After Friday’s cold front, the long weekend came good with some fresh, bright weather.

Making hay, we headed down to Cape Agulhas and did stuff like braai, y-bike along the road with the daughter, walk along the beach with the beagle and light a big fire (in the fireplace, not some sort of random arson).
I’d share a photo, but I’m still working on getting large photos onto blog posts. It’s not as simple as it seems. I’ll get there.

It’s red wine and brandy weather too.
Please excuse me while I recognise this.

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Continuing on a theme (and who can blame me?), all being well, this time next week…

Fullscreen capture 2016-04-29 092333 AM.bmp

However, in a horrible twist of fate, it seems that most of the (thankfully northern and western) UK has woken up to snow this morning:



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On that earlier post

And by that earlier post, I mean this one. It was only when I sent the concert information to Mrs 6000, who is was looking forward to our Bergen trip , that she put two and two together and worked out that the concert in question was to be staged outdoors.

Perhaps it was this bit that did it:

Remember that you should at outdoor concert! Dress practical and according to weather conditions. Check the weather forecast! Wear comfortable shoes, there are long standing. Do not forget that the concert will take place in Bergen and dress accordingly. If there is a chance of rain, bring a raincoat, then the umbrella is not allowed in the concert area.

Google translate with the assistance there. I can see we’re going to be playing with that a lot while we’re away: Min norsk er forferdelig. My English isn’t much better.

But that line about “dress accordingly for Bergen”? Well, that would be because of this sort of stat:

Compared with Sweden and Finland, Norway has a much more humid and rainy climate. It is impressive to note that the precipitation in some areas of the country may reach the impressive 3000 mm per year, which is one of the largest quantities in Europe.

Here you can find the city of Bergen, which is considered to be the rainiest city on the continent.

Oh joy. Tell me more, Wikipedia:

Bergen experiences plentiful rainfall in all seasons, with annual precipitation measuring 2,250 mm (89 in) on average.

Cape Town’s annual average is about 450mm. Exactly one fifth as much.

It’s still a way off to the concert (in weather forecasting terms), but I can tell you that the weather in the lead up to the main event looks somewhere between utterly dismal and bloody awful. It’s cold, it’s wet and it’s windy. Add the wind chill and the temperatures are remarkably stable at 1ºC. Having grown up in Yorkshire, I am untroubled by this sort of thing. Having grown up in Cape Town, Mrs 6000 is less keen on the whole “chilly weather” thing.

The Norwegian for “divorce lawyer” is “skilsmisse advokat”.

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a-ha topp2


Konsertinformasjon a-ha lørdag 7. mai

Når a-ha sin legger turnéavslutningen til Bergen lørdag 7. mai vil konserten reflektere bandets fantastiske karriere med et bredt utvalg a-ha sine største og viktigste låter. Og de er det mange av: a-ha-katalogen er spekket med gull fra de tidlige årene med «Hunting High and Low» og «Scoundrel Days» og frem til nyere tid hvor plater som «Analogue» og «Foot of the Mountain» har sementert deres status som vårt viktigste og største band noensinne.

Bergenskonserten blir trolig en siste sjanse til oppleve a-ha på en scene i 2016. Vi gleder oss til å ta i mot Morten, Magne og Pål i Bergen lørdag 7. mai, og gi bandet en verdig avslutning på “Cast in Steel”-turnéen.

Tider: Portene åpner kl 19:30. Support dePresno kl 20:45. a-ha på scenen kl 22:15. Slutt kl 24:00.

That all looks good, although I’ll make my own decisions about what I want to do at midnight, thank you very much.


Is this… is this really going to happen?

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My Freedom Day has been filled with beagle walking, gammon cooking and homework assisting. There was even chance for some red wine drinking and some action camera installing, the latter with 6000 Junior on his stunt scooter. It was fun.

My evening, however, has been filled with difficulty after my Mastercard was suspended for allegedly fraudulently transacting. This was a UK-based card, which I had the temerity to use in deepest, darkest Africa. Previously, when I had used the same card for the same thing, in the same place, there was no issue, but this was a transaction of £16.06 and it flagged up on their systems with klaxons and red flashing lights. Possibly anyway.

My advice to you, at this stage, would be to try to avoid getting your overseas-based Mastercard suspended by transacting from overseas (that’s a different overseas from the overseas which you currently are). It is incredibly difficult to sort out without a long conversation with a bloke from Scotland.

What I’m saying here is that the day was better than the evening. Bring forth the Champignons League and a glass of potstill brandy. Quick.

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