Service in South Africa is generally known for all the wrong reasons. And people here are quick to criticise poor service, but slow – despite their obvious amazement – to (publicly, at least) applaud good service. I have, in the past, publicly applauded good service though, and I only mention bad service on here when it’s exceptionally bad and when I’ve tried to sort it out personally and failed.

This week though, has been a revelation as to exactly how bad things can be. And thus, I present to you, a list:

  1. I bought two SA made light bulbs on Saturday. Get them home and discover that only one of them works. The cost of the petrol to get back to the light bulb shop for a replacement means that it’s not worth the trip.
  2. We bought a bedside table for our daughter from a local company. Before we actually gave it to her though, I had to repair it in two places, because it was so poorly made.
  3. Our guttering needs fixing. We contacted three companies to get quotes.
    One didn’t call back at all.
    One finally called back but hasn’t turned up. He hasn’t phoned.
    One promised to come yesterday, but didn’t show. He hasn’t phoned either.
  4. Our gate intercom broke. The gate intercom repairers turned up, “mended it” inside 5 minutes, stuck their company stickers on every electrical item in the entire house and billed us. Except the gate intercom still doesn’t work.
  5. Our recycling company didn’t turn up on Tuesday.
  6. We have three plumbing problems: one I could deal with, but two which are a bit beyond me, so I called a plumber out. He promised to come on Monday. When he still hadn’t showed on Wednesday, I called him. His bakkie broke down over the weekend. He hadn’t bothered to phone.
  7. We ordered food from a new “trendy” delivery service. Online ordering was great, the delivery was prompt, the food was terrible. Sadly, that last bit will stick with us more than the online ordering and delivery.

We’re told that times are hard. We’re told that people and companies need work, but then they treat their customers like this?
Why would I choose to support you in the future when you’ve let me down now?

Yes, guttering people, I know it’s been more than a bit wet this week. Maybe that meant that you had to alter your schedules unexpectedly. But did it really stop your phone working?
Cos mine’s been fine for the last few days. It’s just not been taking any calls from you.

Plumber. Just phone me. I will understand.

Recyclers. And now? Are you going to refund us for your no-show?
Or should we expect you to just turn up when you feel like it now that we’ve paid you in advance?

Bedside table and light bulb manufacturers. Manufacturing bedside tables and light bulbs is your job. Sort it out. Do it well.

Food people. Train your cooks. That was horrible.

I’m understandably disappointed all round.

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More apps

If you managed to read my recent post about the Android 4.1.2 software update on my sexy Sony Xperia T, then you know how much I’m enjoying this phone. I’m not sure how I would ever manage without it, both for my productivity and entertainment needs. And thus, I’m sharing a few more things to make your Android-based lives a little better.

These people got in touch and paid me some money to review their game.
Partypoker is a third party application that you can download for free from www.partypoker.com: a gaming site offering a good selection of poker games online.
Once you’ve installed the app, you can start playing the No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em, Omaha Hi/Lo, 7-Card Stud Poker, or even the Classic Roulette. Aside from killing your boredom, the app also provides an online community where you can chat with players of the same skill level. Useful for me, cos I’m a newbie to this kind of thing.
To fully enjoy the service, you must have an excellent data connection (yes, I know , SA) or Wi-Fi. But even though the Xperia T isn’t LTE-capable, the virtual poker room runs smoothly on a 3G network too.
Through Partypoker, I have learned that I am not very good at poker.

I’ve covered this before, but for football lovers like me and you, this comprehensive football application is a must-have. Try it free here first before you (almost immediately) decide that you want to upgrade to the paid version.
It features all the English leagues, SA’s own PSL, La Liga, Ligue 1, Champions League, World Cup Qualifiers, Bundesliga and many more. From here you can access latest scores, statistics, breaking news, commentaries, videos, squad lists and detailed info on players’ background.
It also features live push notifications to your home screen for your favourite clubs. Which is great. When they’re winning.

A very helpful application that I’ve had a lot of fun using in Cape Town. Basically, it uses your mobile phone’s GPS to locate the nearest businesses or establishments that you  might be looking for. It was basic when I first saw it back in 2010. Now, it’s incredible.
The best feature of Layar is the augmented reality camera, meaning that you can just point your phone’s camera at any given street scene and see information all over the place. It’s like the future, but now.
You can search for nearby petrol stations (particularly useful when your wife forgets to fill up before a trip to Langebaan), restaurants, cafés and hotels (in case you find yourself in sudden need of a nearby hotel) (*cough*).
With its customisable search function, you can also narrow your choices by grouping restaurants according to price, distance or visitor reviews. Aside from providing you with a map and navigation, you can also make reservations in just a few taps. It’s amazing.

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Switch off.

A warning from 2068. Is this you?

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

I am wiping the tears away. That was superb. “…got her bikini snagged on an immigrant”… oh my.

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Whenever we’re working in the garden, my boy always leaves the rake ready for someone to tread on and injure themselves. However, a smack in the face, while painful, is hardly anything more than comedy value.


But one little incident involving this would make everyone concerned suddenly consider safely storing gardening implements, wouldn’t it?

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Now: Go Home

Since the latest software upgrade on my gorgeous Sony Xperia T, I have been treated to Google Now each time I use the search bar.
It’s a fairly amazing feature – it detects where I am, what’s around me and uses information I have searched for previously to work out what information might help me… well… now. It then displays that information on little ‘cards’ before I’ve even asked for it.
Now is wow.

Thus, I am treated to weather information, local restaurant reviews, even local news. It keeps me up to date with the latest on Sheffield United. It reads my next calendar appointment and offers directions. If I book a flight, it’ll keep me informed of delays, gate numbers, seat numbers and issue a digital boarding card. If I’m at a train station, details of the next trains to pass through will be displayed.

But I’m not often at train stations, so mainly, it just tells me how long it’s going to take for me to get home.


Yep. Wherever I go, once I have been stationary for about 5 minutes, Now thinks I’ve probably had enough already and tells me how long it’s going to take me to get home. Tap that little blue arrowhead and it’ll even talk me through it turn by turn. Right now, in the middle of the day, things are looking pretty cool for a quick trip back to Chez 6000. Sadly, I have plenty more to do here before I set off.

This could be seen as all somewhat sinister since I’ve never actually told my phone where I live. It has worked that out for itself. It also now knows where I work and warns me of traffic issues along the way as soon as I set off from home each morning. Again, I’ve never actually told it where I work either. The Sheffield United thing was also a bit of a surprise when it first popped up. It’s ever so clever.

The more paranoid among you will now be wailing and gnashing your teeth over privacy concerns, and if I was a secret agent then I too would be wailing and gnashing (quietly though, so as not to attract attention). But I’m not.

And it’s actually rather comforting to constantly know how long it’s going to take me to get home.

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