Ok. Photos.

It occurred to me that I could get seriously bogged down in photo and video editing. Especially that latter, since I have no experience in that (although I have taken advice from several Mavic Facebook groups and downloaded this free package). Great for beginners, but supremely powerful, apparently.

But enough of that – I’m getting seriously bogged down in telling you what I think I’ll get seriously bogged down in. Meta distraction.

The upshot is that I uploaded the photos from the weekend onto Flickr. Bear in mind that I’m still learning (and that there was Sport Mode to play with), so they’re no masterpieces. But when I look back at my original efforts with a DSLR and stuff like that, I can see how I have learned and improved, so hopefully this will follow the same pattern.

So – here they are. Be kind, be gentle. And please marvel at the gorgeous Cape Agulhas coastline, which really doesn’t need a fancy drone or a decent photographer to be stunning.

The videos? They – as I eluded to earlier – are going to take a bit longer. However, I have already applied to mobygratis.com for some accompanying chilled electronica, so that’s a start, right?

Droning on…

Saturday was rather windy, but Sunday dawned so calm that the only limiting factor was battery life. I soon got a rotation system going: one in use, one cooling, one charging and I flew for literally hours.

There are lots of photos – and even a few videos – but they need some editing (flying coming along nicely, camerawork not so much just yet) and I’m not in an edity mood this evening. Anyway, this was chiefly about continuing up the steep learning curve and having a bit of fun in the wide open spaces.

Actually, I was going to try some serious cinematography, but I thought I’d give Sport Mode a go first. 72kph and 5000 metres later, the whole shooting videos thing seemed a better thing to do another day, because there was some serious laws of physics and engineering which needed testing.

Thresholds and limits pushed, I eventually, reluctantly, parked up for the day. But every bit of promise was realised – this is what I got it for – and I can’t wait to play some more.

Here. Here and good.

I touched upon the new Elbow album when I shared the beautiful opening track Magnificent (She Says) a week or two ago.

Well, yesterday, as promised, it came out and I bought myself a copy.
And my goodness, it’s good. It’s really, really good.

Early days yet, but I have a weekend of walking along the beach to share with Guy and chums, so expect something a bit more considered and a bit less gushy next week.

Mavic to Agulhas

It’s the weekend you’ve I’ve all been waiting for!

This weekend, I get to take the Mavic down to Cape Agulhas and fly around open fynbos, open beaches and other… open stuff.

When I first thought about buying a drone (I know, I know), it was with this in mind. Flying around urban Cape Town is fun, but I’m hoping that there will be nothing like the fresh air and the big skies of the Southernmost Tip of Africa.*

And my 3D printing contact has even come through with some superb battery covers and joystick supports. It’s all coming together so nicely.I are rather excited.
Photos and maybe even some video to follow.

Have a special weekend.


* note that you are not actually allowed to fly at the Southernmost Tip of Africa.

Camp stats

Some household statistics while having a 10-year old son who is away at school camp (and an 8-year old daughter who isn’t).

  • Overall Nutella consumption: down 93%
  • Repeated instructions required: down 44% 
  • Amount of readily available milk and bread in house: up 76%
  • Early morning hugs for Dad: down 50%
  • Available charging points for electronic devices: up 134%
  • Parental checking of Facebook (for school camp updates): up 240%
  • Polite laughter at my crap jokes: down 81%
  • Last-minute recollection as we’re heading out of the door for the school run that we don’t have the most ever so very important thing which is needed for class first thing this morning, and which we had previously been assured was placed safely in school bag the previous evening: down 100% (so far, at least)
  • Requests to go and fly the Mavic: down 96%
  • Anticipation of some amazing stories upon his return tomorrow: up 80%

In the meantime, the somewhat confused and mildly depressed beagle will continue to fruitlessly search the house for him.