Bit shaky

It’s been distinctly wintery in Cape Town this weekend.

I’m a bit shaky, since a quick trip down to Agulhas proved no escape and upon our return, I somehow, somehow found myself at the Good Food and Wine Show at the CTICC.
This probably doesn’t sound too bad to most people, but we were really there just to see Katy Ashworth from CBeebies.
Well, the kids were, anyway.

Considering the lack of patience generally shown by young children, ours stood very patiently through an awful lot of queuing: to get in, to get into the kids section, to get in to the CBeebies show, to get back into the kids section etc etc etc.
All in all, it was horrendously oversubscribed and unbelievably overcrowded – and the kids loved it.
For these parents, while gaining much pleasure from our kids excitement, it was perhaps less enjoyable. The highlight for me was noting that Heston Blumenthal is a bit of a shortarse, the lowlight was some guy trying to sell us flour by claiming that he had been cured of Multiple Sclerosis by eating wholemeal bread for three years in Australia. Utterly disgraceful.

It was another lesson that having kids makes you view things in a whole different way. If it wasn’t for them, we probably would have ended up drinking wine, whiskey and several litres of Klipdrift Gold, which obviously would have been terrible.

Wait. What?

Oh, and: The Insurance Guy finished the Comrades in 9:48:59 – an unbelievable achievement.

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Best LOLs on the internet?

Each to their own of course, but I thought I’d share three sites with you that make me laugh (out loud) each time I visit them.
That’s not to say that they’ll make you laugh too. But they might. You may wish to give this a go.

The first, obviously, is Damn You, Autocorrect. This won’t be new to most people, but it deserves a mention here.
DYA illustrates the outcomes from SMSs where the iPhone’s “Autocorrect” function changes one word to another, giving the message an entirely and often hilarious new meaning. Much of it is therefore based around sex or toilet humour, but it’s still very amusing.
It does make me wonder just how much time, energy and money is wasted by iPhone users though. My Android just gets the correct message through first time. Not funny, just effective.

Secondly, a new find via @Terranceb on twitter. This is “Literally Unbelievable” … and it is just that.
Of course, everyone worldwide has heard of spoof news site The Onion – pretty funny enough in its own right. Well, everyone that is aside from the individuals on “LU”, who take each spoof story as gospel and vent their disappointment, anger and (ironically) their disbelief at the stuff they are reading. It’s like a targeted Lamebook – demonstrating the dangerous stupidity of some people of Facebook.
“LU” is a new site and I really hope it gets going.

Finally, for the moment, the long overdue compendium of Instagram Quote Rebuttals.
Instagram is the iPhone app favoured by hipsters to “paint with light” and whose images are often the often vacuous attempts at “profound monologues” that are crying out for an answer. Well, now they’ve been answered. Hilariously.

Some are a little rude, the odd one isn’t actually very good. But the vast majority of them are, as Edu would say “qualitay”.

Feel free to share your favourite LOL sites in the comments below.
Please note that anything involving cats will not be tolerated.

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Insurance Guy forgets how to drive…

Got to travel 87km? Of course you have – we’ve all done it at some point in our lives. We jump into our cars or – if we’re living somewhere with public transport – we jump on a bus or a train.
It’ll probably take about an hour, generally speaking.

Not the Insurance Guy though. He, along with several thousand other nutters athletes, plans to run this distance, starting out at Durban City Hall and finishing at the Pietermaritzburg Cricket Oval.

Yes folks, this is the Comrades Marathon, which at 52 miles, is actually two marathons, back to back or as I prefer it: end to end.
I’ve been doing some rudimentary calculations and that’s like running the 2Oceans Half Marathon four times.

Why anyone would want to run 87km in this day and age when there are perfectly viable alternatives is beyond me. As is the actual act of running 87km, incidentally.
The worst bit for me would be running all that way and then realising that I had ended up in Pietermaritzburg. Nightmare.

In the same vein, perhaps a better analogy for those of us in die Wes-Kaap is to consider running from Cape Town to Somerset West. Then once you get there, you realise that it’s Somerset West and you decide to head back to the CBD. On foot.

87km. Eighty Seven.

But putting the sheer insanity aside, we at 6000 miles… are only too aware how much planning, training, time and effort has gone into this, not just by the Insurance Guy but by his family as well.
And so, we’d like to wish him all the best in his quest to get from Durban to PMB on his feet.

You can track his run LIVE here – his number is 44634.

Forza. Sterkte. Fara á það.

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Photography question

You know how it is. You spend all evening relaxing at home with only a sick wife, a chicken madras and the Arctic Monkeys for company (more on them soon) and then it (not the wife, this time) suddenly strikes you that you haven’t blogged today.
And today is one of those days when I’d actually rather not, but I feel I probably should anyway. So, with more lengthy posts planned for tomorrow and (possibly) the weekend, it seems entirely reasonable to post a quota photo and a question.

Herewith the photo:

And herewith the question:

Should I be taking photos in 16:9 format, rather than the 4:3 I’m using at the moment?

In my opinion, landscape photos – of which I take lots – look much better in 16:9, but portrait photos – of which I take relatively few – look awful. So is it worth the  horrific implications on some photos for the mild improvement on the majority of the stuff I take?

Answers on a postcard (2.5:1.3), please. Or, better still, as a comment below, which can be formatted as you wish.

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