DSTV E45 error – Monday 25th February

If you are reading this, then you, like me, are probably struggling with an E45 “Service Not Authorised” error on your DSTV.

A little bit of searching – I used “Google” – gave me this from Fathima at MultiChoice:

Please don’t try any trouble shooting from your side.
Services will resume shortly.

So – please don’t try any troubleshooting from your side. Services will resume shortly.

Have a special day. (I added that bit myself.)

UPDATE: Incidentally, I had a quick look at twitter as well and while people were getting irate about the problem, they weren’t actually doing anything other than… er… getting irate about the problem. Read around a bit (which, I appreciate, you are doing now) and you can lower your blood pressure.
Many were also annoyed at the lack of response from the @dstv account, but with over 150 tweets per minute going through, I’m not sure  how people could reasonably expect a personal response.

UPDATE 2: Aaaaaand… it’s back. For me at least.

UPDATE 3: Aaaaaand… it’s gone again. Oh dear.

UPDATE 4: Aaaaaand it’s back again.

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Tadpoles, Canada

I spotted this on NatGeo


Weird perspective, surreal, but totally beautiful.

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Super 15 Android app

With the new Super Rugby season recently arrived and looking like it’s going to stick around until Christmas (ish), I’ve been looking for a decent app to replace the rather slow and often iffy “Rugby Nut” I used last season.
And it seems that, after trying a couple of other contenders over the weekend, I have found it in the Sportsmate Mobile Super XV app, here.


Yes, it’s Aussie based (but that makes no difference on matchday) and at 22MB, it’s not small, but it’s free, fast and accurate. It also has live text commentary options, plus loads of stats which will make you look smarter than your average bear at the Saturday afternoon braai.

Go get it.

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“But cranes are involved”

Brian Micklethwait featured some crane photos on his blog this week, of which this is, for me, the pick of the bunch.


As Brian states:

A bit of a cheat, because not really a crane picture.  It’s really Battersea Power Station with sun setting behind it.  But cranes are involved.

Also featured is a photo of the replacement crane for the one which was hit by a helicopter back in January.

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Terrifying runways

Going flying this weekend?
If so, don’t read this.

Gizmodo has put together 23 of the scariest runways in the world. The most local one is the Matekane Air Strip in Lesotho:


which is described as:

400m long, and then nothing.

Asia and South America are particularly well represented.

I’m staying with my foot firmly rooted to the ground, thank you very much.

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