L39 Photo Sortie Over Cape Town

Aviation Photographer Justin de Reuck takes to the sky from Ysterplaat Air Base (just next door) in an Aero L-39 Albatros training jet to get some photos of…. another Aero L-39 Albatros training jet.

And while he’s at it, he plays some Evanescence and Creed, because apparently you can’t get Kfm while you’re doing 750kph over the Atlantic Ocean and Blouberg.


I’d love to pop up there for a while – camera or not – but Justin demonstrates that it’s not all fun, fun, fun at 4:15 in the clip; watch as he manfully holds back from blowing chow while looping the loop.

Well done Sir!

You can read more about this photoshoot and see the photos Justin took on his blog.

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City releases 2012 Load Shedding Schedules

…and inevitably causes widespread panic and discontent.

As is their wont, in fact, since Eskom is currently struggling with huge demand and very limited supply. This is probably down mainly to the ridiculous heatwave that has crossed the country and the increased use of air-conditioning – especially in office buildings and the like – as people return to work after the summer break.

Thus, a little bit of forethought before you needlessly waste power would be nice. Because we all know the alternative:

Emergency loadshedding is a controlled way of managing available electricity distribution capacity when an unscheduled power shortage occurs.

The electricity loadshedding schedules for 2012 are now available. The schedules are indicative and would only be utilised in the event of national load-shedding being required by Eskom.

Customers are asked to switch off any unnecessary appliances in order to minimise or avoid this event.

The full list of loadshedding schedules is available in PDF here. Alternatively, you can go to the City website here and select from a detailed but limited list of suburbs to get a detailed map of the different areas and times.

And I’ll just write this bit again, in bold:

The schedules are indicative and would only be utilised in the event of national load-shedding being required by Eskom.

Even though no-one will pay any attention to it.

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Catch of the Day

I actually spotted this on Sky News last night while looking out for the draw for the FA Cup 4th Round – something my boys like to toy with occasionally. And then I forgot about it while attempting to sleep in the heat and humidity of Cape Town.
But then I was reminded of it by the Insurance Guy via the medium of Facebook. Yay for him and that.

 You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

As one comment notes:

It’s a shame it will go down in history as c Mason b Nethula. It doesn’t do justice to the job that Small did at all.

That could be said for United’s 3rd round exploits as well. While the scoreline will forever read 3-1, it doesn’t do justice to the 74,316 shots we had at Salisbury’s goal. Nor for the amazing job their goalkeeper did.

Still – all’s well that ends well – a win is a win and a wicket is a wicket.

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London, empty

On Flickr blog:

On Christmas morning IanVisits got up early and took pictures of an almost empty London.

And then he wrote about it on his blog:

London is never silent, not even at 3am, but on Xmas morning, it is almost silent. The background drone of aircraft approaching Heathrow has gone, and away from main roads, the streets lack the sound of car tyres rolling over tarmac.

My favourite image is this one of a deserted Waterloo Bridge:

You can see the full set here. And you should note that this isn’t the first time IanVisits has visited London on Christmas morning. He did it in 2010 and 2008 as well.

Photo © IanVisits on Flickr.

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In the background…

I’m still messing around with (literally) about 1000 photos that I’ve taken over the past two or three weeks – you’ll get to see them in due course. In the meantime, here’s one of the lighthouse at Cape Agulhas that it has been suggested might make a nice desktop background.

If you want it as yours, please feel free, by downloading the original here (handily in 16:9 format).
And – assuming I remember – I’ll try to prevent any staleness and stagnation by giving you something new to look at behind your each and every month.

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