Ex Mass

I say this every year now, but it counts every year.

I’m not a religious person. From that point of view, Christmas means nothing to me. But as a time to wind down after a hard year at work, as a time to spend time with loved ones, as a time to reward my kids for their hard work and effort this year… well, suddenly it’s everything.

Whether you are celebrating for religious reasons, for personal reasons or even if you’re not celebrating at all, have a wonderful day today.

Blogging advice

“Whatcha doin’?”

That was Scoop who wandered into the room and saw me at the computer.

When I explained that I was going to write a blog post, she asked what it was going to be about. I told her that I didn’t know (this is often the case when I start a blog post) (and sometimes when I finish one too) and asked for suggestions.

“Something about Christmas!” she replied, instantly.

Well, ok then. Her wish, my command and all that:

There’s Aalsmeer (just south of Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam) (literally translated “Eel Lake”) Brandweer (it’s Dutch for “Fire Station”, in case you hadn’t guessed) and their interpretation of the best Christmas song ever (don’t @ me).

Lovely. The best part being that they didn’t aurally torture us for more than 62 seconds.

Tomorrow: possibly more offspring-suggested blog topicary. Or possibly not.

How lovely are your branches?

No. Not Standard Bank. Their branches are lousy.

It’s almost Christmas time and if you haven’t got your tree up yet, you had better get a move on.

You… you have got a tree, haven’t you? No?
Well, don’t worry – it’s never too late:

This from the brilliant, brilliant Jeroom Inc.

Viewz for dayz

Everyone is busy at this time of year. I am also busy.
Who am I to buck a trend like that?

We’ve just got the boy back from an exciting, fulfilling, but exhausting Scout Camp, and there are a million tales of derring do which need to be told. I’m ready to listen. We’ve missed him.

Quota photo time then. And another one from the DuToitskloof Pass on Monday:

That’s the Paarl Valley there in front of us, with the Paarl Mountain in front of us and beyond that – under a wisp of white cloud in the distance – Table Mountain, some 65km away. Looking out west was equally breathtaking (although decidedly less busy), but I haven’t edited any more photos, so you’ll just have to imagine what it was like.

(Spoiler: It was equally breathtaking, but decidedly less busy, like I told you.)

But how inaccessible?

Remember this post, when I asked the owners of a small cafe in the Isle of Man to please clean the lens of a webcam near their premises?

I was told:

We’ll have a go…. it’s not exactly accessible but we’ll give it a whirl.

And they did, and it worked.

My dad mentioned it to his friend on the Isle of Man:

I told Carol about the web cam. She asked Alan Clucas to mention it.

And this being the Isle of Man, there was suddenly more information available:

Further to this – they used a duster on a pole to reach it – Alan asked them about it when he delivered their spuds yesterday!

So, not just friendly and helpful, but also displaying some impressive ingenuity and serving great local produce!

What’s not to like?