Tiny Toadstool

A quick shot with the new lens amidst the dunes of Suiderstrand this last weekend. Yes, I know it needs some work. Thanks.

I’m no expert on toadstools – I have so much trivial knowledge in my brain that there’s not mushroom for anything else – but my best guess is that it’s an Amauroderma spp. And the only problem with that guess is that this was sitting in sand and not on a bit of decaying wood.

I will (possibly) follow this up further in an effort to positively identify this fungus.


via my Dad, a link to this site.

The 25 Most Dangerous Cities In The World For Travelers

And yep, there’s Cape Town, in at number five, brushing shoulders (and soldiers?) with war zones across the Middle East and drug cartel hotspots in Central and South America. ¡Ay, caramba!

Heady company indeed.

One of the other major issues in Cape Town which isn’t mentioned above (although which is actually clearly visible in the shot) is the fact that the horizon slopes wildly from right to left here, and there’s a very real danger of falling off the side of the world. This is an concern of which the local residents are well aware – that’s why a lot of us drive 4x4s for the extra grip – and not one that affects any other city on the planet.

For the record, I did travel through the city alone and at night just yesterday, and I’m still here, but it’s clear that this was solely down to good luck, much like every other time I’ve done it.
Incidentally, the photo above, of Sea Point was clearly taken by a very tall person under safe, controlled conditions: in a group and during the day.

No-0ne is denying that crime is a problem in SA, although the statistics certainly don’t back up this alleged “spike” in the crime rate. You’ll miss out on an awful lot by avoiding Cape Town (although not so much by just avoiding it at night and alone), and I’m happy to report that both official numbers and anecdotal evidence suggests that very few people have taken notice of this silly list.

This Is Now America

South Africa might be falling apart at the seams and the UK might be collapsing under the pressures of Brexit, but at least America is leading the way in… what?… oh cock.

The situation over there is why even the usually apolitical Magne Furuholmen has chosen to release a song, sharing his thoughts on the US right now. This are it:

He popped it on his personal Instagram to begin with, but it was more popular than he thought:

wowaweewah…thank you for an overwhelmingly kind response, people!
i woke up yesterday to a record-label in a panic over my insta(nt)-release.
they’re now scrambling to get the track out on other platforms, so stand by for more info as and when i get it – in the meantime, enjoy the exclusivity!

That’s why it’s out all over the place now. It’s upset a few people – mainly all of them Americans – but that is the nature of free speech and incisive political comment.

And I know it’s about the current state of America, but:

“No bridge across divides; a drunken joyride,
With a monkey at the wheel…”

…really does seem to sum up a lot of the planet at the moment.

Happy days.

Mixed day

It’s been a decidedly mixed day.

On the downside, the country fell apart a bit more, with more appalling economic news, kidnapping, murder, violent protests and looting.

However, tonight marks the start of series 15 of Only Connect.
So there is at least something of a glimmer of hope upon the horizon.

Out and about

It’s a bright and breezy day down here at the Southern Tip and without wanting to seem rude, I’m not going to waste it by sitting inside and blogging. I’ve already demolished a significant lie-in and a somewhat excessive run, followed by bacon and eggs, and my plan is now to get out onto the beach for a wander with the beagle before we head home later this afternoon.

Herewith an image I took on the phone yesterday, then. Same beach, same beagle, different day. Crepuscular rays for the win, but it looks a lot gloomier than it actually was: in fact, my main problem wasn’t the light, it was trying to stand up straight in the gale force Westerly to take the photo.

Also, while I was out, I was following United’s progress at Stamford Bridge. Pretty miserable first half, pretty amazing second, and an unexpected but very welcome point away from home.

I’ll take it. Thanks.