I’m back…


A quick trip across the Irish Sea and I’m back where I grew up – Sheffield. The Royal Liver Building above, isn’t in Sheffield, but I did see it earlier and I did take a photo of it, above.

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It only lasted 30 seconds

Story of my life.

I did help to raise almost £6000 for charity though.

Photos to follow from the UK, where we’re headed tomorrow as the Heading North 2012 tour enters its final week.

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In the immortal words of Shaggy: “It wasn’t me”…

This does give you some idea of the wonderful weather we’ve been having though.

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Some sun

It’s been miserable while we’ve been here, weather-wise.

But today, the sun came out and everything was alright.

We took the opportunity to get some fishing in and had an excellent visbraai before heading out for a quick walk after dinner to enjoy the late sunset.

Sadly, it looks like this will be our first and last Manx sunset this time around.

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The kids had a ride on the Isle of Man Steam Railway this morning.


Then later on, I picked up my tin bath. I’m not fat [stop sniggering at the back], but apparently I’m right on the upper weight limit for floating in a tin bath. This is not what I wanted to hear. Saturday afternoon in Castletown harbour – wetsuit free – is going to be VERY cold.

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