Out of the Frying Pan (2)

(Not to be confused with my original Out of the Frying Pan post from February last year)

I’m in two minds whether to fly this evening. We’re packed, we’re all checked in, our hosts are ready and waiting, the weather looks good and the boy can hardly wait and is literally twitching with mounting anticipation, but then I read this:

Official crime figures show the UK has a worse rate for all types of violence than the U.S. and even South Africa – widely considered one of the world’s most dangerous countries.

Seriaas? Seriaas.
Well – sort of, anyway – it is from the Daily Mail.

Completely violent: SA beaten back into 3rd place in hysterical Daily Mail article.

It’s nice to see that while SA is only the third most violent country on earth according to this survey, it somehow maintains the perception of being the gold standard when it comes to criminal naughtiness. Give it a couple of years and everyone will be comparing their violent crime rates to the UK:

Oh yes dear, I know Dennis was mugged twice last week, but it’s still nowhere near as bad as the UK.
And it’s not raining.

But I’m seriously considering a last minute change of destination to somewhere safer, like Baghdad or Kabul. Or maybe being adventurous but taking just a bit less risk by heading to Salzburg, famous as the historic birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Knifecrime.

EDIT: It’s a good job that forum is down for repairs. They’d be having a cadenza over this one.
Excuses central: more buts than a goats’ night out at Teazers. Hahaha!

  • Wa ha ha ha. I’m having flashbacks of the signs along the escalators at Camden tube station ‘Please guard your personal belongings. Crime is a reality’
    .-= acidicice´s last blog ..Feeling better =-.

  • ooh. and watch out for swine flu too. have fun now!
    .-= joyanne´s last blog ..Beautiful Kruger and Mpumalanga Images =-.

  • Acidicice > I always thought crime was a myth until I read those.

    joyanne > I’ll bring you some back.

  • po

    Um. Ja. What a load of codswallop they write in newspapers. Although I tell you, this country has one of the highest rates of badgers being poked with spoons I have EVER encountered.
    .-= po´s last blog ..Things I learned in the last week =-.

  • Po > And that badgery spoon-pokeage is going to hit new heights this weekend, believe!
    *brandishes gleaming tablespoon*

  • Darkwing

    Usual ‘Hate Mail’ panic article. But I have to say i’ve always felt safer walking the streets here than I ever did in the UK.

  • DW > Yeah, but you’re from t’rough end.

  • Darkwing

    6000> True. But it got a lot rougher when aunty maggie sent us all those loutish northern tykes sleeping in shop doorways, drinking white lightning/tennants snakebites all day, & hassling for tuppence for a some scraps from the chippy. 😉

  • DW > Ha! You think we wanted to be down there?

  • Darkwing

    Yup! We have saveloys.. 🙂

  • We dont get much crime round mansfield. 😆 Altho it’s still one of the worst places to live in the UK
    .-= Wiggy´s last blog ..We are the World Meme =-.

  • Stan

    Gotta tell my mates on my second favorite website about this.

  • Bet France is looking pretty good now…
    .-= Delboy´s last blog ..Lord of the Dance =-.

  • 6000 – I thought I recognised you from somewhere…
    .-= Ordinarylife´s last blog ..Boring person =-.