And how’s your day?

It remains a bit weird to me – as a Northern Hemispherean – that this is December.


Still, I’m not complaining.

Towering success

Our engineering skills were eventually defeated by the incoming South Atlantic Ocean, but it took a whole lot longer than we expected.

If we’d been allowed to use cement, scaffolding and possibly a large crane, I’m totally convinced that it could have lasted even longer.

Saving Amphibians

We made a lunch stop at Houw Hoek Inn today and while in the play area, the kids saved a couple of toads that had fallen into the pit beneath the ground level trampoline.


They were surrounded by the desiccated bodies of their brethren (the toads, not the kids), and thus seemed very happy to be released safely down by the river there.

Entering Tumblr Mode II

As the year comes to an end and the holiday season kicks off in South Africa, so 6000 miles… will be cutting down (mostly) on the verbiage for a short while. Family time, sunny beaches and braai’ing will take precedence over blogging for a couple of weeks.

That doesn’t mean that you should wander off though. And thus, as some sort of retainer, I’ll continue to post each day on here, just to keep things ticking over and to make those in the freezing North jealous. There will just be fewer words and more pictures. Like a Tumblr, but better. Think of it as going back to your childhood and learning to read again.

Problem? Solution.

Jérôme Vadon’s Problem Solving v3.0 takes national stereotyping to a new and hilarious level.


Very clever. Find him on Facebook here.