It’s Mother’s Day in SA (and across a lot of the rest of the world). A day when we celebrate and thank the mums for all the hard work they do.

Sadly, Mrs 6000 woke up with a trapped… something… in her neck, so the celebrations were somewhat muted. Still, she is an amazing mother and role model for our kids, so we’ll make up for it when she’s mended.

Thanks for all you do, darling. Get well soon.

Rushing Lar Gibbon

I’ve been sent a photo of a Lar Gibbon. There’s no way I couldn’t not share it. I mean, how cool is he?

Definitely my favourite primate.
(Although I couldn’t eat a whole one.)

Deep wisdom

I have no idea who Reno Omokri is [could have looked it up; didn’t]. I knew that Australia was further east than America though. And I was aware of the approximate average gestation times for elephants and rabbits (other mammals are available). But I’d never seen it written down before.

Well, not like this.

Reno has hit the nail on the proverbial head with this tweet. Those who start before you are not necessarily ahead of you. Well, I mean, technically they are. At least until you start. But actually even then they do kind of remain ahead of you in time zones. That’s basically how time zones work. So yes, run your race, but accept that if you start that race 14 hours behind someone else, it’s unlikely that you’ll finish first. Unless you’re America, obviously.

There’s no denying that a rabbit’s and an elephant’s offspring are different though. One small, fluffy-tailed, leoprine. The other, an elephant. That’s the difference that staying pregnant for 22 months versus 1 month will give you. Well, that and the species of the parents. And to be honest, I think it’s mainly due to the latter.

But it really does make you think, doesn’t it?

Busy Thursday

Yesterday may have been a public holiday, but I had so many tasks stacked up for today that I need another one. Now.

So, not much from me here today, except some brief thoughts:

1. The election turned out every bit as disastrously as everyone expected: the government was elected. Again. This always seems to happen.

2. My family managed a total of three vaccinations between us today. We’re all still alive. And will continue to be.

3. And this after I donated blood and my feet felt like I was wearing lead diving boots. Note to self: eat and drink more before chucking a pint their way next time.

4. I have #ProjectOrange work to do so I must go now. I know that only one person reading will know what #ProjectOrange is, and it’s him that needs the work from me. I’ll explain to the rest of you in good time.

5. That football, hey? Brian summed it up very nicely here and here.

Until tomorrow, then?

Voting Day

Great News!

It’s Election Day in South Africa, and although we all know who the winners are going to be, a quick perusal of the manifestos and promises of each and every party contesting today’s election clearly shows that whichever one gets in, the citizens of this fine land are going to be living in Utopia for the next five years.

Bring it, baby!

Crime, poverty, unemployment, corruption and laughable foreign policy, which have all been the bane of our collective lives for the past 2½ decades will be swept away. The appalling track record of service delivery (or rather “non-delivery”, lol) will be a thing of the past. I’ve checked what we’ve been promised by the new government and I can tell you that the future is looking pretty bright. If we have any electricity.


Please be aware that this time around, the majority of the population will not be voting for Jacob Zuma’s ANC. Oh no, they’ll be voting for Cyril Ramaphosa’s ANC.
This is the novel, clean, corruption-free version, with only half of JZ’s cronies in the hotseats. And a leader who saw nothing dodgy going on during his four years as Deputy President (despite… well, see the link above). And who has prosecuted and jailed about exactly zero of those implicated in State Capture and corruption since his promotion to President 15 months ago. And who seems regularly amazed at what a crappy state the country is in.

It’s new. Shiny. A fresh start. Mmmm.

I can’t wait. The next five years are going to be absolutely amazing.