Burn The Witch

Trumpton and Camberwick Green vibes for Radiohead’s latest, dark offering.

I watched this several times, loving the sinister events apparently passed off as normal by the town official.

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Some stark messages for the modern society there, with lines like:

Loose talk around tables
Abandon all reason
Avoid all eye contact
Do not react
Shoot the messenger

Blimey. It’s serious stuff.

Tenuous a-ha link: This chilling video and messages in the song frightened The Living Daylights out of me?

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Concert Day!

Disclaimer: I’ve been caught out with this sort of post before.

Here’s the Steve Osborne mix of Cast In Steel, featuring footage and images for the tour’s South American leg last year.

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a-ha are due on stage just after 10pm local time at the Bergenhus Festning this evening.

a-ha topp2

Vi gleder oss!

Tenuous a-ha link: er…

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First day

First of all: we made it! I’m actually in  Norway and it’s just like you think it would be.

Bergen is busy, touristy, friendly and beautiful. Everything centres around the harbour, and we had amazing fresh  cooked fish, scallops and whale meat there for lunch.

Then it was up the mountain for some stunning views over the city.

There’s Internet in the hotel, meaning that you might get a flickr upload if we have a moment to spare. But that seems unlikely, given that we want to spend every waking hour exploring more of this amazing place.

Yes, I like it here. 🙂

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When it snows (in the other world, not in this South African one), the authorities put salt on the roads. This lowers the melting point of the ice and snow, meaning that it melts even if the temperature drops below zero. Thus, it has to be colder for there to be ice and snow on the roads, meaning that generally, there will be less ice and snow on the roads throughout the winter. Thus, fewer accidents. Or so the logic goes, anyway.

In the cities of the USA, about 19.5 million tonnes of salt is spread across roads in this way each year, and a lot of it comes from a dried-up 400 million year old sea about 2000ft below Ohio. There are some photos and some stories of the mining process on Wired and they’re rather interesting:

A front end loader used to haul raw salt around the mine at Morton Salt Mine in Fairport, OH on March 23, 2015. Photo: Ricky Rhodes

Apparently, when anything breaks down, deep underground, it’s simply discarded there. Why waste time, energy and money in getting it back up to the surface just to throw it away anyway?

I foresee some extremely confused archaeologists somewhere way down the line.

Tenuous a-ha link: Name of salt mine in question is Morton. Oh, and effect of the salt is surely to Stay On These Roads, ne?

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Premature Publication

I’m not saying that I’m unprepared for this trip, but I totally ignored the rules of the 24 hour clock on today’s pre-written post.
It should have come out at 4pm, but it popped out 12 hours earlier.

I don’t do 4am flights. Ugh.

If you haven’t read it yet, please wait until 1600 CAT (UTC+2). That will then overwrite my error.

Thank you.

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