Where Is My Mind?

It’s a question that I have asked myself for years, pretty much on a daily basis. Often more than once daily as well.

It was also a question that The Pixies asked in the late 80s. And one that Placebo covered on their album Covers. Here is Brian et al performing that very same song, live:

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And with them, Frank Black, the writer of Where Is My Mind? and lead singer of The Pixies.

It’s rough, seemingly unrehearsed, and just brilliant.

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Abandon Trip

It’s not gone well.
We were forced to abandon our weekend away half way through by a combination of horrible weather and no electricity.
Either one of these would be bearable on its own, but together, and with the option of Cape Town not too far away, it was sadly a no-brainer.


Games by firelight

We were all kept awake by the beagle who was (understandably, to be fair) kept awake by the storm which lashed Agulhas overnight. Luckily, the journey back to the Mother City was easy and traffic-free – tempers may have become frayed otherwise. We’re all knackered.

The electricity supply had still not been restored when we left, meaning 24 hours without power (and counting). All the stuff in the freezer was ruined and had to be thrown out.
But these things happen and – as I’ve said before – it’s the way you react to them that makes the difference. That explains why I’m not hugely impressed with the Cape Agulhas Municipality who also kept us in the dark (haha) over their efforts to sort things out.

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Trying Serial

Despite my veritable smörgåsbord of podcasts, I’ve found myself a little short of listening material of late. I’m not sure if I’m spending more time listening or more time in the car or even if the podcasts in question are getting shorter.
Maybe it’s a combination of these things, maybe it’s none of them. Like I said, I’m not sure.

Either way, it seems that I am short of podcasts. And that’s something that needs remedying.

Step forward, then, Serial – the podcast that everyone is currently talking about. As far as I can work out, Serial is popular because it’s popular, rather than any other reason right now. It’s very not me, but I’m going to give it a go with an open mind because I’m fed up of downloading crap and then having the choice of either sitting through the crap or not having a podcast on. And I’ve been very careful to not read about what Serial is about, because then I won’t be swayed. There are now eight episodes downloaded onto my phone and there’s a weekend of Cape Agulhas to play them at.

I’ll let you know.

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Data Maps of London

Really interesting, this one. And nice to blog on a busy day because the explanatory work and analysis is all done for me on this BBC Magazine webpage. There are some fascinating insights into London life in the twelve separate infographics, maps and graphs, but there were two that stood out for me.

Firstly, this one, depicting the average monthly rents along the Central Line:


Not just because of the obvious trend of increasing rents as one heads towards the centre of the city, but also because of the clever way it has been expressed. And Bond Street, fully 30% ahead of its nearest rivals along Oxford Street, despite only being about a kilometre from each.
Right now, £4,200 is R74,251.04, by the way. For a two-bedroom flat. Per month.


So how come so many young, single people can afford to live in the centre of London? Because that’s what they do:


And then as their lives become bogged down, sensible and boring complete and filled with the love of another, and kids and beagles come along, they move further out so that they can maybe afford a small garden for their beagle to dig up and destroy.

As an indication of how we conform to the way our Western lives are supposed to work, it’s almost too perfect, isn’t it?

There’s more to see on that link: shipping, flickr, lost property, football clubs – it’s just really interesting if you like data and numbers. And especially so if you have a London connection, I suppose.

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And talking of beaches…

(Because we have been doing that today).

This tweet:


u wot, m8?


Why?!? Why, Allison?!?  Because:


That’s why.

I mean, fair play if you want to have a pop at the council because the N1 is covered in piles of sea shells or the local municipal tennis courts are covered in piles of sea shells. That shouldn’t be happening.
But this isn’t those places. This is a beach. That’s where seashells happen. Beaches are where you get seashells. She (whoever “she” is) infamously sells them right there, on the sea shore.

What on earth are you thinking, Allison? Where will this madness end? Which other Cape Town tourist sites are you going to foolishly interrogate over the twitter platform?

@KirstenboschNBG The flower beds in the main garden > can’t see the soil for the plants and flowers.Why? #cleanup

@2OceansAquarium The kelp forest exhibit > can’t see the fish for the long fronds of seaweed.Why? #cleanup

@TableMountainCa The sky behind Table Mountain > can’t see the clouds for the big lump of rock.Why? #cleanup

Honestly, Allison. I’ve got better things to do today than publicise idiotic requests to the council.
Get your act together.

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