There’s a lesson here…

I’ve enthused about Getwine on the blog before, most notably here and here.

For those of you who missed those posts or have simply forgotten what I wrote about, here’s what Getwine says Getwine is:

GETWINE is a South African Wine Portal which allows you to easily buy superb South African wine online and have it delivered to your door.

What they don’t say in that tagline is that those wines are often heavily (or more) discounted. This puts really good wine into the occasionally desperate clutches of us normal people.

But not just us normal people. Abnormal people as well:

Fullscreen capture 2016-03-03 085526 AM.bmp

Yes, that’s a Getwine delivery going to a motor yacht on the Waterfront. The motor yacht in question is the Vava II. I’m not saying that it’s fancy or anything, but it’s owned by Swiss-Italian biotech entrepreneur Ernesto Bertarelli and cost £100,000,000. OK, it is fancy. There, I said it.

I’m no expert, but I’d wager that Ernesto wouldn’t exactly struggle to buy basically any South African wine (or vineyard) he wanted. He could even check the grapes out in person by using the helicopter that sits atop his big boat.

But no, Ernesto (or his people) chose to buy discounted wine from Getwine.

Firstly, let’s not for a moment suggest that this isn’t a big vote of confidence in Getwine’s offerings and service. And big congratulations to them. Local boyz dun good.
I’m guessing that Ernesto picked up some hints and tips from a local blog and simply went from there.

But secondly, is this an example of how people with lots of money (and Ernesto does have an awful lot of money), get and keep lots of money? By not splurging on the simple things in life, when there’s an equally good – and more reasonably priced – alternative. (Obviously, I don’t count his 97 metre long yacht in this “no splurge” category.)

Is there a lesson for us financially mere mortals here? I think that there probably is.
And will we listen? No. Of course not.

Allegedly, Vava II is on her way to somewhere that’s not Cape Town at some point today. You can live the Playboy lifestyle vicariously through Ernesto via Marinetraffic by following Vava II’s progress here.

UPDATE: See the comment below by Getwine with all the details.

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Simultaneously spotted on twitter (via @ivovegter) and Stumbleupon (via someone else), this Marble Music Machine is simply incredible:

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

I wanted to share this asap, but there’s evidently a massive backstory which you can view here.

And there’s previous as well, with this punched card, hand cranked music box offering from over 3 years ago.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video


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ex-Industrial Wales looks ok, actually

Here’s a wonderful photograph of Dinorwic Quarry in North Wales, where they used to quarry slate, and which is now home to the Welsh National Slate Museum (no, I had no idea either).


There’s much to see here. We’ve got slate (unsurprisingly), we’ve got water, a valley, shafts of sunshine on steep green hills with snow-capped peaks in the clouds in the background. That’s an awful lot of boxes to tick in one single image, but despite that, it’s not contrived in any way. It looks almost magical. And that’s not bad for an ex-industrial site in North Wales.

It’s even better bigger and on black.

Photo Credit: Pentland Pirate on Flickr

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High (price) Tea

It wasn’t so long ago that I commented on the price of stuff overseas. Yes, here’s that post.

Of course, everything is expensive when you look at the tragic state of the South African Rand, but travel – especially train travel in the UK – is stupidly, near prohibitively, expensive.

But according to friendoftheblog Brian Micklethwait, train travel is cheaper (or at least better value) than some other stuff you could do in the UK.

Adults “from” £45. And I bet all they do is point at these various Things, and talk. There’s no way they let you out to actually explore them. That would take too long. So, pass. I reckon I could go by train to Birmingham and back for that.

He’s talking about this bus tour around the Big Smoke. The UK version of High Tea at the Nelly, but on a bus (and more than three times the price). Yeah, it’s a lovely idea, but it is hugely expensive – and it’s good that our resident London resident noted that too, and rather than riding it, derided it – in Capital style:

But forty five quid for a bus ride, some sandwiches, cakes and a cup of tea? Pull, as we say in these parts, the other one. Give, to coin a phrase, over.

Colloquial expression with interjected locution is the new black.

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I learned a new word today. It’s not a word that I’m going to use very often, because it’s a Finnish word and Finland is a long, long way from here. But it is a great word, and it may come in useful for times when you have a few hours alone. This actually makes it even less likely for me to be using it, given that “a few hours alone” is  generally an alien concept to most parents of young children.

Still, it’s a word worth knowing, just in case.

The word is kalsarikännit. Say it with me:


And it means “getting drunk alone at home, while wearing your underwear”.

Mitä aiot tehdä perjantai?
Luultavasti vain saada kalsarikännit.

Well, obviously. Friday’s going to be the main night for this sort of thing to happen.

Look, I have no plans to go to Finland anytime soon, but I can already tell you what I’ll be doing for at least one evening of my stay, should I ever end up in Helsinki or Jyväskylä.

The opportunity to practice at some point in the near future would be much appreciated too.

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