Beagle video

The beagle helped itself to an oven glove yesterday, several (or more) pieces of which I found in the garden some time later. This might not seem like a big thing, given that the shorter list of beagle-devoured things to write has now flipped from “Stuff It Has Eaten” to “Stuff It Hasn’t Eaten”, but a watershed was crossed last night. That’s because the oven glove in question was left somewhere previously designated as a “Safe Zone”. We have Safe Zones all over the house, where we can leave shoes, books, bag or anything else the beagle might want to eat. Which is basically everything.
The kitchen surface was one of these Safe Zones, but no longer.

All of which brings me to the beagle video in the title. This is a video which I first saw some months ago, but obviously never showed the beagle, because the beagle is cunning and wily and would have learned from it.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

I’m not suggesting that this is the methodology employed by the beagle yesterday evening, but given that it doesn’t possess opposable thumbs and isn’t really built for climbing or jumping, I’m not sure how else it could have got up there. The only other option, as far as I can see, is that our family pet possesses telekinetic powers. This might seem somewhat implausible, but it can shift a huge amount of grass and soil from my lawn in an extraordinarily short amount of time and has done this on a number of different occasions.

Short of installing a camera like the guy above did (and which would probably get eaten anyway), I’m not quite sure how we’ll ever know we have a supernatural beagle. But in the meantime, we’re running out of beagle-free areas within the house.

Or maybe the beagle is just gradually limiting the number of human areas in its kennel?

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Still proud

The Blades may have gone out of the Capital One Cup last night on a snowy evening at Beautiful Downtown Bramall Lane, but they went down fighting until the very last minute and have every reason to be proud of yet another amazing cup run.

Here’s our hero of the moment (although there were many outstanding performances), Che Adams, hard at work:

Sheffield United v Tottenham Hotspur, Britain - 28 Jan 2015

And manager Nigel Clough agrees with me:

I’m incredibly proud of the players, to run a team like Spurs so close, that bit of quality made the difference.
We knew one goal would change the complexion. We got the second and then had a chance for a third and just missed it.
We were disappointed when we came away from White Hart Lane with a 1-0 defeat and we’re even more so tonight, as we came so close.

Yep. So very close. But it looks like we’ll have to settle for just the FA Cup and automatic promotion this season.

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Cape Town – Useful loadshedding information sources

After I wrote this shocked (pun intended) piece about the shocking (pun intended) reaction to the loadshedding this week, and with the thought of a LoadsheddingBalls series still not completely discounted, I thought that the individuals involved might actually just need some help.

See, the information on loadshedding is out there. It’s just about knowing where to look. And with a situation that is constantly changing, social media is perfect for keeping up with the latest updates. This is a Cape Town-leaning list, and that’s for two reasons: firstly, the authorities in Cape Town are generally very good at sharing information on loadshedding, and secondly, I live in Cape Town, so I’ve found the best ways for me to keep up to date.

On Twitter:

The big cheese. Eskom themselves: @Eskom_SA. Love them or hate them (I know, I know), this is the twitter account that will tell you what is going on with loadshedding nationally.

The other big cheese. Helen Zille: @HelenZille. Love her or hate her… oh whatever, and yes, there’s a lot of other noise on this account, but HZ does often relay a useful synopsis for the day, e.g.:

Warning: may also contain politically volatile batshittery.

City of Cape Town official twitter accounts: @CityofCT and @CityofCTAlerts. These are regularly updated with information on loadshedding: what stage we’re on, which zones are due to be shod next and so on. They will also be my primary source for LoadsheddingBalls, because of the fantastic replies they generate.

There are other loadshedding accounts that have popped up, but I’ve found that they’re not always hugely reliable.

On Facebook:

The City of Cape Town official Facebook account is just a mirror of their twitter account. But it’s very good at keeping you up to date with the latest loadshedding news.

On the internet generally:

For loadshedding schedules and maps, you need look no further than this very site:

Until end January 2015
From February 1st 2015

and tie them in with the latest stage in the red box here.

For Eskom supplied areas, you need their official loadshedding page.

Now you know what I know. Forewarned is forearmed.

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WIN: A Bespoke Beagleskin Waistcoat!

Well, that didn’t take long, did it?


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Far below

I love this shot of an airliner and vapour trail, but taken looking down, rather than looking up:

15760017353_7164125ce7_kFellow Traveller by Alexander Gerst

Alexander, in case you hadn’t worked it out, is one of the astronauts on board the International Space Station, and that plane is flying at about 2% of the altitude he and his colleagues are at. And probably a good deal slower as well.

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