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“Time is money and money is king” probably suggested some rap artist at some point in the past. If they didn’t, then they should, because it’s true.

That being the case, props to South Africa’s Eyewitness News for cutting their news offering down into just three handy sentences.

There’s no link between the three stories, as far as I’m aware. That bottom one is a bit of a mystery though. Are we supposed to wait until the Groblersdal killer is caught and take a hint from there? I’m not sure that it would be entirely appropriate to name a local transport interchange after a serial killer, but this is SA and there’s not much that would surprise me any more.

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Team GB

But probably not the one you’re thinking about.

It’s been a busy weekend, but we still found time to finally make that ginger beer that we’ve been promising to make since… well… ages. And it is delicious.
We used this recipe from the Scrumptious blog and the kids had a whale of a time zesting lemons, stirring buckets of ingredients and helping to bottle the stuff before bedtime.


This morning – happy to note that none of our bottles had exploded overnight – I released the pressure before sticking them in the fridge and going and running around on a football pitch for an hour or more. When I came back, the young workers popped one open and: wow.
The ginger is actually rather understated, but as a refreshing lemonade-style drink, it’s an absolute winner. Almost half of our 5 litre stash has gone already. I suspect that the remaining 50% will struggle to make Tuesday.

In short, it’s simple and it’s delicious. An absolute must for summer.

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Every time I hear Soviet Russia mentioned, I think of this song. Probably the most under-rated Billy Joel track, I think, as many from his 1989 Storm Front album were – We Didn’t Start The Fire being the obvious exception.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Extensive piano work, sweeping strings, some slightly dodgy lyrics, but most of all a wonderful triumph of humanity over politics. 23 years on, and I guess we can expect much the same when Danny K brings out his song over the recent Woolworths saga.

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Train Stickers

Some light hearted relief at the end of a busy, busy week.

But questions as well – is this vandalism? Is it graffiti? Or is it art? Am I right to share it? Doesn’t that essentially condone their actions?

Meh – whatever. Like I said: today is Friday and these gave me a laugh:

More here and here.

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101 ways to open a beer

This great “short film” via Del at The Bok & Roo, does exactly what it says on the tin. Please enjoy some innovative methods of opening everyone’s favourite beverage.

OK, so some ways are more successful that others, but anything goes just as long as you get at that sweet, sweet nectar, right?

For the full story, see the video description here.

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