Decisions, decisions

A quick change of plans for the day this morning as the guy who was coming to help us out in the garden today tacitly announced that he had decided to get drunk last night rather than help us out in the garden today.

I think we’ve all had that “drink now or work tomorrow?” decision to make at some stage in our lives, and I’m quite sure that most readers here have – even if they’re only willing to quietly admit it to themselves – come down on either side at least once. I know I have. Sometimes I have tried to come down on both sides, but that’s not pleasant for anybody the following day.

It did leave us with a fair amount more work to do in the garden though, although ironically, we also have a bit more beer money for tonight. What goes around and all that…*

Anyway, the garden is looking better after a quick makeover and haircut and the neighbourhood What is Up? group has been pinged for suitable replacement garden assistance for the future (this wasn’t the first time our guy chose to fall on that side of the fence).

It’s been a wonderful few weeks over the festive season and holiday, but Real Life™ begins again tomorrow with a return to work, school, gym and all the hustle and bustle of term 1. I have high hopes that the kids will fly this year – 2018 ended on such a high for them.

I guess it all comes down to making the right decisions.


* hence me tagging this with the BLF category.

Hours of TV

I’ve been watching football all afternoon and it’s been lovely*.

I do recognise that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, though.

But then, some people beagles have weird taste.


* Sheffield United 1-0 QPR

Mistakes were made…

Mistakes happen. Sure, some are more serious than others, and it’s important that we try not to make them, but it’s also important that we find ways of putting them right, and that we learn from making them in the hope of not making them again.

It’s called “Learning from errors” and here’s an example:

No-one seems very sure how a Scottish lady with eye irritation was prescribed erectile dysfunction cream with full instructions on how to apply it to her eyes, but they’re kinda hopeful that it won’t happen again.

Seriously, how hard can it be (careful now) for someone to notice that she shouldn’t have been given it, especially not to stick in her eye? (Pro tip: Never stick it in your eye (careful now)).

Sure, the names of the products are vaguely similar, but there’s clearly a big difference between giving it a quick rub in one place (careful now) and the other.

We’re informed that the patient received “a mild ocular chemical injury”, which was treated “with good response”, but she probably has a boner to pick [stop this please – Ed.] with whoever was responsible for this prescribing error.

And the staff at that that pharmacy clearly need a stiff talking to.


Careful now.

Am glamping

We’re glamping, it’s apparently glamorous camping  and that’s actually not a bad description. Full review to follow, but think big tent that’s set out like a full-on self-catering chalet. And think this view off the front deck:

So much nature reserve, such blue skies. Magnificent.

Today involved a hike through the valleys towards those mountains, some brandy tasting at a distillery in the middle of nowhere, a bit of swimming in the dam at the top of the hill here (and some drone play) , and – still to come – an evening braai.

Tomorrow involves the two hour return to Cape Town, after some pony trekking and lunch on the Breede River.

More when we get home. Have a great evening.


Because I’m not sure if we’re going to have any internet where we’re going, I thought I’d chuck in a few words from a very hot Robertson en route.

These are those words.

More later if there’s internet, or tomorrow if there’s not.