Invisible Light

I know – it seems almost implausibly oxymoronic, doesn’t it? It’s the falling tree in a deserted forest conundrum kind of thing. What is light if you can’t see it?

Australian artist/photographer Brendan Fitzpatrick has the answer: X-rays.

Invisible Light showcases unique X-ray art by Australian photographer Brendan Fitzpatrick.
Using both chest X-ray and mammogram machines Brendan explores the extraordinary visual potential of radiography.

Brendan has kindly given me permission to share a couple of his images here at 6000 miles…


You can see many more X-ray images of flowers, creatures and toys at the Invisible Light gallery.

The flowers are fascinating, the toys are wonderful, but it’s the creatures gallery which I think is the most spectacular: the internal geology of the shells is particularly amazing.

For all that these things may be visually appealing from the outside (even the toys, at a stretch), it’s something very different to this otherwise hidden side to them.

And different is good.

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John Oliver – what a genius.

I’m not posting much at the moment, but I am posting this:

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

If you can watch the whole thing, do. It’s damning stuff. Yes, it’s one side of the story, but it’s compelling and it’s (of course) brilliantly presented. If 18 minutes is a bit long for you, then at least do yourself the favour of scooting through to 14:10 for the excellent Sesame Street finale.

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Another day

Another day without a post, albeit not really a day without a post, but rather a daytime without a post. I have so many things waiting to be posted, but seemingly no time in which to post them. And because these are things that I want to post, I want to do them justice (yes Brendan, I’m looking at you here; tomorrow, ok*?), I can’t just rush something out.
Quality matters*.

It’s an unusual situation for me: usually if I’m not blogging, it’s because of a lack of material or impetus. But everything is there, I just can’t find a moment to get it down onto paper pixels. Thus, my Read It Later app continues to fill:

Is that an ever-growing collection of interesting and blogworthy internet articles in your Pocket or are you just pleased to see me?

Actually, it’s a bit of both, I suppose.

Stick with me, dear reader. There is fascinating content just around the corner*.
I promise*.

* Obviously, terms and conditions apply. Always.

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So many plans for blog posts and they’ve all been shelved because I played football today for the first time in 18 months (remember this?). The football was fun, and I think I did ok, considering the length of time it had been since I last played. That’s not what’s stopping me from sitting and blogging. It’s more my body’s reaction to that football which is causing the problem.

Oh my. The pain. Everything hurts. Everything.
I may have over exerted myself “a little”.

The good thing is that it will probably take no more than a week to get over this pain and stiffness. And then I can go and do it all over again. :-D

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Project Colin begins

For years I’ve managed to resist the demands of my wife. Most specifically, the demand where she wants a dog, that is.
But like the gradual erosion of the solid and steadfast rocks by the cold, relentless ocean, I have apparently crumbled.

A bit.


This is Colin, (Colin is a girl dog, by the way) who will be joining us Chez 6000 in a couple of weeks time. I remain rather unsure about the whole thing, but the rest of the family wants and the science proves that kids benefit from having pets (although the science doesn’t mention chewed shoes, hair everywhere or that smell) and so I have reluctantly given in.

Yes, I’ll freely admit that Colin is rather cute, but at least part of that opinion probably stems from the fact that Colin isn’t crapping all over my kitchen floor.


This isn’t going to turn into a Colin blog, but if everything goes according to plan (or even more likely, if it doesn’t), you’ll almost certainly find some references to her at some point or points in the future.

Let it be known that Project Colin began here.

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