Beware the vegetarian lions

The draw for the qualifying rounds of the CAF Champions League – the CAF version of the UEFA Champions League – has been made and both the local teams involved now know their opposition.

Orlando Pirates travel to the Seychelles for a tie against Light Stars and Mamelodi Sundowns… well… they face:

Leones Vegetarianos Fútbol Club

Because if you’re a Spanish businessman and you’re setting up a football club in Equatorial Guinea in 2001, you’re going to want to scare off the opposition by naming them after the King of the Jungle, Panthera leo.

However, imagine that you are Spanish businessman Juan Manuel Rojas and you’re setting up a football club in Equatorial Guinea in 2001, and you want to scare off the opposition by naming them after the King of the Jungle, Panthera leo  – but you don’t agree with their dietary choices!

Well then, you name that club Leones Vegetarianos.

Admittedly, slightly less terrifying than their carnivorous cousins, somewhat weaker and paler, and with an interesting odour, but importantly STILL LIONS. HEAR THEIR ROAR!

Interestingly, if you think that “The Vegetarian Lions” is a rather implausible idea, then you obviously overlooked “The Light Stars”. Our sun is a tiny example of the genus and it weighs in an estimated 1,989,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 kg.

The best of luck to both SA teams.
I can’t wait to see who they’ll draw in the next round.

Wasted weekend

Back in Cape Town and still feeling miserable. Mrs 6000 had to braai last night and drive us back to the big smoke this afternoon.

I can’t believe that there was a beach waiting just 150m down the road and I didn’t even manage to make it out of the front door all weekend.

Throat still ablaze, I’m strongly considering a visit to the GP tomorrow for some antibiotics before this heads south to my chest.

More tomorrow. Always.


Really not well today.

It’s past 2pm and I’ve not managed to get out of bed yet. And I have no intentions of changing that status for the rest of the day.

Complete waste of a day. Feeling crap. Rather pissed off.


After the excitement of life earlier in the week, I have been brought back down to earth by a virus, which has been passed around my daughter’s class at school before taking residence – via her – with me.

A spot of enforced bedrest, then.

Nothing too hectic. Just a raging sore throat, a few aches and pains, and a muddled and befuddled mind: the usual symptoms of a mild viral infection.

Fortunately, all I have planned for today is bathing my son in the back garden and taking the beagle for a haircut before the school exams kick in next week. So we’ll be fine.

Never stop. Never settle.

So goes the tagline to a cognac advert, which used to make sense to me, but has since been updated and now merely wastes 30 seconds during half time in the football. (I do recognise that I’m not the target demographic. I hope it makes sense to them.)

I guess that it’s a motto designed to encourage continual improvement and personal growth, but it speaks to me in a different way. Just recently, I’m struggling to relax. Sure, there’s a list of jobs this long [indicates long list] that need doing, but that’s always been there. And I know that this is a Sisyphean challenge, and I’m content to knock things off it one at a time.

I can like to be methodical with my rock pushing.

However, it used to be the case that after a long day of doing things, I could then sit down and enjoy the football or some pirated programme from the UK. That doesn’t seem to be possible anymore.

Of course, this is an extreme situation depicted above. I’m not suggesting that I will be flushed down the metaphorical toilet if I stop for a while: there’s no danger in slowing down every now and again. I just don’t seem to be able to do it.

My downtime is now spent walking the beagle or in the gym, but it’s just a few hours a week and while I’m doing that, I’m already planning what else needs doing that day. Those evenings in front of the TV, admittedly shorter and less structured now that the kids are getting a bit older and staying up a little later, don’t seem to be as appealing as before, and I’m ready for bed early – maybe because I haven’t relaxed all day.

I’m not convinced that this is a bad thing. It’s just not a normal thing for me. Probably just another change that needs to be adapted to, rather than something that needs to be interrogated in an introspective blog post.

We’ll leave it there.