This looks good:

NASA TV is launching a dedicated 4K channel

Here’s the skinner:

NASA has announced that it will launch a new 4K television channel dedicated to showing UHD footage on November 1st.

The space agency is working with a company called Harmonic, a video delivery infrastructure company, to launch the channel. NASA is calling it “the first ever non-commercial consumer ultra-high definition channel in North America.” Harmonic is providing NASA Television with the ability to deliver the 4K (2160p at 60 frames per second) video. NASA’s 4K channel will primarily feature the UHD footage that the agency has been filming on the International Space Station over the past few months, as well as 4K time-lapses created from images taken aboard the ISS.

Which sounds like something that would be right up my street. And super educational for the kids as well. Also, can you imaging one of those 4K time-lapses on the big screen at a party or something? Magic. But hang on…

You will be able to access it on the internet on most devices, provided you have access to a connection of 13 Mbps or higher.

And that’s going to instantly rule out 99.9% of South Africa. Even if you’re going to use your 3G HSDPA or LTE mobile connection (which would easily be fast enough), with that sort of download, you’re going to chow your monthly bandwidth allowance in about 1.4 seconds.

Not great.

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I think I eluded to the fact that we’d got a new camera some time ago (yes, I did, here). I still haven’t got those photos up (nor am I going to be able to before the end of the month if I’m honest). However, I have got the cemera with me, and I’ve been pointing and shooting when I get the chance. I’m going to put whatever I get into my new, snappily-named Canon Test Shots Album.

You shouldn’t expect anything ever so spectacular in there, I’m just learning. As an example, here’s a bug on a double-glazed window.

Note those two reflections from the two panes of glass.

My old camera (and even my phone) can take decent shots like that. The difference comes when you start to zoom in. The clarity from the new beast is just incredible. And yes, I daresay that other cameras and other lenses are even better (this is a standard, rather than a specific macro lens).

But I don’t have those to compare this against, so I’m still more than happy.

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Grand Canyon From The Stratosphere!


A team from Tuba City, Arizona (I love this story already) sent a GoPro camera up on a weather balloon. Long story short, it got lost.
Gone for good? No – it was found 2 years later and returned to them. When they looked at what was shot, they saw this:

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Wow. I was amazed at the pictures (and the music* – who knew you’d be able to hear that at 98,000ft?). But seriously – wow.

The guys just down the road in Euphonium Town must be livid.

Music: Matt Corby – Brother (Kygo Remix)

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Premier Inn

Over in the UK, they have different adverts. Despite massive globalisation, not every brand has made it everywhere, and thus the local brands need to advertise their wares locally. Premier Inn are a hotel chain that don’t exist in SA (I guess you’d compare them to an slightly upmarket City Lodge), and so obviously, neither does the Premier Inn advert.

The advert is ok. You can see it here. I wonder how much Lenny Henry got paid for his role? I could have done that. For less.
But the music is properly nice – it’s Katie “Loads of bikes in Peking” Melua with her cover of Black’s 1987 hit Wonderful Life.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Very gentle. Very smooth. And it’s supporting children’s hospital charities in the UK, including the one in Sheffield where I had my tonsils out and my left elbow reset (in entirely separate events). So, you know, if your Randelas can stretch that far, go and find it on iTunes as well.

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Hello people.

Yes. Another short post. Please bear with me – things are a little complicated at the moment.

Still, I’ll make every effort to get some lengthier posts if you’ll make every effort to read them.

Symbiosis, see?

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