Barry on the 7-1

Barry Glendinning on the Brazilian forward selection last night

You would think that Big Phil Scolari could go down to the Copacabana at any time of any day, throw a stick and hit someone who would be better up front than Fred.


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Toddler stuck in mop bucket rescued by firefighters

Yes. Seriously.
And it’s in my hometown of Sheffield, famous for knives, forks, the Tour de France and now – small children stuck in mop buckets.

Crews from South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service’s Dearne station in Rotherham, rescued an 18-month-old girl from a mop bucket at about 1pm today. The toddler, from Adwick road, Mexborough, was rescued safely and was not injured.
The fire service tweeted:
Child stuck in a mop bucket? No problem! 18 month old girl freed by Dearne firefighters without injury.A spokesman for the service added: “It was nothing too serious and was put out to show we do attend more than just fires. Most of the time we are called to people stuck in railings and that sort of thing.

Personally I have never heard of something like this but it’s not unusual for us to release children.”

I have no particular comment on this, save for the fact that I’m glad the little girl was unhurt.
I just thought it was a cute story. Sadly, no pictures, but on the plus side, that does mean that you can let your imagination run riot.
I’m sure that this unfortunate event will never be mentioned again – especially on her 21st birthday.

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Blog-related QOTD

Once more, to Brian Micklethwait, who is producing some lovely stuff lately. This quote:

As I often warn readers, this blog will, as I get older, be, more and more, about the process of me getting old.
Don’t get me started on automatic supermarket checkout machines.

Brian is older than me, but somewhat concerningly I can see 6000 miles… headed that way as well in the future.

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Sky Full Of Stars

The official video to Coldplay’s new single Sky Full Of Stars was shot on a Long Street lookalike in Newtown, Sydney and it’s kinda cool:

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Happy vibes, nice public participation and everyone gets a mention at the end. Lovely.

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Triple Lightning Strike on Three of Chicago’s Tallest Buildings

This, via Brian. It’s not the most amazing timelapse I’ve ever seen, but the triple bolt from the blue grey makes it spectacular.

On the right, the 442m Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower), which was the world’s tallest building from 1974 until 1998. Then in the middle, the Trump International Hotel and Tower, 423m of glass and steel. And then on the left, the John Hancock Center, built in 1969 and the first building in the world outside New York to go above 1,o00ft at 1,127ft (344m) high.


For completion, Chicago’s third tallest structure (unstruck here) is the 1973 monolithic monstrosity AON Building, 83 floors, 346m. And for comparison, Cape Town’s tallest building, Portside Tower, is less than a third the height of the Willis Tower, at “just” 142m high.

Video: Craig Shimala

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