Sony Smartband

Is this really the way that tech is going now? Do we really need to log our lives and track every step in order to remember each moment?

Surely when you take that photo, you know who the people are and where it was taken (and if not, your phone can already tell you).

Life bookmarks lets you catch that special moment by simply pressing the associating key on the wristband, so anything happening at that particular moment will be caught and remembered forever.

Yes, but MY BRAIN DOES THAT ALREADY! Does it really have to be recorded again by pressing a button on my wrist?
And note that this is additional technology – it’s not some new software that integrates into your existing (and very good) Sony mobile phone or tablet.

No, I simply cannot see any way this piece of technology would improve my life.

However, I am craving one more than you could possibly contemplate.

PistoriusBalls 3

The fascinating updates keep coming:

And ahead of this next one, a reminder that we’ve had 2 days – two days – of the trial so far, amounting to about 8 hours of courtroom time.


Well done.

Man waves arms:

See? Like I said: whimsical.

On form

This makes me happy:


Look at that. Just look at it!

Six wins out of six and not a single goal conceded. In fact, last night’s home win against the MIGHTY Peterborough United took the winning run to eight, if you include the FA Cup wins against Fulham and Nottingham Forest.
I’m really not sure what has changed, but something has and suddenly, we’re feeling as invincible as an unlit cyclist on Ou Kaapse Weg at dusk.

Sadly (much like an unlit cyclist on Ou Kaapse Weg at dusk), this is merely a feeling – there is no actual invincibility: because of our poor start to the season, we’re still worryingly vulnerable and things could still go horribly wrong.

But the feeling is good. It reminds me of the feeling back in 2003, when we did really well in the league and both cup competitions and then won absolutely nothing.

PistoriusBalls 2

I’m not saying or promising that this is going to be a daily feature, but the journalists at Oscar Pistorius’ murder trial continue to amaze us with their insight and their desperation to “set the scene”, by tweeting the mundane, the more mundane and the really mundane. (Although, SA is gradually getting the idea that courtroom drama, simply isn’t dramatic.)

It’s not the cough that carries you off; it’s the coffin they carry you off in.

Disclaimer: Looking at her timeline, it could be that Daily Maverick reporter Rebecca Davis has been asked to cover the trial in some sort of whimsical way. So, this could be deliberate.

Meanwhile, is it really even worth actually being there?

PistoriusBalls 1

I recognise that the Oscar Pistorius trial is considered big news (despite the other stuff going on in the world), but it’s only 30 minutes since the trial was due to begin and already, we’re seeing some hyperbolic, dramatic and wholly unnecessary tweets from the journalists present in the courtroom:


David Smith making an early name for himself with some fantastically unimportant information already.

And we’ve still got weeks – or more – to go (hence the “1” in the title).

Lord help us.