Bistro vs Brasserie

We had a really good MBCC meal out at Societi Brasserie in Tokai last night, where the Tall Accountant poured himself this particularly spectacular glass of beer.
I would particularly recommend their mackerel pâte with spicy chutney and the wonderfully-cooked filet au poivre.

One question that did arise, however, was around the difference between a Bistro and a Brasserie, given that Societi Brasserie is the new sister restaurant of Societi Bistro in Gardens.It turns out that aside from spelling and Scrabble scores, there are some minor, but important, differences between the two.

According to wikipedia:

A bistro, sometimes spelled bistrot, is, in its original Parisian incarnation, a small restaurant serving moderately priced simple meals in a modest setting. Bistros are defined mostly by the foods they serve. Home cooking with robust earthy dishes, and slow-cooked foods like cassoulet are typical. [link]


brasserie is a type of French restaurant with a relaxed, upscale setting, which serves single dishes and other meals. The word ‘brasserie’ is also French for “brewery” and, by extension, “the brewing business”. A brasserie can be expected to have professional service, printed menus, and, traditionally, white linen — unlike a bistro which may have none of these. [link]

These definitions don’t quite fit with the similar ambience and menu at the two Cape Town Societi businesses, but with food and service like we got last night, I think we’ll happily let them off.

UPDATE: According to their website , the Brasserie I was at last night is in Constantia, not Tokai. If this is the case, Constantia is MUCH bigger than I thought. And it probably includes a golf course and a prison as well. If you stretch it still further, you might get a beach in as well.

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No comment

15 days on from the incident and shamed “shaman” James Lech still hasn’t released his statement detailing his version of events when of the dogs he was walking illegally on Clifton beach attacked a two-year old girl.

A post on his blog from 20th January states:

We are still awaiting information from 3rd parties. It is important that we receive the correct and confirmed facts due to the wide spread speculation that has been occurring in the media.

Obviously, we can only speculate what “correct and confirmed facts” he’s waiting for, but we’re guessing that they will surely be something along the lines of “one of the dogs I was walking illegally on Clifton beach attacked a two-year old girl”.

Thankfully however, James has found time to organise another “Pack Walk” this weekend.

Life’s all about priorities, right James?

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Horses To Be Banned From Fashion Show “By 2014″

Organisers of the J&B Met Fashion Parade today announced that horses were to be phased out of the event over the next two years. Horses have been an integral part of the glitzy annual show, held in Kenilworth, Cape Town since 1883, but management have now decreed that they are supplementary to requirements and will be removed completely from the event ahead of the 2014 show.

“This decision will make so many people happy,” stated event director Tyrone Perfect. “Horses are such sweaty, smelly animals and don’t fit well with our vision for the Met of the future. Last year, there was almost an incident when the bold colours and abstract shapes of a rather avant garde – but totally fabulous outfit – scared one of the animals in the parade ring. I mean, thank heavens that no-one was injured, but we felt that it was a sign that haute couture and horses simply don’t mix. One of them simply had to go, and there’s simply no way that we could lose the fabulous fashion, darling. Simply no way.”

Indeed, when we surveyed prospective guests, the decision seemed to be popular. “It’s a good idea. No-one watches the racing. And it’ll mean more time and space for getting drunk and leering at drunk girls in short dresses,” said failed student Aaron Castlelite, while Met veteran Edith Cougar agreed: “Back when I first went to the Met in the 50s, we used to marvel the power and the muscle of those magnificent beasts, but since they let the native men in, there’s so much more to enjoy than the horses.”

Betting manager Roy Cash had only been made aware of the decision earlier in the day and was yet to hear of exactly it would affect his staff. “Obviously, I want to protect the livelihood of my business and the jobs of my workers and although I’ve seen nothing on paper yet,  Tyrone has told me that instead of betting at the Met, once the horses have gone, the plan is to just get the punters to give us a few hundred Rand each – cut out the middle man, as it were. That way, we can guarantee our profits and remove the ongoing problem of smug bastards who get lucky and then claim that they actually knew what they were doing.”

Perfect was anxious to promote the advantages of the proposed changes: “The Met is all simply about breaking down barriers and that’s literally what we’ll be doing in 2014 – taking down those ugly white railings for good. We’ll have more space for more people and more marquees with arrogant bar staff serving overpriced cocktails and we can also expand on our competitions like Best Dressed Man, Best Dressed Woman, Best Dressed Couple, Best Dressed Group and Best Dressed Event Director. Hello!
Oh and also, we’re going to pilot a project this year where we try and find someone who actually paid for a Met entry ticket and then we’re going to put them on stage and openly ridicule them. Believe me, it will be simply fabulous.”

The 2012 J&B Met is on at Kenilworth Racecourse this Saturday 28th January.

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Northern Lights

Just to share this image of the Tan Hill Inn in North Yorkshire (the highest pub in Britain) and the Aurora Borealis, due to the Solar Flare which also permanently disabled my toaster earlier this afternoon.

You might like to look at the Aurora Sky Station Live Camera from Sweden, which is producing some amazing images this evening as well.

More here too!

Thanks Dad

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