Embrace coming back

One of my favourite bands from the 1990s are making a bit of a comeback. they have a new single out in a couple of weeks and a new album (their first in 7 (seven) years) out in April. This is good news and the new stuff sounds quite good too. This is even better news.

Here’s the touching, curious video for Refugees, set in Huddersfield by the look of it.
Never mind.

You may remember Embrace from such hits as Come Back To What You Know, All You Good Good People and the hauntingly beautiful Fireworks.

I enjoyed the whole 80s revival thing, and I have high hopes ready to be crushed that this is the beginning of a 90s revival, which I would surely enjoy even more.

Temperatures scales explained

A temperature-related conversation on Twitter earlier today reminded me that I’ve been meaning to post this helpful guide to the differences between the three main temperature scales:


On that note, the rest of the week in Cape Town is looking dangerously hot whichever scale you choose, with Friday baking us all and Saturday melting us with some sickeningly Durbanesque humidity.

Darkskies: Another Manx timelapse

I mentioned here that the Isle of Man has the largest concentration of Dark Sky sites in the British Isles. Well, now Glenn Whorral has documented some of these in a beautiful timelapse video:

Very pretty. It loses a mark or two because the music isn’t by Ludovico Einaudi, (it’s by Adrian Kelley), but otherwise, beautiful stuff.

Other timelapse videos on 6000 miles… 

A picture of a VW gear lever

Remember this extraordinary outburst?

you say you weren’t used to the car?LIAR,LIAR,LIAR… As EVERYBODY knows,in a VW,1st and reverse gear are TOTALLY on the opposite side to each other.

*pauses for dramatic echo effect*

Well, helpful reader @pimrie has helpfully taken a photograph of his VW gear lever, and he’s kindly allowed me to share it with you.
Please excuse the fact that his car could probably do with a bit of a clean. That’s not what this is about.


No, what this is about is the fact that in this particular VW, 1st and reverse gear are… er… not “TOTALLY on the opposite side to each other”.
Maybe there’s more than one sort of VW gearbox. And evidently, internet commenter and legal threat donor Paul Murray was thinking of the other sort of VW gearbox. Which makes it all the more confusing, because when you’re panicking because several tonnes of angry, infected pachyderm is bearing down on you, you might well forget which sort of VW you’re in and, with that vital information, the layout of the gearbox.

Rule one of posting outraged allegations on the internet, Paul: make sure that you’re actually correct in your outraged allegations.

Lim Chang Jung Has The Power To Make South Koreans Behave Themselves In A Proper And Dignified Manner

From the country that brought us Gangnam Style comes Lim Chang Jung and “Open The Door”.

And it’s excellent!

Yes, with just one stern, reproachful stare (and a catchy song), Lim Chang Jung can make errant citizens immediately change their ways and make the correct decisions. We need to get him into Parliament here. Soon.