‘Excellent’ in every what?

Well, this is awkward.


Presumably none of the… er… ‘catergories’ was basic spelling.

Otherwise, very well done.

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Satellite image of Cape Town cold front

Here’s an satellite image of the huge cold front hitting Cape Town right now:


That swathe of white stuff a few thousand kilometres long is what’s making all this miserable weather. Looking round the corner, I’m glad I’m not just off the coast of Argentina though. Eww.

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Cape Town storm: emergency numbers

Apparently, it’s going to be a full on nasty afternoon and night weather wise: cold, wet, windy. A typical winter storm as we… er… head towards the end of winter, then.

The City seem more concerned about this one than usual though and have issued several warnings via radio, TV, the interweb and social media. We’re looking at snowfalls, landslides and – mystifyingly, “high fire danger” in the Karoo today.

And yes, probably snow on Table Mountain. Just much rain here right now though.

Anyway, it’s never a bad idea to have some emergency numbers to hand, should there be an emergency and you want to tell someone about it, so here you go:

  • Flooding, blocked drains and service disruptions – 0860 103 089 or SMS 31373
  • Electricity outages/disruptions – 0860 103 089 or SMS 31220.
  • Road Closures, delays on roadways and deviations – 0800 65 64 63
  • Weather Reports – Cape Town Weather Office (021 934 0749/0831), weatherline (083 123 0500), listen to alerts on the radio and television or visit www.weathersa.co.za
  • Emergencies – 107 from a landline or 021 480 7700 from a cellphone

The sooner you phone, the sooner help will arrive.

Bearing in mind that last line, I’ve given each of the numbers a quick call already: it pays to be prepared.

You can also follow the City on twitter or visit their Disaster Management website.
Also on twitter, Cape Town’s Freeway Management Service is very useful.

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New US VW ad is a take on Take On Me

I like this, for obvious reasons.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

But then I can hit that high note too.

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Tablet Engagement

You may remember last month when I wrote about how the kids’ school wants to introduce iPads into their learning programmes.

This weekend, I was reminded of this line particularly:

They cited the engagement that the kids had with the device (I’ve seen this with my kids and my tablet) and the way that that engagement facilitated learning.

We were at a birthday party for one of the girls in Scoop’s year, but having no-one to look after Alex, I took him along as well. I also took the tablet, because there’s probably limited interest for a 7 year old boy in a younger girls’ birthday party.

Here’s what happened:

Alex and the (educational) Make Your Wild Self website was suddenly the centre of attention. And the kids came away having learned about bats and penguins.
The tablet came away covered in cupcake icing, but that’s not the point I’m trying to illustrate here.

Just having the device in front of them engages the kids. What’s on it is up to the parents and the teachers to sort out, but get it right and yes, it’s a fantastic learning tool.

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