Fresh Fish


Straight out of the Indian Ocean at Struisbaai Harbour.
Believe me, it’s still trembling.

Normal service will resume tomorrow, sadly.

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Last man


Posted from the rocks way beyond the cairn at Cape Agulhas. -34.5°S 20.0°E.
Next stop Antarctica.
Although I have no plans to swim.

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Gareth Bale animation

Football players can by hyped out of all proportion, but Gareth Bale from Spurs is having a dream season and he’ll surely have no better game that the one against Inter Milan in the San Siro last October. Sure, Spurs lost 4-3 (although they did win the tie) but a superfast hattrick by Bale almost turned the first leg on its head.

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Artist Richard Swarbrick was so impressed by Bale’s contribution to the game that he animated it and put it to music. The result is pretty beautiful, even for non-Spurs fans.

The music is also by Swarbrick and is available for free download here.

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Heading South (again)

What to do with a few days off? Head South (again).

There’s actually not much further south than Cape Town, unless you’re into swimming and penguins, but if you hit the N2 through to Caledon and head down the R316, you can drive on winding roads through rolling countryside filled with blue cranes, storks, ostriches and the odd springbok.

This time, we’ll be taking our time to get to where we’re going, so instead of the farmland flying by at 120kph, I hope to stop and get a few photos en route. These are photos which I won’t be able to share immediately, due to the lack of internet at the cottage, but rest assured, you’ll be the first to see them upon our return.

Normal service (such as it is) will continue on this site, although comment moderation may be a little delayed.

Have a great weekend.

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Parents on Tour

As thos of you who follow me on twitter will probably know, my parents have been in New Zealand for the past few weeks. Fortunately, while they were in New Zealand at the time, they were some distance away from Christchurch when the earthquake struck. Even more fortunately, they were well gone from Japan – which they passed through en route – by the time that the tsunami struck there.
Here’s one of my Dad’s pictures of that country on a more peaceful day.

They are now in South Africa and while I can’t promise them snow-capped volcanoes, I can – with some degree of certainty – promise them that their visit here will be earthquake-free.

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