Still in Sheffield

…although time seems to be going impossibly fast. I managed to upload some photos on the fast internet as well.

What it does mean for you guys (I’m afraid) is more quota photoage, and this one sums up the autumnal sunshine here quite nicely, I thought:


So yes, the weather here hasn’t been so bad.
Meanwhile, my kids were in the pool in Cape Town this morning. It was 7.6ºC here.

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When In Rome

When In Rome, you should always go to the Colosseum and watch the Gladiators doing battle.


Later, I’m off to see the Pope. Or something. Because that’s also what you should do When In Rome.

Is this where he lives?


The South Stand car park is my St Peter’s Square.

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Up North

And so yes, after the subterfuge of the last couple of days, I find myself in Sheffield, attending to a little family business.
I walked into my parents’ house yesterday, “somewhat surprising” my mother who thought I was 6000 miles away. I’d totally recommend doing this to your parents at some point if you can. It’s fun.
And the cardiologist says she should make a full recovery.


There was time this afternoon for a quick walk in Sheffield’s Botanical Gardens. It’s not quite Kirstenbosch, but it is free and it has a million squirrels. Despite the onset of autumn, there is plenty of colour too. I’ll get some photos up soon.

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Appropriate Songs (volume 1)

Part two of two of the scheduled posts promised earlier in the week (and very deliberately popped into the evening shift). And this one seems kind of appropriate.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

To be honest though, even if it wasn’t appropriate, it would still be a wonderful addition to the blog.

Normal service resumed tomorrow? “Probably”.

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This is cool. Tracking your flight on FlightRadar24 while you’re actually on your flight that you’re tracking:


Other good news: I have a row of four seats to myself. And the wifi is free because of a special Eid deal. And we’ve made it safely over Syria. And I’m very, very impressed with Emirates: food, service and entertainment are all awesome.

More on why I’m actually on the flight that I’m tracking later.

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