It’s amazing news and just plain old regular news here Chez 6000.

Herewith depicted in screenshot form.

Amazing news in that I woke to the latest Superbru standings and they were these:

Best in the Country. Best in the World, nogal!
[cracks open the Moët]

Of course, it’ll never last. But I have this screenshot to show that it did at least happen.


But then there was this plain old regular news as well:

I’d been looking forward to enjoying Sheffield United’s game against Swansea City this evening. I’ve been gifted the (rather expensive) HD streaming package for the whole season as an early birthday present.

But HD ain’t going to stream much at 0.07Mbps, now is it?

I’m actually done with Afrihost now. Their support line closed at 5pm on Friday and only opens again at 8am on Monday, as if the rest of the modern world also stops for 63 hours over the weekend.

What they’re offering has been slowly decreasing, while the prices stay right where they are. And I’m still waiting for the FTTH they promised me back in April.

Twenty Seventeen.

They used to be a beacon of customer service. Now they’re utterly terrible.

Understandably, I’m looking elsewhere.
Your suggestions are most welcome.

Problems solved

Well, maybe not solved, but alleviated, certainly.

This sort of idea is exactly the innovation we need in SA.

I’ll be donating my portion* to a local maths tutoring site.


* All R2.50 of it

Firearms Control Act, 2000 (Act No. 60 of 2000)

This bit(s) of paper has been in the news over the last couple of days, so I thought I’d share a copy so that we’re all singing from the same hymn sheet Firearms Control Act.

Have a look here.

The relevant sections are on Page 41.

It’s Chapter 16, Section 120, (7) for this.

and, (lol) maybe Chapter 16, Section 120, (5)(a) for this*.


Now you know.


* that’s another magical SA political press release, btw.

New road

I read some articles and I put two and two together and I don’t think this is very good news for Cape Town.

The first news article was a piece in Quartz about the heroin trade in Mozambique. This is literally the first line:

That road is the infamous EN1. And while that might be interesting, and it might be in Africa, it has very little impact on Cape Town.

Or does it?

Here’s a map from the same article:

All roads lead to Rome Cape Town (apart from that one to Uganda). And by extrapolation, those solid lines indicate “certain” corridors for the drug trade. Genuine. Proven.

Not great. But at least no-one is not doing anything to make those corridors any more usable.

Or are they?

Basically, that road that was mentioned in the first line is being improved, to the tune of R10-billion (which is ironically the estimated annual value of the heroin trade in Moz), thus:

A project which includes the construction of Africa’s longest suspension bridge (±3km, photographed here in 2016):

Add that to the 2010 infrastructure project at the Tanzanian border and the upcoming improvement plans for the EN1, the “one reliable road that has become the backbone of the lucrative heroin trade” and – along with all the mutually beneficial economic benefits for the three countries involved – you’re also tacitly assisting the flow of heroin from Asia to… well… to Cape Town.

There’s a lot in the Quartz article about the disruption and decentralisation of the heroin trade in Mozambique, but the EN1 remains central to the trafficking of the drug from Tanzania to South Africa.
I can’t see that all these improvements are going to reduce the flow of heroin through Mozambique.

And that’s not very good news for Cape Town.

Apartment To Let

From time to time, I like to help people out by mentioning their cause on this blog.
This is one of those times.

Here’s it:

Apartment To Let

Observatory, Cape Town.
Top floor of brand new building.
Excellent security, communal gym, rooftop braai area, pool.
2 bed, 2 bath.
2 secure parking spaces.
Viewz. For. Dayz. (Devils Peak, Lions Head, Waterfront, Harbour, Table Bay…)
Available now.

Apparently, that’s R500 less than other similar units, so don’t hang around.

For more details – including more photos – drop me an email at:

and I’ll put you in touch with the people who are waiting for your call.

Oh, and please share this widely in case that dream tenant is on your timeline.