Quota fjord

On an unexpectedly wet day in Cape Town, when I’d rather be doing most anything rather than writing up reports on experiments, it seems like a good time to relive the fjords twixt Flåm and Bergen. Amazing to think that this was only two months ago.

As I was remarking just yesterday: I’ve been lucky enough to have done Norway, the UK and Mauritius in the last few weeks, but suddenly find myself without any future travel plans. That would never have been a problem before, but suddenly, I feel the need to get out of here.

That may be down to the rain and the experiment reports though.

Photo bigger on black here.
Norway album collection here.

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Boxes ticked

Wait – could this be a timelapse [tick] video of an Emirates [tick] A380 [tick] being repainted?

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Yep, and obviously, as with every A380-related thing, it comes with some ridiculous stats:

Seven coats of paint weighing 1,100 kilograms were applied on ‘Echo Delta Delta’, covering an area of 3,076 square meters. The entire exterior of the A380 including the fuselage, wings, engines as well as vertical and horizontal stabilizers received a makeover. The paint coats on the fuselage comprised of one layer each of a primer and sealer, followed by three coats of Brilliant White, which is the custom Emirates color, and then two layers of clear coat and decorative paints for the Emirates insignia and logo.

There’s a full description of the process here.

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3am eternal

Well, 3:03am to be exact. I was awoken from a troubling dream about Douglas Carswell complaining about a pontoon bridge. Scary stuff.
It was our 7-year-old daughter, calling from her room next door. I went through to see what the problem was.

“Well, there are three things actually, Daddy.”

I raised an eyebrow in the near darkness.

“Go on.”

“Firstly, I had a bad dream,”

Well, as you’ll just have read above, I knew all about that. I chose not to ask if Douglas was involved in her nightmares as well. I simply didn’t want to know.

“Oh dear, but it’s gone now you’re awake. What else?”

“I need to go to the loo, and also, I’ve been time-travelling.”

At this point, she indicated her clock, which said 3:03.

“Before, it said 3:37. Now it says 3:03. So I’ve been time-travelling.”

Kids, hey? They’re nuts. But it was the middle of the night and I needed to get back to the House of Commons.

I took her to the loo, and then tucked her back into bed at exactly 2:58am.





Hang on a second…

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Toying with the audience

On the blogroll just on the right there is diamond geezer. He publishes a blog post at 7am each and every morning. Except yesterday, that is.

Because I post so regularly, a change in behaviour is always going to be relatively easy to spot. I only have to have not posted something by 8am and some people get twitchy, and by 9am somebody’s usually posted a comment wondering if I’m OK. Today it took until quarter to twelve, but then there was a steady stream, split between missing out on having something to read and keeping their fingers crossed everything was fine.

But it turns out that this was an entirely planned manoeuvre, as he was merely toying with his audience as some sort of social experiment.
Hmm. Fishing somewhat for endorsement, I feel.

Still, this sentiment resonates:

Life would be easier if I could throw my hands in the air sometimes and say “hell, you know what, not today”, or if I had a stash of articles in reserve to bring out when time is limited or inspiration weak, except I’ve never managed to create a stockpile, and rarely write anything more than a day in advance.

I might not agree with the political views of dg, or think that his posting at 23:59 last night was particularly clever. And while 6000 miles… covers most every subject (albeit in scant detail), his blog is decidedly London-centric. So there are many, many differences between us.

Still, it’s nice to know that a recognised “big” blogger feels exactly the same way about blogging as I do.

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On The Road

Not me. VW. A couple of families travelling right across South Africa (Johannesbeagle to Buffelsbaai to be exact) in Volkswagen vehicles have a fairly implausible number of coincidental encounters whilst ‘On The Road’ before arriving at their respective holiday destinations, only to discover that they will be spending their respective holidays staying just across the road from one another.
What are the chances, hey?

Here’s all 95 seconds of the commercial in question:

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Regular readers already know where this is going, and they’re right, because, while the ad is nice and all that, the music is what won it for me.

Thus, step forward Aisha Badru with Waiting Around:

Limited googlage tells us about this New York singer songwriter with one independently released 4-track EP. Where do Ogilvy SA find these tracks? Amazing.
Apparently, according to her Facebook, she has a new record coming out soon. And, also according to her Facebook, she has a lot of new SA fans.

I’m not surprised.

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