Summed up

Because tomorrow is a public holiday, and because today was a school holiday, we skived off work. And I was up late this morning. Nice.
Since then, I’ve got close to very little done. If I was looking for a photo to use an analogy for the day, then this would be it.

It’s not often that Colin and I see eye to eye, but this pretty much sums up my attitude to Monday 8th August 2016.
Unashamedly so, too.

Later, because of the clear skies, and fueled by Castle Milk Stout and some (or more) Klipdrift, I intend to continue Project Night Sky Photography.

Watch this space for spectacular results, or, more likely, save your time and don’t.

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Just a day

I nearly didn’t get to blog today. One of those days when it feels like you’ve done nothing, but equally like you’ve not stopped all day. And then suddenly, it’s dark and you wonder, through a Black Label induced haze, where all the time has gone. 

In retrospect, maybe it was something to do with the genie in the brown bottle. 

Sitting in front of a roaring fire (or as near as we can get with damp wood) with a glass of red wine, it actually doesn’t seem to have been a bad day at all.  

Just unfeasibly short. 

Internet has got me on EDGE (literally), so if you want photos, go to my Instagram.

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Blue Bay

Time out. We’re heading down to Agulhas for the long weekend for a bit of this during the day:

And, quite possibly, some of this in the evenings:

There will be meat, walks, wine, beer, photography and relaxation.

unFortunately for you, there will also be blogging.
I’d hate to let you down.

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I’m finished. Someone call a doctor. My sides have split.

Fullscreen capture 2016-08-05 082529 AM.bmp

This then, is the response of the official ANC twitter account to their defeat in Port Elizabeth and their utterly dismal showings in Johannesburg and Tshwane.

If you don’t laugh, you have to cry. It’s either hilarious or it’s tragic. It’s both.

For the other parties, this seeing the ruling party adopting this stance must be like manna from heaven. If this seemingly blind obliviousness continues towards and into the next (general) election in 2019, the ANC is not just going to be beaten, it’s going to be obliterated.

However, for the people, with another 3 years to go before the start of any possible change in government and/or attitude, it’s pretty galling. I don’t think (and the election results do kinda support my view) that things are going well here at the moment. There is a massive amount of dissatisfaction, irritation, anger. I’m not saying that the ANC is solely responsible for this, but nor do I see their current, rather apathetic approach doing enough (read “anything”) to combat it.

Incidentally, I’ve left JZ in the background there on the screenshot because his imperious, somewhat sour, face seems to me to be the perfect analogy (and possibly the biggest reason) for the ANC’s – and therefore South Africa’s – current woes.

UPDATE:Fullscreen capture 2016-08-05 023130 PM.bmp

It’s stuff like this that makes me wonder if they’ve actually seen the results…

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1811 – Extraordinary

The Manx Nostalgia group I’m a member of on Facebook is generally a succession of comments about “it’s a shame that [place] has been redeveloped now” or that “it’s a shame that [place] has fallen into such disrepair”.
The positive nostalgia is sadly lacking.

Still, it does, on occasion, come up with some interesting moments.
Here’s one now:

Fullscreen capture 2016-08-04 021452 PM.bmp

First off, Pooilvaaish (to give it the correct spelling) is still a place: a small collection of dwellings on the eastern side of Bay Ny Carrickey, with beautiful views across towards Port St Mary, and the mouth of the harbour where John Comish perished. Interestingly, its name translates from Manx Gaelic as “Pool of Death”. Nice. 

And secondly, yes, there are newspapers from back then, although there’s no mention of what happened to John Comish. There is a lot about a tremendous and devastating storm which occurred “Tuesday last”, and which mentions PSM harbour, but that was the 24th September – the 22nd was a Sunday. So, (not having done a lot of further digging) I can’t see anything specific about his death.

However, that newspaper report is still worth a nice long read, as it does include some other really interesting stuff:

Fullscreen capture 2016-08-04 023331 PM.bmp

Let’s get them documented:

  • Naval Longevity: It is a singular fact, that the united ages of the ten first admirals on the list of our naval heroes, amount to 814 years. This circumstance shows that fighting is not a very unhealthy employment.

Either that or pickling with rum is a very effective preservative.

  • Extraordinary Shot: Friday, Mr Levi Larkham, who holds the deputation of Radipole Farm, under I.H. Browne, Esq. killed a hare running and a brace of partridges, at one shot.

Eenhaasentweepatrysemeteenskootmorsdoodgeskietfontein? That’s almost as good as Tweebuffelsmeteenskootmorsdoodgeskietfontein.

But then there was this:

  • Extraordinary growth of a Potatoe: There was last week taken up in a field near Ely, Cambridgeshire, a potatoe, which was of such extraordinary size, the when whole, it would not go into a bushel measure, and when cut in pieces, of the bigness of middling-sized potatoes, it nearly filled the bushel measure.

It could be straight out of Blackadder. It could have been the inspiration for Baldrick and his turnips. It probably was the inspiration for Baldrick and his turnips. I’m just sad that it happened 80 years too early for photos to be taken.

The fact that these 3 pieces of “light-hearted”, trivial news made it into the one page of the newspaper suggests to me that either the editorial staff weren’t really that concerned about other, more serious news, or more likely, that there actually was very little going on in the Isle of Man. That latter fact hasn’t really changed much in the intervening 200 or so years, as this other post, including connections to both the Isle of Man and potatoes, demonstrated.

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