Dislocated shoulder time

…was the somewhat ominous comment I put on this photo from November 2008. But there were no actual serious injuries that day.

That’s little 0.6 being swung by my Mum and me at De Mond nature reserve down in Cape Agulhas. It was a blisteringly hot day, which is why 5-month-old K-pu was sensibly sheltering under a tree somewhere back at the car park.

For the record, Alex is now 11½ and his sister has just turned 9. Shoulder injuries and medical bills would be much more likely these days.

When someone close leaves your life, they’re never really “gone”. Memories, jogged by photographs or visits or sounds or dates – or whatever – are always there.

I could easily be walking along that sandy track next to my Mum right now: she’s counting up to 3, for Alex’s next short flight. We’re watching the terns take flight through the heat haze. We’re listening to the crickets in the grass. We should really have brought some more water along. It is – as I mentioned before – really hot. The still air is thick. Alex wants another swing.
And then back to the weirdest, dodgiest self-catering place in all of Arniston (possibly even in all of South Africa).

And this is just one moment, on one afternoon, on one day. There’s literally a lifetime of other memories, each just waiting to be accessed.
She’d want us to remember it all, from the mundane to the unusual. And I do. Most every day.

Rain a week away?

I’m not sure how good these two week forecasts are (save perhaps to say that so far, this one has been bang on), but this image, shared by ‘Agricultural Economist’ Wandile Sihlobo seems to give us a bit of good news:

That little red spot at the bottom of the second picture is the promise of decent, heavy, significant rain for that second week of August.

If the previous forecast was accurate, then we can even say that that potential rainfall will take place somewhere between 8th-12th August.

But like I said, I have no idea how accurate these types of forecast are.

Susanne sings

Everyone on BBC 6 Music is gushing over the Scott Walker Prom concert held earlier in the week, and from the bits I have heard, with good reason. If you’re reading this soon after I wrote it, there’s loads of stuff about it on the 6 Music website.

The audience raved about son of Sheffield, Jarvis Cocker and… er… son of Sheffield, Richard Hawley, who were both star performers on the night. But the real plaudits went to Susanne Sundfør for her outstanding vocals. Who she, you ask? Well, she the lady singing on this Röyksopp track:

…with its crazy, disturbing, heartbreaking “invited independent filmmaker” video from Lauren Rothery.

Nice house, bit out of the way though

Check this out (on Dezeen from a while back), via this (also on Dezeen, but much more recently).

Here’s the title:

Alex Hogrefe’s conceptual retreat cuts into a remote Icelandic clifftop

Yep – if you’re going to visualise a conceptual retreat cutting into a remote Icelandic clifftop, then you need to go large or go home. But being an experienced architectural visualiser, Alex Hogrefe has only gone and done both.

Look at it. Just look at it!

And that amazing platform, just several hundred feet above the angry North Atlantic.

Kids and a beagle, together with the notorious stormy Icelandic winter weather, would probably demand that I visualised a bit more of a fence around the edge, but that’s just details.

See more of the design process on Alex’s personal website.

It’s not practical, but then it’s not meant to be. I love the way that even though this is merely a concept design, Alex has (literally) gone out of the way to find an actual site in which to put it.

I’m now thinking of sticking something similar in Platteklip Gorge on the front of Table Mountain.

Russian away

Ugh. You know those days when it all starts with meetings and appointments and spreadsheets and telephone calls and ends with about 24 hours to get your stuff together and get on a flight to Russia for a few days?

Yeah. Those ones.

Well, I didn’t have one of those days yesterday, but my wife did.

Obviously, a luxury tour to Moscow and St. Petersbeagle is not something that I would be at all interested in, so I’m not even a little bit jealous.
[Clearly, I’m being tsarcastic here.]

I never learnt lot of Russian, but in case you’re on your way over there in the near future, here are the basics/essentials as I remember them:

Please – pozhaluysta
Thank you – spasibo
Hello – gonchaya
Goodbye – do svidaniya
Yes – da
No – net

Have fun!


* although there was some excitement, lol.