The Chemical Brothers have done some good stuff, but I’ve never really been a Chemical Brothers fanper se. But that said, I simply cannot get enough of their new single, Go, at the moment.

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I’ve come to the conclusion that the reason for this is not the video with the dutch milk maid hatted, dungaree short wearing, scaffolding pole wielding, retrofuturisic cityscape roaming heptet of dancing girls, and more to do with that guy on the vocals. Q-Tip (or Kamaal Ibn John Fareed to his friends).

He was also featured on the Chemical Brothers’ 2005 release Galvanize, which coincidentally, is probably my second favourite track of theirs. And then there’s Bang Bang Bang from Mark Ronson (no one ever does it like that anymore), which he makes special. And REM’s The Outsiders in which his rap ends the song on an introspective note. I like all these songs.

Which I guess finally answers the question – can he kick it?

Yes, he can.

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Subdued hound

Not 24 hours after this now infamous video was shot, the beagle was at the vet. Which wasn’t good news for anyone concerned – save for the vet’s bank manager, I suppose.

rsz_dsc_0003The diagnosis? A poor diet over the weekend. We’re guessing sand, fish, bones, seaweed and some more sand. That sort of thing is going to irritate your colon and it seems that the colon of the beagle is indeed irritated. We do try to watch what the dog eats, but it’s impossible to be there 24/7. We have prevented any previous episodes of this nature, which, given the desire of this breed to eat anything and everything, surely deserves at least some praise.

Despite appropriate medication, Colin remains rather subdued this evening, so we’re left hoping for an overnight turnaround before more serious measures need to be taken tomorrow.

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One today

It’s Colin’s first birthday today, and in recognition of that, I did a thing with a video I took of her on Suiderstrand beach this morning:

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Before you watch, please know that it was a spur of the moment thing, using a cellphone and Windows Movie Maker, so don’t get too excited.
But I quite like it anyway. The official hashtag is #FlappyEars.

Happy Birthday, Colin.

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An astonishing sunset

Down in Cape Agulhas for the long weekend, myself and one other would-be ‘togger legged it down to the beachfront as the most incredible sunset began to develop. Despite living the majority of my life in the UK, I have seen quite a few sunsets before, but I can’t recall one that topped this:

Bigger on black here.

No enhancement required – it was breathtaking.

Also good today: Brandfontein beach. Far from the madding crowd – far, actually, from everywhere – an amazing walk along the beach with the kids.We had the place to ourselves, which made it even more special.
Much fun, many photos. All popped into the now bulging June Things Flickr album/set. Go and see.

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Diving Competition

Glorious failure, with glorious multi-angle slo-mo.

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Two divers from the Philippines taking part (sort of, anyway) in the recent South East Asia games in Singapore.

Nul points.

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