Très Autumnal

We’ve had a nice – if breezy – weekend away, and coming back to this sort of thing has got our hopes up that summer isn’t over quite yet.

There was a small incident on the way home, involving a tyre bursting on the R316 at about 120kph, but I’m more than happy to gloss over that (and now that I’ve changed my pants, forget about it as soon as possible) and concentrate on the lovely weather this week.

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Coastal QP

The sea is looking spectacular today, but photos – especially with my phone – just don’t do it justice.


Still, no harm in trying, unless you almost get washed out to sea while you’re at it. Which I did.

This was inside the reef at Suiderstrand; beyond it were mental 7 metre swells, which would definitely have finished me off.

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A quick photo by my Dad, taken on the Isle of Man. 


This is the shed at the back of my Uncle’s old place.

It’s obviously seen better days.

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Spotted and sharing: Klaus Leidorf’s Aerial Archaeology.


You can click the link for the details, but here’s the gist:

Perched at the window of his Cessna 172, photographer Klaus Leidorf crisscrosses the skies above Germany while capturing images of farms, cities, industrial sites, and whatever else he discovers along his flight path, a process he refers to as “aerial archaeology.”

And I think the different perspective is pretty cool:


Loads more from Klaus on his Flickr stream.

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You want pure nature? OK, die young.

I spotted a nice little rant from Jeffrey Kluger on on anti-vaxxers.

I hope that writing it was some sort of cathartic experience for Jeffrey, as while it carefully explains all the reasons that anti-vaxxers are foolish, short-sighted and downright wrong, it will have about as much effect as bringing a banana to a gunfight. But I recognise that sometimes you just need to get these things out of your system before the frustration makes your brain go totes cray cray and you start using sloppy internet slang.

Parents who oppose vaccines are not only misinformed, they’re spoiled, having grown up in a world that stands behind the berms built by the scientists and vaccine developers who came before them. If you’ve never seen measles — or polio or whooping cough or mumps — you have the luxury of believing they don’t exist.

Forget the pretty flowers and the Instagrammable sunsets. There’s another side to Nature: viruses, evil bacteria, disease, sickness. Yep, sadly, it turns out that Nature is actually a bit of a bitch. As Jeffrey points out, science (or “messing with nature”) allows us to live longer, it means that we don’t die in childhood, it means that simple infections don’t kill us anymore (for the moment, anyway).
Because those were all things that happened a lot before science happened (see here).
Now, I think that those are good things. Positive things. Fine reasons to embrace and celebrate the progress we have made. Working in science, it’s disappointing when others don’t feel that way, but it’s tragic when their irresponsible decisions impact on the defenceless individuals in our society.

I’m not going to carry on. My rant would have about as much effect as Jeffrey’s and rather than raising my blood pressure by thinking about the idiots, I’d rather be doing my (little) bit to stop quite so many people dying of TB. That said, do click through and have a read of Jeffrey’s column, because it does make very good sense.

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