One Last Shot

I’m heading out of Sheffield this afternoon, leaving the Steel City for the Groot Trek back home to Cape Town.
It’s been a good visit, and my last evening here was capped off by this sunset. Which was nice.

[Big on black here]

The length of the summer days here is something I’d forgotten, but it’s basically light from 3:45am until almost 11pm. Returning home from the pub the other night, there was still light in the sky at midnight. I think I arrive back in Cape Town late afternoon tomorrow, and I’ll probably only get about an hour’s daylight before the winter night sets in.

Still, I bet South Africa will still be a bit warmer than South Yorkshire…

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My trip to Sheffield is coming to an end, so it was time for a springtime walk in the Peak District. And that was where we saw this amazing circus act:


There were lambs everywhere, which has made me anxious to get back to Cape Town and braai some chops.

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Vole photos now live!

While Flickr sorted out their problem yesterday evening, I was out and about in Sheffield, testing the local beer. That meant that when their problem was sorted out, I wasn’t around to take advantage of their new found uploading ability.

Look, the voles are very cute and I would strongly advise that you go and look at them, but this is actually my favourite photo from yesterday:

That’s the dam wall (and quite a bit of the dam) at Redmires, just on the outskirts of Sheffield. I like the photo because it’s so simple. Flat water (flat, but defined, not mirroresque), a solid wall under Simpson’s skies, and that bit of foliage just to break up the geometry and avoid plagiarising Rothko. For the full effect, go large here.
But don’t forget those voles.

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Uploading to flickr is not an option right now – presumably thanks to some problem at their end. So here’s a replanned quota photo:


Last time I was up here, the snow was going horizontally through the air and my inadequate clothing was proving to be… well… inadequate.

Today was much more pleasant, and we saw heaps of voles. (Not literally heaps, just a lot.) I’d love to share some photos, but there’s a problem with uploading to Flickr…

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And so yes, I’m up in the UK for a little while, doing hometown glory and family stuff. Google Now has gone mad, giving me bus timetables, suggesting things to do and making me cry over the exchange rate. It also suggested that I “explore” my local area. That might include the Sandygate Road ground – the oldest football ground in the world  and the home of Hallam FC, the world’s second oldest football club.
Something tells me that their groundsman might not be too happy about the Google Maps shot of that historic pitch though:


That halfway line… It’s… It’s a bit wonky, isn’t it?
I wonder if it’s like that every week or if someone had had an off day just before the satellite passed over? Also, I wonder how noticeable it is/was at pitch level.
What if the left winger got substituted at half time because his manager thought he hadn’t crossed the halfway line enough, not realising that it was further up than it should have been? (On the flip side though, he was delighted with the unusually good penetration on the right.)

I’ll pop up to Hallam later this week and peep over the wall.

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