When there’s only so much data to go around

Reading through a blog post by Brian Micklethwait on how an app he had just installed on his phone saved him (though I’m sure he wasn’t actually in any mortal danger at the time) when the (almost) local bus stop information board failed , I was stuck by this line:

I could not shake the feeling that my Google Nexus 4 had sucked all the information out of the sign, into itself, leaving the sign utterly confused.

Of course, that’s not how things work (as Brian well knows), and thank goodness. Dissemination of information simply wouldn’t work if there was a finite number of times that any data could be displayed or shared simultaneously.

Twitter would be instantly useless, the most popular pages on the internet (like this one) would have no impact whatsoever and we’d stop getting those “Like = 1 prayer” posts on Facebook.

So not all bad then.

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H.J. Jenkins is very unhappy

I think it’s fair to say that here was a mixed reaction when Margaret Thatcher died last month. And I’m not here to comment on any one of them.
What I am going to say is that there was also a reaction to those reactions.

Private Eye’s take on it (I felt) wasn’t particularly spectacular. Here’s the cover.
Nor was it particularly offensive, especially when compared to some of the other stuff going on.
However, some people seem to have taken exception. And one of them was H.J. Jenkins of Messing Park in Essex.

I think that you should read his (or her) letter to the magazine:


So, summing it up paragraph by paragraph:

  • I used to like your magazine.
  • You were really horrid to Mrs Thatcher and because of that, I have pooed on your magazine and posted it back to you.
  • That was really nasty and not very British of you.
  • If you send me money, I shall flush it down the loo.

Now, I’ve been fairly upset about a number of things in my life. But I’ve drawn the line at maybe shouting a bit or writing an angry letter. I have never (yet) pooed on a magazine and posted it back to whence it came (the magazine that is). H.J. Jenkins must have been really annoyed.

Picture the scene. Enraged by the “anti-Thatcher sentiment” within the pages of issue 1338, H.J. Jenkins has considered his (or her) actions, probably including some shouting and a bit of angry letter writing and thought: “No. I am so annoyed that a shouting session or an angry letter just simply won’t cut it. Not this time.”
“No, I need to wipe my bottom on this magazine and return it to those individuals that published it. There’s a lesson that they won’t forget in a hurry.”
“Yes. The poo that will be left on this horribly… this distressingly… offensive issue, once it arrives at their offices, will let them know that I really did not appreciate the words and the images contained therein. They won’t write anything like that again and even if they do, I won’t read it. I really won’t.”

Seriously, exactly how annoyed do you actually have to be to do that?

It’s not even particularly absorbent.

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We had a busy, eventful Mother’s Day, but all’s well that ends well, right?

Lunch on the Waterfront was preceded by a quick look at the ships from http://www.barkeuropa.com/ (h/t JacquesR).

More photos here.

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We took the kids along to Acrobranch at Constantia Nek today and they had a ball.

It was well organised, the equipment was all in good condition and the helpers were well trained and… well… helpful.
This is going in the 6000 recommends category.

I’ll get some more pics up soon.

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Above us, only sky…

…well, that and Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, who continues to provide us with amazing photos of the earth, taken from the International Space Station and shared via twitter.


Yesterday, he gave us this gem of a a rather barren looking Western Cape, with a bit of Northern Cape at the top right and a bit of Eastern Cape at the bottom. (Because this image is “sideways”, South is left here.)

Looks like a lovely day in the Mother City (as it was), but Cape Agulhas is hidden under that little blanket of white cloud. Still, hardly get the red wine in and light the fire kind of weather, although you’re always more than welcome to do that if you want to.

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