Cape Town 2015 Loadshedding Schedule

The City of Cape Town has released its new “improved”, fairer loadshedding schedule, which is applicable from 1st February 2015. Rather than running on 7 day ‘days of the week’ timetables, we’re now looking at 16 day ‘date of the month’ schedules. Routine be damned! Here’s your handy download of map and schedule, courtesy of 6000 … Continue reading “Cape Town 2015 Loadshedding Schedule”

Loads of loadshedding coming

“We are likely to load shed on most days in the near future” Yep. Here’s a slide from the Eskom briefing this morning. That legend up at the top reads as follows: Green days: Adequate generation capacity available to meet demands and reserves. Yellow days: Constrained generation capacity with sufficient supply to meet demands and reserves. … Continue reading “Loads of loadshedding coming”

Loadshedding EP

Once again, it’s dark. Well, it’s not, because it’s light, but if it were dark, it would be dark. Yes, we’re being loadshod once again. There was plenty of warning this time around and yet some people still seem to be confused, despite the best efforts of the City Council and Eskom to keep them … Continue reading “Loadshedding EP”

Sonia is unhappy about loadshedding

Look. No-one is happy about loadshedding. What’s to be happy about not having power for a few hours several times a week? It’s annoying, it’s disruptive, it’s frustrating. But some people are more unhappy than others. Maybe that’s cos they just don’t get it. I think that maybe Sonia is one of those people. Loadshedding, … Continue reading “Sonia is unhappy about loadshedding”

Loadshedding Schedules – November 2014

Latest information and schedules for: Areas directly supplied by Eskom   Cape Town Loadshedding Region Map Cape Town Loadshedding Schedule (from November 2014) Ekurheleni Metro Ethekwini Metro Nelson Mandela Bay Metro Tshwane