I couldn’t actually find any instance in which a space vehicle had been destroyed by an errant semi-colon or exclamation mark, no investigation I found (Challenger, Discovery, Soyuz 11 et al.) implicitly stated that poor or incorrect use of punctuation wasn’t to blame, either.

Telling stuff, hey?

Elon Musk and Space X have always been very open about their successes and failures, inviting us to join in their programme, enjoy their triumphs and commiserate with them on their disappointments. This is, therefore, a watershed moment. Will they admit that appalling grammar caused this massive explosion or will we be fed some lies about a tube coming loose or a faulty valve or some such?

We’re watching, Elon. We’re watching.


Note: This realisation came to me on Cape Town’s elevated freeway today, above which was a dot matrix sign reading:

No if’s. No but’s.
Always buckle up.

I may have left out a hashtag somewhere – I was so shocked at the grammar, I almost crashed.

Static Fire Anomaly

A “Static Fire Anomaly”. That’s what they called it. Technically, I have no doubt that they are absolutely 100% correct. Technically correct is generally what rocket scientists do best. But as a way of describing what happens in the video below, “Static Fire Anomaly” would come some way down my list of options.

No, there are “tr”uckload of better candidates ahead of it.


But then understatement seemed to be the order of the day, as this tweet from SpaceX boss, Elon Musk, indicates:

Fullscreen capture 2016-09-02 092112 AM.bmp

If they’re really unsure what caused the loss of the Falcon vehicle, might I be the one to suggest that it was the multiple massive explosions and the big fire?

I’m quite interested to discover what caused the multiple massive explosions and the big fire, though.

In the meantime – knowing that no-one was injured in this incident, and that Elon Musk has enough money not to be troubled too much by the loss of a rocket – I can’t stop watching this amazing video.

Astrology Question Answered

As recently spotted on some listicle or other:

“Anyone here into astrology? I’ve been feeling down and having some pretty negative moments lately.
Any specific planet that could be to blame, please?”

“Yes, Earth.”

Eish. Too true.
I need a weekend*. Stat.


* I’m well aware that said weekend will be spent on Earth, yes. 

Belated scorecard  

I should have shared this earlier. Or even last night. Still, better late than never.

I remember when SA played the 438 game. Having watched Australia score 434, everyone thought the contest was over. Everyone except one guy in Forries, who I can distinctly recall saying “I dunno, hey? I think we might just do this.” That was during the innings break.

And of course, SA did just do it, scoring 438, and the world is still speaking about it to this day. Yesterday, England blitzed that record, and we should be speaking about that for years to come. Except that the game as a spectacle was ruined by Pakistan not coming close to challenging that monumental total.

Still, it’s recorded for posterity here now. So at least no-one will ever forget.